General Marketing Tips

Discover the critical and fundamental pieces to profitable, predictable and repeatable real estate marketing…and why it’s deadly for any agent to be without one…in these 4 reports that have become classics in the real estate marketing world.

Exploit Your Cutting Edge “Secret Weapon!” – You can make obscene profits by pushing against the tide. But only if you exploit these three real estate marketing fundamentals ignored by most real estate professionals…

Make Direct Mail Profitable – This 5-step maverick secret helps ordinary real estate professionals turn unprofitable direct mail advertising into thousands of dollars a month. Consistently.

Make Your Newspaper Ads 750% More Profitable! – Newspaper Advertising Strategies: Quadruple your newspaper advertising investment with advice from the tight-lipped legend of direct response marketing…

Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Have Highly Qualified Prospects Calling You – How a simple classified ad formula can have you closing multiple transactions every single month…and all it takes is 30-45 days to get the train rolling.

Invest a minimum of 20 minutes into just one of these 5 proven, absurdly low-cost real estate marketing and advertising strategies for good profits; invest in all of them for grand profits.

The Art of Persuasion – 10 essential tricks every agent should know.

Make Your Homes Magazines Produce Profit – This may shock you, but homes magazines produce profit. Find out how to harness the power of the single most potent source for lead generation and you could be at the head of a landslide of leads.

Get More Inbound Leads While Cutting Costs – Inbound leads skyrocket to 300% over last year, ad expense drops a staggering 30% to 50%. (This technology will be deadly to your competition.)

Slash Marketing Costs By 30%-50% Instantly – Learn how to easily track every response from every ad source with pinpoint accuracy…so you can eliminate sources that lose money and maximize those that make money.

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