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Leverage Hidden Assets – Don’t spend another dime on web leads or marketing, until you get everything you can out of assets directly in front of you right now! We’ll show you powerful strategies for mining those hidden assets to create a massive windfall of profits – all at virtually no cost!

Launch Low-to-No-Cost Lead Flow Systems – The key is getting your phone phone ringing quickly. Through an auto-pilot system called “Inbound Prospecting” you’ll have ready-to-act buyers and sellers, real estate leads actually CALLING YOU…all for pennies per lead!

Convert Listings and Sales by Getting Face-to-Face – Research shows that today's “on-demand” consumer requires real-time immediate gratification. This driving force makes it crucial that you get face-to-face with buyers and sellers as fast as humanly possible...or they move on!

Gary Elwood - Generated Over 28 Million Real Estate Leads

Gary Elwood

Our Story...

I was in my early 30's and struggling in sales, when my wife practically lost her mind! She slammed her feet into the dash of my Ford Thunderbird, glared at me and screamed, "This is NOT who you are! You can do better than this!" It was like the heavyweight champ just punched me in the gut! I'd never felt that way before...so angry, broken and hurt. I could barely sleep that night. That's when it hit me...

How Agents Just Like You Are Doing with The New Power 10X System

Kelly B. - #1 Real Estate Leads Source

Kelly B.

Wainwright Realty

These inbound calls are the best real estate leads! This year alone I have earned $40,260 in gross commissions from four transactions. And, I have $18,300 from two transactions’ pending commissions!

Tom S. - #1 Real Estate Listing Leads Source

Tom S.

RE/MAX 440

This has been the most consistent source of high quality lead calls I’ve ever had. Every month I get a steady flow of solid listing leads calling me because of your system!

Sam S. - #1 Real Estate Leads Source

Sam S.

Gold Standard Realty

This marketing system, and the quality of inbound lead calls it produces, has made me a lot of money. One call made me over $25,000 in gross commissions and is still making me money from referrals.

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