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It’s our view that a real estate lead is not a lead until you’ve had a meaningful conversation.

A name and email address is not a lead.

A phone number is not a lead.

A lead is someone you’ve actually spoken with, opened up a dialog with, who wants you to follow up with them.

That’s a lead.

As real estate agents we’ve got to quit fooling ourselves, thinking technology, data capture, and every other dehumanizing automation tactic is going to connect you with people.

Here’s the underlying truth, an ever present reality in real estate. Real estate is, and always will be, a relationship-driven business. It’s your duty, and your privilege, to help people with the single biggest financial decision of their lives.

These are people lives we’re talking about.

Not numbers, not data, not some commission hungry salesperson’s tactics.

We’re talking about people’s lives.

That’s why after nearly 20 years of serving real estate agents in the lead generation arena, I can tell you emphatically…

Real Estate is NOT All About Lead Generation

Real estate is all about relationships, connecting, and caring about people. It’s about having a genuine concern for the impact you are going to have on another person’s life.

It’s not about technology, automation, or capturing “leads.”

It’s about talking with people, mastering the skills of breaking through their hyper-cynical sales resistance barriers, and helping them open up to you. It’s about engaging them in a way that understands and relates to why they’re so defensive.

It’s a complete shift in mindset, marketing, technology and training…and it all starts by talking with people.

How do we do that?

How do we break down those barriers?

Well, that’s what we would like to talk with you about.

Are you ready for that conversation?

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Gary Elwood
Proquest Technologies, Inc.