How Our New “Easy Connect” Technology Works...and Our Approach to Marketing and How You Get Inbound Lead Calls

It's all our marketing secrets... 30 seconds or less or you’re out-a-here, right?

Ironically that’s YOUR biggest challenge with your real estate marketing, and your buyer and seller lead generation.

The reason is your prospects have over 1.88 BILLION sources for information...resources, tools, search options, expert advice, everything humanly imaginable. It's a massive "red ocean."

From your prospect's eyes nearly all real estate marketing looks the same...and frankly it’s intimidating.

Worse yet, home buyers and sellers unfairly lump you in with every other agent in your market. They see all real estate agents as nothing more than commission hungry sharks who want to suck money out of their wallet for sticking a sign in the yard and holding a few open houses.

It’s not your fault, but unfortunately…it's true.

That’s the general perception out there.

It’s also the reason why their defense mechanisms are so high, and they hide from you, avoid you, and are doing everything possible to educate themselves in the safety and security of their own personal safe zone.

The result is you’ve got hundreds or even thousands of “leads” yet…

  • Very few people answer their phones when you call.
  • Even fewer open your emails or reply back to you.
  • Some of your texts get a response, but then fade away.
  • And your attempts to engage your “leads” via social media...

It’s like being at a social gathering, painting on a smile for everyone, and handing out business cards to everyone you see. Pretty soon people spot you out of the corner of their eye and quickly turn to get away from you!

…it’s not a pretty picture.

The Power 10X Real Estate Marketing Solution...

We use proven marketing, low-to-no-cost lead generation systems, and our new “Easy Connect” Technology that creates live over-the-phone conversations with buyers and sellers - highly motivated buyers and sellers actually picking up their phones CALLING YOU!

With real estate marketing that attracts buyers and sellers, and has them calling you, you break through all of today's barriers, and start having meaningful conversations with people ready to buy or sell real estate. The Power 10X System gets you connecting and becoming a valued consultant vs. a cheesy salesman people are trying to avoid like the plague.

The Power 10X Inbound Call Generation Process...

  1. You get our proven marketing systems in 8 simple step-by-step action plans that include; sign templates, easy-to-use brochures, Facebook ads, free online marketing tools, and plug-n-play systems that consistently generate live conversations with ready-to-act buyers and sellers.

  2. You get our “Easy Connect" mobile technology that combines our “call or text for info” systems, speech recognition software, and our “Easy Connect” technology virtually guarantees you’ll be the first and only agent highly motivated buyers and sellers talk to…each, and every time.

    (According to NAR, 71% sellers and 69% of buyers do business with the first agent they TALK TO!  The New Power 10X System gives you an immediate 3-out-of-4 advantage, and makes you that agent virtually every single time!)

  3. You get world-class training and support. In addition to all the inbound lead calls and conversion systems, you get our easy-to-follow training for how to handle these calls and turn them into commission checks. You’ll gain instant access to smooth natural-feeling scripts, a unique and powerful sales conversion process, and incredible role-playing sessions with our trainers and some of the best agents in the entire world!

Your Unique Advantage With Power 10X...

The New Power 10X System positions you to be instantly engaged!

Most real estate marketing produces leads that are 100% reactive.

You buy or capture leads, then you react, and follow up after your biggest best window of opportunity has already closed.

Unfortunately, that reactive approach has you losing out on your best opportunities because, even seconds later, prospects don’t answer their phones, respond to your texts or emails, and it’s extremely difficult to get them on the phone for a live conversation.

In fact, our first-generation solution (now over 20 years old) was call capture.

Prospects would call and listen to a recorded message, then press a digit for more information and pricing, and it was AMAZING!

It Worked Like an Absolute FREAKIN' CHARM!

In fact, it worked so well, we had a “Call Tracker” system where agents logged their call time, so they could calculate their commissions-earned-per-hour taking live inbound calls the way we used to deliver them.

Team leaders started the process, because they wanted to track their real estate marketing costs and know exactly how much money their agents were making, with us piping leads through as inbound calls.

The Results Were Astounding!

With over 2 million inbound lead calls tracked this way, team leaders reported that the average hourly commission their agents were earning, after broker splits, came out to over $1,850 an hour!

Isn’t that CRAZY?!?!

$1,850 AN HOUR!

Unfortunately, I've got some bad news...

As incredible as our former inbound lead call generating process was, that amazing "cash cow" of a ship has sailed.

In today’s world, just like most “lead capture” systems, our old inbound process has lost well over 90% of its value. The reason is when prospects call, listen, and press a digit, it takes 10-15 seconds to connect that call to your cell phone.

In that 10-15 seconds, over 90% of your prospects hang up. They’re simply too impatient. It’s kind of like a landing page on your web site, if it takes more than a couple seconds to load your prospects are GONE!

However, I've also got some good that GREAT NEWS!

Our New Power 10X System has completely solved the 90% hang up rate!

It's amazing and almost hard to believe, but right now we're actually delivering more live inbound lead calls than ever, with our new "Easy Connect" technology...and this new process is ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING IT AGAIN!

In fact…

Power 10X With “Easy Connect” Technology is The Only Solution that Delivers Perfectly-Timed Live Conversations 80-90% of the Time...

“Easy Connect” gets you on the line 5-10 seconds before your prospects answer “yes” for more info. Then you seamlessly enter the call for a live conversation.

From there, our simple, natural-feeling scripts will have you engaging in highly productive listing and sales conversations…just like our $1,850-an-hour agents were doing in the old days!

Plus, what’s even better is you’ll know exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to quickly convert these live conversations into commissions – all without sounding salesy or manipulative.

It’s amazing what happens when you talk to people on their terms, and at the exact moment they call, wanting your information…it’s truly a game-changer!

The Power 10X System does that for you automatically and can increase your lead conversion by 5-10, even 15X or more…so to call it Power 10X is actually being conservative! 🙂

Your New Power 10X Limited Time Special Offer...

Simply try it for yourself with our no-strings-attached 14-day free trial.

It's a full-fledged 14-day free trial of the entire Power 10X Real Estate Lead Generation & Conversion System™, our new “Easy Connect" Technology, and all the training and support you need to get your phone ringing today!

You'll gain instant access to our action plans, ready-to-use real estate marketing promotions, templates, and training materials showing you exactly how to easily get your phone ringing with new prospects wanting to buy or sell real estate.

Then you'll take our simple, natural-feeling scripts and begin converting these live listing and sales conversations into commission checks. The best part is you'll get all the training and support you need to make it all happen quickly. And...

If on the outside chance our service is not for you, simply cancel your free trial and you're under no further obligation whatsoever, no harm, no foul.

It's That Simple...

If you'd like to try the New Power 10X Real Estate Lead Generation & Conversion System™, our "Easy Connect" technology, and sample our ready-to-use real estate marketing promotions, natural-feeling sales scripts, recorded role-playing sessions, as well as our simple plug-n-play systems that generate live listing and sales conversations for pennies per lead's easy!

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