What Makes Us Different?

How is Proquest Technologies different than other marketing or lead generation companies?

Our view is that a “lead” is NOT a lead until you have a meaningful conversation with a buyer or seller. We deliver you perfectly-timed live conversations with buyers and sellers. Then we help you convert those conversations into client relationships.

Why are live conversations our top priority?

According to an annual survey published by the National Association of Realtors, 69% of buyers and 71% of sellers do business with the first agent that they talk to. Based on that fact alone, we feel meaningful conversations with buyers and sellers are the single most important income producing activity in your real estate business.

Aren’t leads the path to conversations?

Yes and no. If you can afford to buy enough "leads" you will eventually talk with a few prospects. The bigger issue today is, if you call 100 of your leads right now and how often do you get voicemail?

Stop and think about it. Agents have more “leads” than ever. The problem is buyers and sellers are shutting you out with fake email addresses and Caller ID. What’s worse is that more leads will not fix this new reality.

How does Power 10X go from leads to perfectly-timed live conversations?

We combine proven marketing that leverages your prospect's curiosity with our new "Easy Connect" technology to capture their lead data. (Yes, we still capture the data and deliver it to you.) Then at the prefect moment, when your prospect's interest and curiosity are at a peak, we capitalize on that moment by asking them a fully customizable real estate question that they will answer "yes" to 80%-90% of the time.

For example with a property we would end the message with, "Would you like current pricing for this property? If so, say yes.”

With a seller strategy the recording could end with, “Would you like your market snapshot emailed, mailed or text to you? If so, say yes.”

Again, at this point 80-90% say “yes,” and here’s the most important part! When they say “yes,” you are already on the line, ready to answer their questions and engage them in a conversation.

It’s a perfectly-timed live conversation!

You’re not chasing them, leaving voicemails that never get returned. You’re TALKING with them right there and then!

Better yet, it’s the absolute best time to talk with them because your prospect is in the moment with questions! With Power 10X you completely by-pass voicemail and have an opportunity to engage buyers and sellers at their highest point of interest!

How is Power 10X different than direct connect with call capture or having prospects call my cell phone?

The reason we average 8-12 inbound calls per listing, per month, and easily triple or quadruple your seller lead generation strategies, is our unique combination of marketing, technology and training.

Our marketing is driven by one primary objective, to help you create a meaningful conversation with a prospective buyer or seller. In our view everything else is irrelevant.

Therefore our marketing is very unconventional and doesn’t provide a lot of information. We leverage curiosity by getting your prospect’s attention, stimulating interest, building desire and prompting them to call for a "recorded message.” Recorded info removes their sales resistance, causing 5-7 times as many people to respond.

If you’re using call capture with direct connect, our marketing would help you increase your response. However, today less than 1 out of 3 prospects will press a digit to connect. Worse yet, during the 8-10 seconds it takes to connect the average call, 3 out of 4 of your prospects hang up. So in a best case you get 1 out of every 13.3 callers through to a live conversation.

How do we know that?

We’ve been in call capture for over 24 years and have the data on over 28 million leads. It’s true that the stats were not nearly this bad until a few years ago. However, in recent years direct connect stats for call capture have been extremely low.

With Power 10X we’re delivering 80-90% of your leads as perfectly-timed live conversations.

Question: If a highly-motivated prospect just paid $50-$60 to fill up with gas, was driving around for 2-3 hours on a Saturday, looking at houses, and they pull up in front of your listing with questions...

Or a neighbor down the street grabbed a flier because they're thinking about selling too...

Would you like to talk with them?

By providing that prospective buyer or seller your cell phone number, you’ve got a 1 in 50 chance of talking with them. With call capture you’ve got a less than 1 in 13.3 chance of having a conversation. And with Power 10X you have a greater than 8 out of 10 chance.

Is Power 10X starting to make sense?

What do you say to open up the conversation?

Let’s set the stage. A prospect drives up to your listing, sees an online ad, or receives a postcard. They call, listen to a 30 second description and then say “yes” to your real estate question. At that point, you are already on the line waiting for them.

With a property as your marketing example, you answer in a very relaxed customer service tone with, “Hello. This is Gary. Which property are you calling for pricing on today please?”

Yes it’s true. They’re modestly surprised, but with this opening language prospects instantly relax. Less than two seconds into your opening they realize, “Oh okay, you’re my path to pricing.” They understand that current pricing requires a live conversation and they quickly transition.

It really is that simple.

If you just relax and be of service the conversation opens up naturally most of the time, and people wind up thanking you for helping them.

If you’re tense and worried about getting an appointment, you’re focused on the wrong things, and you’ll shoot yourself in the foot most of the time. The key is to be prepared, practice your opening, and be ready to serve them. With a little practice, the rest will take care of itself.

What’s the lead quality, how good are the conversations?

The answer is almost entirely attitude and skill dependent. If an agent can suppress their self-serving sales agenda, and focus on serving people, it typically goes very well. If the focus is “How quickly can I qualify them and get an appointment?” it generally doesn’t go so well.

The key is having highly developed Prospect Centered Sales Skills and using those skills to serve people at the highest level.

A great example is an agent named Bill in Philadelphia. In a 75 day window, Bill took 57 of these perfectly-timed live conversations and turned them into 10 buyer closings and 5 listings that later sold! He netted over $100,000 after broker splits. That’s a 26.3% cold lead to closed transaction rate!

It’s absolutely stunning and it wasn't dumb luck. Bill continued his run, and had his best month ever this past July, when he banked nearly $90,000 that month alone! In his previous 10 years in real estate Bill never earned more the $100k in a single year!

In addition to stories like Bill’s, we've done some extensive surveying of prospects who called for “recorded information” and found that 21.8% of these prospects will buy or list a home within 30-90 days after calling. Another 48.9% are more mid-to-long-term leads and will close a transaction within 4-12 months. The remaining 29.3% go in the trash can...they simply don’t qualify.

The biggest key to these conversations is your attitude and sales skills. And just think...if you’re only half as good as Bill you’ll go like gangbusters!

How many conversations can I expect each week?

It depends on how much marketing you do. With solid listings you can expect 8-12 leads per listing, per month. With Power 10X, 80-90% of those leads will be delivered to you as live conversation opportunities.

Here’s a quick example: 10 listings x 10 leads x 80% conversation rate = 80 conversations per month, approx. 20 a week, or 2-3 a day.

Now, that’s just an example. There are actually over a dozen different ways you can market yourself, your listings and your services with Power 10X.

Can I see some examples of the marketing?

Yes, but I have to warn you. These samples will challenge your thoughts about what’s actually working in today’s market. These are simple, straightforward examples that most agents think don't work anymore.

They mistakenly thinking these ideas are outdated.

The mass opinion is, “Today it’s all about mobile and the Internet. This approach is from the 1990s. Nobody calls 800 numbers or from fliers anymore. They can get all the information on their smart phone or iPad.”

Be careful of this “mass opinion” because it could easily cost you $100,000-$200,000 or more in lost opportunity every year, if you’re not careful.

The fact is the most powerful and important technology in your business, and in the entire business world for that matter, is over 139 years old.

It’s the telephone.

In fact, all technologies are nothing more than channels of response. They are the pathways for prospects to respond to you. They are NOT the REASON that they respond.

This is a key point.

The only way to get a prospect to respond to you is to give them a compelling reason to respond. The pathway isn’t compelling. The information, the way you communicate the information, and how compelling you make the offer is what causes them to respond.

So focusing on the “path” is a mistake.

The key is to focus on the information they want, crafting highly-compelling ad copy that causes buyers and sellers to want that information, then guiding and directing them through the path you want to take them.


Agents today simply dump information on prospects and think that should cause people to call them. Unfortunately prospects don’t. They take the information, use it, and then call someone else most of the time.

Our approach changes that. We don’t give them everything. We provoke and leverage the prospect’s curiosity. And then we guide them to take the actions we want them to take…ultimately leading them to an actual live conversation with our clients.

For example, click on the image and take a look at one of our brochures.

Notice that there aren't many specifics?

We don’t say 3 BR, 2 BA…do we?


If they’re looking for a 4 BR house, would they call?


So if you want them to call, why would you give them a reason to check the home off their list and NOT call?

Make sense?

See, a lot of our approach with Power 10X is counter-intuitive and runs against what you see everyone else doing.

Remember, in marketing, if you follow the crowd, you get swallowed by the crowd. If the crowd zigs, you want to zag. This is a driving principle in our approach with Power 10X. We use fliers like the one you’re looking at to drive calls that instantly transition into live conversations.

The other key is our brochure box / sign rider. We use free-standing brochure boxes at the curb, not in the middle of the yard. Click on the image and take a look at an example brochure box.

This style of brochure box gives the drive-by prospect the ability to roll down the window, grab a brochure and drive on. This combo, with solid listings, averages approximately 10 leads per listing, per month! That’s not counting any of the dozen other marketing strategies you can implement with Power 10X. It’s pretty amazing, when you consider that most agents have given up on brochures altogether.

Lastly, the phone number you see on the flier, go ahead and call 1-618-732-2182 ext 1002 and listen to our fully-simulated demo. Or you can call the 800# on the sign rider example as well at 1-800-959-6550 ext 1002. You can have a toll-free number or a local number with our system, whichever you prefer.

It will give you a current example of exactly how our Power 10X "Easy Connect" technology works. It’s 100% automated, so there won’t be someone on the line waiting, like our agents. But it walks you through the simulation and will give you get a better overall idea of exactly how this works.

Are any of these drive-by conversations listing leads?

YES! According to the NAR 46% of all buyers have a home to sell. And often the drive-by lead is a neighbor in the area, wondering about the price of their neighbor’s home, because they’re thinking about selling too. Or it’s someone who wants to live in the neighborhood, but they live in a home they need to sell first.

How do you handle the drive-by seller call? (It's a mini listing presentation!)

When you find out it’s a potential seller you say, “Mr. / Mrs. Seller isn’t this just terrific marketing and technology we’re using? Just think if it was your home I was marketing, it would be one of your prospective buyers that I would be having a conversation with right now, just like you and I are having a conversation. (Slight pause, let them take in the point. Now…) Can you see the benefit in that?”

If you to ask that question when you connect with a seller this way, it's an "ah-ha" moment! They answer, “Yeah! I can definitely see the benefit in that!” nearly 100% of the time. At that point you gently and skillfully dig a little deeper, discover their emotional reasons for selling, and then close for the listing appointment.

Make sense?

How and why does it still work, given the dominance of the internet and mobile?

Well, again it comes down to how prospects actually function, not how agents think they function. Yes, prospects use the Internet and a lot of different mobile tools, we all know that. Unfortunately they’re using those tools to make it harder and harder for you to actually talk with them. Whether it’s screening your calls or using a fake email account to access the MLS, consumers today are savvier than ever.

That’s why, in side-by-side testing our “recorded info” response path, when implemented correctly, consistently produces far more live conversations than any other lead generation tactic. We completely avoid their hard-wired sales resistance, and instantly provide useful information.

What if I don’t have any listings?

We’ll show simple, straightforward strategies for that specific situation and we'll have you generating live conversations with buyers and sellers within a matter of a few days.

Can Power 10X be used to target sellers in other marketing?

Yes! Your Power 10X system can be customized for any type of marketing.

For example, if you were offering a free report, “Seven Things the City of Bellevue Is Planning that Will Affect Your Home’s Value in .” You would end your recorded message with, “Would you like your free report mailed to you? If so, say yes.” They say “yes” and now you’re having a conversation with a prospective seller.

Here’s how you’d answer, “Hello this is Gary. To mail you your free report, may I have your mailing address please?” Then you ask, “And who should I send the report attention to?” Then you say, “Oh okay, Joe and do you mind if I ask, are you folks thinking about selling your home anytime in the next 3-6 months?”...are you getting the idea?

Now contrast that with any seller lead you’ve ever bought or generated. You call, leave endless voicemails, and rarely ever get a call back. With Power 10X you’re actually having a live conversation with a prospective seller and beginning to establish rapport!

Can I partner with a lender or title to “co-market”?


Many of our agents co-market with their lender and title companies. One of our agents actually has his lender, title company, inspection company, appraiser, and abstract company all putting $2 per lead into a co-op marketing fund that actually pays for all of his marketing, his service with us, and he even generates a profit for him before any listings or sales!

However, what’s most important is co-op marketing gives everyone more marketing horsepower, increases your reach, and everyone wins.

What’s the process and what do I get?

First let’s start with what you receive. This new program has three distinct components:

1.) Our Fast Start Ramp Up and Power 10X Course

All of our marketing systems and strategies are ready for you to profit from immediately. There is absolutely no fluff or filler pages so we can make the information look impressive. These are proven systems ready to begin driving new clients through your door today.

These materials have gone through dozens of refinements. We've culled down over 2,500 pages of ads, sales letters, online copy, postcards and other unique materials and organized them into eight easy-to-use action plans.

Each section has professionally written ads, letters, postcards, fliers, scripts and follow-up scripts for your immediate use, everything from A to Z with very concise, easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions.

Your Power 10X System is a program with the potential to produce dozens of extra transactions a year. In it you get...

Listing Strategies: Sellers Calling YOU…Every Week.

•  The very first thing you must do before going to any listing appointment
•  7 fail-safe steps to creating a constant stream of new listing clients
•  How to exploit technology and direct response marketing to "beat the pants off" your competitors who are behind the "power curve"
•  3-step expired system gets you in and has you closing the listing
•  Micro-targeting to grow your inventory 30-50% in the next 90 days
•  6 keys to identifying sellers before your competitor has the slightest clue
•  11 mistakes most agents make with free reports and how you can exploit this incredibly powerful inventory building tool
•  Completely stress-free method for listing tons of FSBOs
•  How to develop an extraordinary Unique Selling Proposition or USP
•  How to hit the bull's eye with Move-Up prospects (an absolute gold mine)
•  (Potential: 4-6 extra listings a month)

Buyer Strategies: How to "Magnetically" Attract Hundreds of Qualified Buyers Month After Month!

•  How to get 467% more sign calls
•  Micro-farming renters and turn multiple transactions every month
•  Proven mailers that have buyers flooding in your door
•  Simple techniques that have your phone ringing off the hook with buyers
•  6 ways to improve your buyer ads, postcards, newsletters or mailers
•  2-step classified ad technique for attracting buyer after buyer
•  10 ways to increase the number of qualified buyers you reach
•  The most important part of every buyer ad, postcard or mailer you write
•  Time tested words and phrases that bring buyers to your door
•  Proven formula for "niche" marketing to the high-end buyer
•  (Potential: 3-5 extra sales a month)

Extraordinary Customer Service: Strategies That Will Produce Referral After Referral Almost Effortlessly.

•  Eliminate your #1 complaint, "We never hear from our agent."
•  Written proof that will virtually guarantee you a price reduction
•  How to have the perfect "employee" for sweat-shop rates of $2-$3 a day
•  Keep relo or out-of-state clients happy 24 hours a day (without e-mail)
•  Get lazy agents off their butts to show your listings by offering this
•  How to instantly be in-touch with your best clients
•  "Customer service" techniques guaranteed to generate tons of referrals
•  Use Power 10X as a customer service workhorse – save 5-10 hours a week
•  Use info-on-demand to update your most demanding clients effortlessly
•  (Potential: 4-6 extra transactions a month)

Fundamentals of Marketing: How to Slash Expenses, Produce 300-500% More Business and Have Prospect After Prospect Calling You.

•  How to slash all your marketing costs by 30%-50% instantly
•  Simple classified ad produces 3, 5 even 10 or more new listings a month
•  The real reason people choose to buy anything -- the secret truth long known by master salesmen, sociologists and "con men" finally revealed
•  Slash your average time on the market 27%...regardless of your market
•  How to make your homes magazines profitable (not just pacify sellers)
•  Classified ads that have highly qualified prospects calling you
•  Simple little trick that gets you 300%-500% more inbound leads
•  How to get 1600% greater response with a simple headline change
•  How to guarantee that prospects open, read and respond to your letters
•  Time-tested words and phrases that sell and how to use them
•  Tips, tricks and techniques that make space ads work like a dream
•  6 ways to improve your ad…after you've made it your best
•  A revolutionary new approach that makes putting out ads and mailers easier and virtually guarantees their success
•  How to craft powerful headlines that grab prospects’ attention
•  Why you've got to forget everything your English teacher ever taught you to make your ads and mailers pull in all the sales and listings you deserve
•  (Potential: 3-4 extra listings and/or sales a month)

The Perfect Follow-Up System: How to Convert More Prospects and Make More Money Automatically.

•  Exact word-for-word scripts that have prospects opening up to you
•  Simple 6-stage follow-up so easy and natural anyone could do it
•  5 sure-fire follow-up formulas for every potential type of prospect
•  The real reason prospects respond to your follow up
•  Carefully worded phrases guaranteed to improve your follow up
•  How to automate your follow up for maximum profit
•  Offer information your prospects are craving and maximize response
•  The best way to create a great impression with your follow up
•  How to write follow-up letters that build trust and get prospects calling
•  (Potential: 6-7 extra listings and/or sales a month…with a larger net)

These marketing methods are the result of literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in tested advertising campaigns. Very conservatively our company has spent in excess of $350,000 crafting, testing, polishing and perfecting these marketing strategies.

Well beyond that, our agents have spent into the millions of dollars testing and refining things at the local level all across the country. We've worked shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best agents to ever list or sell a property to make this happen.

Now You Can Benefit From Their Extraordinary Genius for Pennies on the Dollar...

Everything comes complete with scripts for your recorded messages, professionally written direct response letters, ads and mailers you can personalize with your own information, and a razor-sharp multi-step follow-up process that will convert huge numbers for you.

This Power 10X Marketing Course and Service has the potential to produce 50-100 extra transactions a year. And do we have agents producing 50-100 extra transactions a year? Yes we do! They're getting written up on REALTORMag.com, published on their state and local association web sites and many are developing celebrity-like status in the industry.

Now maybe that's not your goal. Maybe you want to do 5, 10, or maybe 20 extra sides a year. The best part is your Power 10X System makes that goal easier, and you'll spend less time getting there. Plus, if you work it right you can get this entire system FREE! Which is...

2.) Our "Easy Connect" Technology

This game-changing technology shifts your focus from Lead Generation to “Conversation Generation!”

With your new Power 10X System you get...

Your Power 10X "Easy Connect" Technology - An easy-to-use technology that delivers live conversations with prospects driving by your listings, looking at your ads, or visiting your web site. It’s a revolutionary new path to reaching prospects.

Your Own 800 Number and a Local Number - 800 numbers are still the most effective path to driving conversations, but if you'd prefer a local number you'll have both. Every other mobile path puts you right back in the same old game of chasing prospects and talking into their voicemail 90% of the time.

1,000 Power 10X Recorded and Text for Info Extensions - With 1,000 extensions you’ll have plenty of capacity. Plus you can “rent” extensions to lenders, title reps, home inspectors, anyone who might want to “co-market” with you. We’ll show you how in our training.

100% Lead Capture - All call-in or text leads are captured, recorded in your back office, and are Do-Not-Call List compliant.

Instant Lead Notification - You receive every lead via text or email instantly.

Mobile Notes - You can enter call notes from your smart phone that automatically log as a history item under each contact. Never lose any of the details.

Lead Management Portal - Conversion rates are the key and with this new lead management portal you have the tools to continually improve.

System Management Portal - With your online back-office your new Power 10X System is super-easy to manage…everything set up within seconds.

Names and Addresses - You can build a database of “warm” prospects for direct mail or phone follow-up from those leads that have a name and address match.

Detailed marketing reports - Know where every conversation originated and what marketing is working…and what isn’t. This can save you thousands of dollars a year.

Team leader call tracking - Get reports that track key call metrics and help you build a more competitive team.

Easy Set Up and Maintenance - Our new Power 10X System is simple and easy to learn so you spend very little time “messing with technology.”

3.) On-boarding and Upfront Consultation

You receive upfront training that covers all the subtle details, making your implementation smooth and effective. Not only are we going to give you dozens of good quality conversations each and every week, but we’re also going to show you and teach you exactly how to convert these conversations into face-to-face meetings that turn into committed client relationships.

That’s the key to closing more business and our clients will tell you without hesitation, this is like getting the “keys to the vault.” You receive all the diverse and broad-reaching sales and marketing knowledge our clients are using to fuel their success — and now YOU can do it too.

Here’s What the Best Agents in the World are Saying...

Finally, all the pieces are in place, all rolled into one power-packed resource – all at your immediate disposal. Your Power 10X System includes our eight step-by-step buyer and listing lead action plans, our marketing course, our in-depth audio training program with over 50 hours of world-class training, special resource files, ongoing training, and all the tools you’ll need to get right down to business the minute you order and gain access to our complete program.

Is there a contract?

No. Power 10X is a month-to-month service with no contracts.

How quickly can I expect results?

We’ve had agents showing property the same day they signed up and taking listings within a week or two. How fast you generate results will be based entirely on how quickly and effectively you implement the Power 10X system. However, we would suggest that you set an expectation of generating real meaningful results somewhere around 60-90 days into the program.

Do you guarantee results?

Yes! We give you a six-month 50 to 1 money-back guarantee.

It’s simple. Take action with our system for six months and we guarantee you a minimum of $50 profit for every $1 you invest with us or we will refund you entire six month’s fees.

You’ll have all the guidance, training and help you need to implement this system in a highly-profitable way.

How do I get started?

Sign up for your free trial and we'll show you exactly how we do it...

We hope to hear from you!

All the best,
Gary Elwood
Proquest Technologies, Inc.