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Stop burning yourself out chasing leads - have them calling you!

The biggest problem with lead generation in today's market is prospects are sick and tired of being treated like a “lead” -- instead of a human being!

​Worse yet, they HATE sales follow up calls! So agents are constantly chasing - texting, emailing and leaving endless voicemails - with little-to-no response and they’re closing less business from those sources every day.

Over the next few months, agents who implement our breakthrough MVR 2.0 technology, with voice-activated "preemptive live connect" mobile app, are set to have their production soar spectacularly. But it’s critical to establish your marketing presence and deploy these proven systems now.

When you take this no-risk 14-day free trial to Proquest Technologies Platinum Membership - our flagship service - you pay nothing for 14 days, and you get everything you'll need to be one of the first in your local market to take advantage of this unique situation right now.

As a new member, you pay nothing for 14 days, then it’s just $59, $89 or $129 a month depending on the level of membership you choose - and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Plus you get our...

SIX MONTH FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: You’ll have the next six months to attend our training, access our resources, and implement our strategies, and receive a minimum 50-to-1 return on your investment. If you attend the training, follow our advice and implement, it will produce results. If not, simply contact our customer service department and you can receive a full refund.

Our system is not right for everyone - and it’s not cheap. But if you are serious about improving your lead generation and lead conversion results, it might be perfect for you.

Simply click the "Start My Free Trial" button below and complete the quick form on the following page, and you’ll have access to everything described here, in a matter of minutes.


Gary Elwood
Proquest Technologies

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John Doe UI/UX Designer

The growth potential and ROI of your system is amazing!

Dolly H., RE/MAX United
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Why would any agent NOT use this technology??? It is without a doubt THE MOST cost effective means of generating highly productive leads available anywhere!

Rich L., Keller Williams
John Doe UI/UX Designer

My life has literally been changed because of Proquest. My income has doubled and is now on track to triple this year. My family can now have more of the things they deserve. And I am finally able to be happy in my work and feel confident there is more to come.

Gregory M., Springer Realty

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