Here's How Agents Just Like You Are Doing with The Power 10X System

Dolly Helbert

RE/MAX United

Last year was my best year ever and your system has been a big part of that on both the buyer and listing side. My team members are positively crushing it with my drive-by leads and your targeted listing strategies have helped me build a strong and consistent listing lead pipeline. The growth potential and ROI of your system is amazing! Thank you so much for all you’ve done for my business.

Tom Smeland

RE/MAX 440

This has been the most consistent source of high quality listing leads. Every month I get 3-5 really solid listing leads calling me because of your system! And I now have a large database of potential sellers who I’ve actually spoken with and want me to follow up. So yes, your system is extremely profitable, the best ROI of anything we do.

Michael J LaRue

LaRue Realty

I can't begin to describe how effective the Proquest marketing platform is for my business. I, quite literally, have more incoming calls than I can handle. Yes, some of the calls are 'tire-kickers' or unqualified, but the majority are exactly as Gary and his team describe....real-time, ready to take action, 'jump-street' type prospects.

At first, I was skeptical, especially about the unique (and in my opinion counter-intuitive) sales techniques that John and Gary teach. When I first listened to these methods and the role playing recordings, I thought there would be no way that type of conversational technique would work. The first time I tried it, I was on the phone with the prospect for almost 30 minutes, as she was telling me her life story. The techniques really work. After just 6 months of using the Power 10X system, it is absolutely an integral part of my real estate business and I can't imagine continuing without it.

Janice Rosenberg

RE/MAX 440

As an already successful team, we honestly didn’t expect the Proquest system to move the needle for us as much as it did. But after using the system to track the performance of all of our marketing sources, we were able to cut our marketing budget nearly in HALF while actually INCREASING the amount of actual closed business we’ve been generating from what marketing we’ve kept. I’ve never felt so in control of my marketing. I now have a process to consistently drive business through the door.

Bart Vickery

Bart Vickery & Co Real Estate 

I wanted to check in with a quick thank you for everything that you and your company has done for me and my business!

I’ve been a client of yours for about 8 years. Your product is excellent and I would, and do, recommend it to everyone! Last year using your system my team and I closed 19 transactions for a total of $70,892 in commissions. We averaged $225 per month in total spend, and that includes paper costs for flyers and man hours for my assistants creating and delivering flyers… and posting ads to Craigslist. And speaking of Craigslist, with the dramatic change they’ve made regarding real estate agent posts… our 800 # ads are now the only format we use for Craigslist.

What's most exciting is I haven’t even been smart enough (yet) to utilize all of the strategies you suggest! Maybe I’ll wise up soon, lol!

In tracking all of my marketing and lead generation pillars… your product blows all of the others away… when comparing return on investment! Including our “proper communication” plan we utilize with our SOI and Database… which for most agents “database” marketing has the greatest return on investment.

Last year your product delivered a whopping 26 to 1 return on investment! So for every $1 invested… I got $26 back! I wish all of my marketing investments had that kind of profitability! And to top it all off, it’s also by far the easiest to operate and implement!I always tell my team… “in real estate, you are either producing results – or making excuses!” Your product produces results!

Mark Cuccuini

RE/MAX Preferred

I’ve never seen anything that works 100% of the time. Over the years this is the closest I’ve seen. Great system.

Kelly Behrens

Wainwright Real Estate

I've had much success with the Proquest system. Traditional call capture is still a great tool; however, I now don't have to “chase leads.” I get them on the phone, LIVE! This year alone I have earned $40,260 in gross commissions from four transactions. And, I have $18,300 from two transactions’ pending commissions! If you follow the system you will succeed!

Luke Bouman

@Home Realty

I’m always searching for things I can consistently build on. I’ve tried all kind of things. Some would work for a while. Others were just a joke. But this system is solid and I can build on it. It gives you real control. Thank you.

Ed McNally

RE/MAX Cherry Hill

I’ve been using the Proquest system for over two years now and have found that this is also a great tool for getting listings too. When a seller says, ‘Why should I hire you since you Realtors are all the same?’ I say, ‘Well not really. Did the other agent use the Proquest system to generate buyer leads for your property?’ It’s so predictable. They always ask, ‘What’s that?’ Then I say, ‘When I stop out later today I'll show you how it works. It’s really cool. More important it works.’ This approach has helped me get more Expireds than any other angle I’ve ever used.

AJ Hazzi

Vantage West Realty

I’ve been a Proquest customer almost 13 years now. Back in 2004 I used the special free reports to dominate my market place and really catapult my career. Since then I have used my Proquest system to successfully hold my print marketing accountable to a return and actually profit from expensive magazine and newspaper spreads. The training that you receive from Gary and his team is world class. Proquest brings in a steady stream of quality leads that have enabled me to build a team of agents and keep them busy. This allowed me to accomplish my ten year goal of taking 6 months off and going around the world as a newlywed with my wife. This was the trip off a life time and could only have been possible with the steady stream of high quality leads I get through my Proquest system. Of all the monthly investments I make in my business the ROI on the Proquest product is untouchable. If the last 10 years of innovation are any indication of what’s to come in the next 10, I can tell you that we are all in for one heck of a ride thanks to Gary’s cutting edge systems!

Annette Holt

RE/MAX Hall of Fame

Gary - the Proquest system has been a great success for us. My youngest son Davis joined my practice last year and one of his first sales was from a Proquest call. The resulting transaction was a $660k new construction home with an $18k commission!

I also find it is very impressive to sellers that are tech savvy - they light up when I mention that my Proquest system is a mobile routing system that when prompted sends the call to my mobile number - they like that I will actually be speaking with the caller.

The Proquest system is a big part of my listing presentations and I know that it makes a big difference to a lot of sellers.

Thank you and I wish you the best.

Gregory Martire

Springer Realty Group

I wanted to reach out to say thank you. My life has literally been changed because of Proquest. My income has doubled and is now on track to triple this year. My family can now have more of the things they deserve. And I am finally able to be happy in my work and feel confident there is plenty more to come.

You have shown me how easy lead generation can be since you have done all the hard work but even more important you have shown me how important lead conversion is. Your system is not just what you say it'll do, it's an entire package, it does exactly what you say it will do and then some. There is nothing like it anywhere. I know because I spent months looking into systems and yours has convinced me in theory but also in practice.

Furthermore the training that comes with the systems is second to none. NO WHERE can you get that kind of training for $89 a month perhaps $2,000 a month, plus email and phone support. You actually run a high level Real Estate training school with a free lead capture system, That would be nearly $2,000 a month believe me I had been searching high and low. The training isn't just theory from a well learned individual, but from a top tier agent that used it and uses it in practice.

Let's remember when...I first called Gary Elwood took my call, answered my questions, and told me to do what you say and the system will work. Well IT DOES.

To firm up what you told me since, I thought it all sounded too good to be true. I reviewed your website and called an agent using your system to ask him if it was true. He shared with me his excitement and experiences and told me do it. I did and I have not looked back.

The following paragraph is paraphrased from the movie The Shawshank Redemption. I didn't write all of it but I feel it...

As I think about my family's future I find I am so excited and barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain but surely better than it ever could have been without you.

It is my pleasure to work with you.

Yours Truly and Sincerely,
Gregory Martire

P.S. Introducing me to John Gualtieri your head coach and Proquest Head Trainer wasn't the icing the cake but a 2nd cake!!! Much obliged Gary and Proquest Technologies!!

Eric Burch

Burch & Co. Real Estate

Thanks for all that you and your team have done for us. When I started using your system 5 years ago we had just completed the year closing $18,600,000 in volume. I made a commitment the first of the the new year that we would implement one system and master it, the system we choose was Proquest. We decided to cancel several other systems one of which we had spent over $10,000 on the year before and replaced it with Proquest and it’s taken us from $18 mil to over $24,000,000 the first year and we cut back advertising costs by $15,000. Proquest by far has been the biggest bang for the buck with an over 100 to 1 ROI and our sellers love the system because we are introduced to new LIVE, KICKING, IN TOWN buyers everyday. We just returned from a Mastermind that had several vendors selling lead systems for $1000’s a month with leads that are from around the world and may or may not ever set foot into our community. The buyers that call in on our flier system or rider system are in town, sitting in front of the house and they have called on a home that we have just does not get much better then that!

Jeff Wilhems, CEO Marsee Wilhems Group

Over 1,500 homes sold in last 3 years!

I usually do NOT give testimonials but in this case I will make an exception because your firm deserves it!

If you are selling real estate and are not using the Proquest system you are making a HUGE mistake. Our team is receiving over 500 calls per month that are being directly connected to our agents. The revenue we receive each month from this system is off the charts!

We have used several other hotline capture systems in the past 10 years but none has been like our experience with Proquest. Receiving calls each and every day is like having a guaranteed annuity. I highly recommend Gary Elwood and his staff at Proquest because they truly understand what it takes to help make a real estate agent successful. Their attention to detail and customer service is unmatched in the industry. Their response time to questions or concerns is super-fast. Simply put…They care and will do everything in their power to help you succeed.

Lance Steffek

Re/Max Paradise

I have used your system for many years. The first year I started using it I grossed about $80K and am currently grossing over $500K in GCI. I now use some additional lead sources but none are as cost effective and give me as great of a return as the leads I get from my Proquest system.

Carol Diament

Coldwell Banker

I listed a hot property and immediately started getting Proquest calls from brochures. It sold in 2 days, but I am now working with a really good buyer from the Proquest system. Plus, the training has some of the best role playing I have heard to date. I always learn something to try with clients. You never have to "sound like a salesperson," when you learn this way of talking with potential clients.

Ron Bruce

BHHS Fox and Roach

At this point in our business we are done with the hype-filled “promise you the moon” real estate marketing products. We’ll take the steady, reliable, consistent results Proquest provides over the hype every time.

Bill McCormick

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

I was out of the business for 90 days with nothing in my pipeline. With Proquest I generated 57 calls, closed 10 buy-side transactions, and listed 5 homes that later sold. In total I grossed over $100,000 after broker splits. The best part is I did it all in just 75 days! This system WORKS!

Margarete Chernin

Sutton - Sadie Moranis Realty

I'm new to the Proquest system, I started a few months ago. I was searching for a service where you could ask questions and get honest answers. Not only honest answers but shows you, explains and tells you what to do, and how to do it. Now, Proquest doesn't tell you it's going to be easy, and at time it's not! Especially since they are teaching you something completely different from what the "world" does... but it's worth it. Proquest really wants you to succeed because then they succeed.

David Fletcher

Rich Realty

Proquest has been the best money I have spent in 24 years in real estate! I have had months with over 600 calls. I have referred your service to a lot of people in the 12 years I have been your customer. I like the fact you are always making the system better and more effective. This has been the least amount of money for the biggest return I have made in my business. Thank you!

Bryan Short

Century 21 Realty

If you want your phone to ring 5x more often and sell more homes then Proquest is the easiest way to accomplish that. In fact, it's likely the only way to make your phone ring more often. Why chase people via their spam email account when you can talk to them? Proquest is so remarkably different than anything else you've seen...the testimonials will seem fake, but I assure you they are not. It is responsible for at least 50% of my closings.

I've set up my new business partner with the Proquest system and after just 6 months in the business she has 7 transactions in escrow another 6 closed and 4 new clients soon to be listed. At least half of this business wouldn't be there without Proquest - all with a brand new agent who just got her license.

Kathy Wikle

Keller Williams

What could be better than answering a call from a live prospect who wants to know the price of a listing?

It is so much fun. I love taking these calls. I answer with “Hi this is Kathy Wikle with Keller Williams. How can I help you?” They stutter for a second and then say “Oh we just saw this sign and were calling about the price.“ My answer, “That Home is listed for $350,000 (and without even a slight pause) I keep talking about the great features of the home. Then I ask if that sounds like the home they are looking for and they start telling me why it is or isn’t and the conversation continues. It is such a great way to capture the contact info you need for your database.

I answer my phone and I love the surprise factor. I don't find that it offends the callers though some agents seem to fear that. I don't understand why because they called ME, I didn’t call them and interrupt their dinner or their day! Even if I miss the call and have to call back, it's easy to handle. It's a great system, even better than I expected.

Rich Lucas

Keller Williams

Why would any agent NOT use this technology??? It is without a doubt THE MOST cost effective means of generating highly productive leads available anywhere!

Steve Freeman

C21 Real Estate Services

I've been a Proquest client for several years and by operating this tool properly, it has brought me countless buyers and sellers. It is a trackable tool that allows the agent to see exactly where the calls are coming from. Not only can you make money from mining the calls, but if you closely watch your numbers, you can make money by not wasting money on advertising that is not working.

Sam Sauveur

Gold Standard Realty

This system has made me a lot of money. One call made me over $25,000 in gross commissions and is still making me money from referrals.

I first started using this system in 2005 after I quit my full time job to do Real Estate full time. I was looking for something to help differentiate myself from the other agents because everybody was doing the same thing and that was not going to work for me because I'm immigrant with a very strong accent.

I was online and I stumbled on your system. To make a long story short, I ordered the system. After I received it, I put a yard sign in front of one of my listing.

That Saturday morning at around 7:45am, a couple was driving by the listing and they responded, within seconds of them dialing the number I was talking with them. They were surprised I knew which property they were calling on and where they were. It was great because I met them within 15 minutes to show them the house because it was vacant.

They did not buy that specific property but at 10:00am the same day I was at their kitchen table taking their listing. Then a month later using your system, I generated a buyer and sold that property for $310,000 with a 6% commission ($18,600). Then 2 months later sold the sellers another property $350,000 at 2.5% commission ($8,750).

Thank you very much Gary for this system. I have many successful stories but I like this one the most.

Christopher Myers

Keller Williams Classic

My first Proquest sales were when a lender let me borrow a couple of his extensions and gave me some sign riders. I put the rider on my first listing and attracted a buyer through a Proquest call. I listed her house and helped her purchase her new house. (1 closing on the buy side) Then I received a Proquest call on her home, and that buyer purchased the property. (2 closings...both sides) I immediately subscribed to my own Proquest system, and have been a firm believer ever since.

Sunnie SanLorenzo

KeyIsle Realty

We don't have 100 listings, (we would like to) but we still work hard to generate leads through Proquest on each listing and on all our marketing.

A great example is a listing we had with some issues (Reverse mortgage, code enforcement liens that need correcting, etc), and it would be tough to close on. However, due to lender requirements the owner needs to show it is listed for sale, so we keep it listed to help him. The house is in a great location, and our sign rider and brochures are super easy to see. It generates calls and goes through a good amount of brochures.

That's when we had a newer agent come to work for us. SO we let him start taking some of our MVR calls, and this particular house was in his area. He received an MVR call, the callers came into our office and he sold them a house. He received more calls and another couple also came to the office, and looked at homes with him. Afterward he complained to our assistant about: "That house would never sell, with all its issues, why do we bother keeping it on the market, that is stupid and does not make business sense" etc. Our assistant said it's a way to generate calls, and get people interested in working with us and hardly anyone buys the house they call on. Very stuck in his box, he kept complaining about it...well he's no longer with us. He just didn't get it!

I love the way your MVR system works and with that listing I look at it as free advertising with no seller pressure!

Dave Kimbrough

The Kimbrough Team

Proquest is the best marketing we do, our biggest bang for the buck.

Bob Liston


It works for me and has ever since I first subscribed over 10 years ago. Yes, there are other systems out there and many are good too, but in my brokerage, no listing ever goes Active on the market without Proquest. There are too many baby boomers out there who don't want to use a smart phone and they have a lot of cash, too. Thanks for being there us.

Tom Langley

Windermere Real Estate

I started with Proquest 5 months ago and I'm having the best year since I started in real estate. This marketing system has it all! What I like most is that it's a complete marketing system. It's not just lead capture technology. Not only do I get the latest 10X "Stealth Technology"...but more than that I get great training from Gary and John which has increased my lead conversion rate dramatically.

Cary Werner

Sterling Real Estate

I have used your system over the last several years and what could be more powerful than someone calling for more information when they are sitting in front of a home already with a flier. They know what area it is in and the outside condition. I am not always perfect with the calls and when I'm not on my game, it really costs me potential clients.

For example, last year someone called and asked about a home. I told him it was under contract but did he have any real estate agent helping him? He said no, so I told him about my services and he gave me all his information. I then DID NOT call him back! A week later he called back on the same home. I realized who it was and said sorry A LOT!

I immediately helped him and since then he has given me 13 leads. 4 have already closed and the rest are working on items for loans. All on my contact list. What a mistake with a happy ending. 13 lead all very happy and saying they will refer to me. All from 1 call to my Proquest number.

What would my business be like if I responded all the time? I will find out this year, trying hard to fulfill my goal of answering all my Proquest calls.

Doc Stevens

Keller Williams

We are happy to recommend you. We have been using our Proquest system on ALL our listings for almost a decade. It remains our #1 tool for capturing sign calls, better than QR Codes, website links, plain phone numbers, fancy signs, etc. We have tried nearly all the gimmicks and gadgets, but our Proquest number outperforms them all. People want to know the basics and they are still willing to call (especially after hours) to get the scoop on an attractive property. If we answer and follow up with them using the simple scripts we learned from you, they are almost always pleased and willing to talk.

Andrew Duncan

The Duncan Duo

For several years we have been happy Proquest clients and the ROI we get on the very reasonable fee is off the charts. It generates more high quality leads than anything we have previously used. We love the ease of use for the system and the ability to have multiple agents and staff members receiving and following up with the leads. Our team has more than doubled every year and we are in the Top 10 for RE/MAX nationally and sometimes people think the ‘shiny objects’ in our marketing are the ‘juice’ that helps us grow. But quite frankly, sometimes mastering the basics – like how to handle an inbound call – are a significantly better fuel for our business and agents many times get so enamored with internet leads, when sign calls from Proquest are some of the best leads we can generate. The Duncan Duo LOVES Proquest!

Rusty Matz

Exit Realty

Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story about Proquest Technologies. I have been in real estate since 2005. I work for Exit Realty Bob Lamb and Associates. My office has been the top grossing office for Exit Realty International in 2012 and 2013. I have been a top ten agent since 2010.

My specialties have been in short sales, distressed properties and Hud Homes. I made the decision to switch to normal retail this past year. Because of the type of clients I have had (dead or broke), I have a very small sphere of influence. That is why I wanted to change.

My sales manager told me about Proquest. I got the program. I did exactly what they told me to do in setting it up. I have been averaging 60-100 live inbound lead calls a month. I love the emphasis on talking to the customers and not depending on a email drips. And with this I average 10-20 new clients per month. The only complaint I have is keeping up with all the calls.

The training with John is life changing. There is no "motivational malarkey." I feel more confidant about being a Realtor than I have ever had before, even though I am changing my total business model.

Also I find the system easy to use as I am very technology challenged. I love the art of the deal. Talking is not a problem for me. I really believe in the system and I am very grateful that I got led to this company.

Danyelle Daniel

Keller Williams Realty

I have been using Proquest as a part of my listing presentation and marketing plan since I started my career. Due to my listing-sided schedule, I am now at the point where I am funneling my leads to a great go-getter agent in my down-line so that he can follow up immediately when we receive a call on our listings. This approach has proven effective for my business and my clients enabling us to capture more leads.

Jim Linville

Carpenter Realtors

I have to say there are two ways to get listings. There is the hard way and the easy way. Using Proquest is the easy way. It is easy to get a listing by getting the seller to give you their information about their house. Which you have to do to do a CMA. All I have to do is write down the information and tweak it a little bit. Give it an extension number and describe their home. I go to the listing appointment go over my marketing and save the best for last. I have them call my Proquest number. I do not tell them anything about it. I just have them call my number. They hear the description of their house. Then after they hear it I show them my phone well I pull it out when it is ringing and wait for them to finish with the recording. Most of the time they follow the prompts. when they get to connecting to me I ask them on the phone what do you think. Then I go over how it all comes together with the flyers, riders, magazines, news papers. I explain that the number can not be blocked. I can now contact them even if they are on the do not call list, do to the fact they contacted me first. When they see this and all my other marketing they see that I truly am a marketing expert. This leads to more listings. It also pays off by giving other agents an extension. They go out and get the listings and I get the benefits from that. I get the calls which gets me the showings which gets me an extra pay day with very little effort. It is truly a win win for me and the other listing agent in my office. The Proquest system is the only way to go. The voice-activated prompts are great and when it connects to me I stand a great chance of showing and selling the home.

Dan Boone

Master Brokers

Just a quick note to sing the praises of Proquest. After selling a retail business we owned for 7 years, My wife and I got back into real estate. Prior to placing our license with a Coldwell Banker affiliate, I searched the web to see what the "Big Guys" were doing and call capture seemed to be the one key denominator utilized by all. I am not the brightest guy in the world, but when I looked at the different programs I quickly figured out I could cold call people and and try to get my foot in the door, or come up with a system where they called me and actually wanted to talk with me. To me, the latter was a no brainer. I also do not believe in reinventing the wheel. You had the wheel in place and rolling and we jumped on board and never looked back. The first year my wife was the number one agent at this CB franchise. Year to date we are the #2 agent in unit sales in our MLS and in the top 5% in volume. My primary tools are Proquest and online marketing.While I do not want to reinvent the wheel, I do like to tweek. But you guys were very specific that we should plug in the system, do it specifically as you direct and watch how well it worked...and it did. My wife's biggest complaint is we get too many leads for the 2 of us to work. BUT, you do have to work the leads. My wife fusses at me when I tell people I am just a redneck selling real estate. But, Proquest has helped this redneck real estate agent thrive during the great recession. I recommend Proquest to every agent who asks me how we sell so much real estate during a down time. I tell them emphatically about Proquest System. Sadly, 99% of the agents say "Oh, that won't work for me". And they are comes down to attitude. Henry Ford said it best..."Think you can or think you can't, either way you are right". Well, I know I can and Proquest has been a key in our success.

Osmany Garcia

Keller Williams Realty

Not only your system allows me to capture callers info, but it allows me to reroute to my team members or to have my agents to call back and never never miss a lead. Not to mention it is a great listing tool that I use whenever I get an opportunity to do so.

I have had days with 5 calls on a single listing. Also an excellent tool for Craiglists ads.

Hope this helps other agents that have not given themselves an opportunity to take advantage of such a unique system.

Steven Silva

Keller Williams Realty

What you get is a fundamental shift in the way you think and sell though their in depth training, support, and coaching that goes way beyond just another way to market a property or your services.

Proquest doesn't give you 'fish' (Buyer and Seller Leads). They teach you how to fish and provide you with the very best net I've come across. And what you get using their system is so many high quality inbound calls that you start to wonder why you ever did it any other way!

Mark Van Wagoner

Mark Assoc. Realty Group

I am my own Broker and lone agent in my office. I am also my own secretary. I have slowed down from earlier years when I had an office of 45 agents.

I have used Proquest for several years and feel it's a a valuable and necessary element of my business success.

Their customer support is second to none and their system pays for itself many times over each and every month. Also it is comforting to know that when help is need, the Proquest staff is always there to help.

Try the system and see how it changes your business. My income has more than doubled with it. No thinking real estate professional should be without.

Steven Conley

Realty World - Freewheeler Realty

My lead generation has gone full circle. I was once with Proquest and had great success, but I was lured away by other lead generation methods/technologies.

A leading internet system trained me in internet lead generation and "lead incubation." It was very sexy and I was generating leads. I even bought leads at $50 each. I peaked at 300 new leads a month; and who wouldn’t love letting the drip campaigns run on a huge pile of leads that in theory would eventually “pop out” and buy a property.

The whole concept was to incubate leads and in 12 to 15 months they would be ready and I would be the agent of choice. But it's virtually impossible to keep in touch with all those leads, and, usually with no voice conversations because most leads never answer their phones.

When I sat one day reflecting on what I was doing with all this lead generation, it dawned on me that I had missed the most important part of the whole process. Lead generation means nothing if there is no lead conversion.

And the only way to have good effective lead conversion is to have a REAL conversation with customers. Email just cannot and will not substitute for a good phone conversation with a buyer or seller.

So I shifted back to Proquest and am once again having good success with getting live leads on the phone. Granted, I have fewer leads coming in; but the leads are higher quality and we are having voice conversations.

Also managing these high quality leads is a lot less work than shuffling through hundreds of internet leads.

My upcoming goal is to use Proquest to help me sort thru the 5,000 leads in my internet system by offering a “value proposition.” Perhaps I can get the “good prospects” to call and I can have that all important conversation with them.

What a great tool Proquest is. This method has easily put me 2 steps ahead of my competition.

Bill Rose

Park Regency Realty

I have been a Proquest subscriber for several years and with great results.

I use my Proquest number on every listing and also in my advertising with Redfin, Zillow and Trulia and newspaper.

What surprising is even in these days of instant internet access, a lot of the public still relies on driving neighborhoods looking for homes for sale. And while they don’t always want to talk with someone, this provides them an easy way to get 24/7 information about a specific properties that catches their attention.

Proquest has been one of my most successful listing tools. I use it with great effectiveness in my listing presentations.

The way I do it is, before arriving for my appointment I make a 30 second recording about that property using the owner's name and address. Then I have the prospective client call my Power 10X number. They use the extension I have set up for them and play it on their speaker phone.

It is really impressive because even with all the internet tools out there, the sellers always get excited and that pretty much seals the deal.

After they’ve heard their recording and my cellphone is notified and I hold up their name, address and phone number and show it to them. From there it’s just a matter of signing the paperwork.

Your Proquest system is the best marketing money I’ve ever spent in my 31 years in the business.

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