Why Your Real Estate Lead Generation Game Plan for July, 2017 is Obsolete

Like it or not - big data says massive changes are coming because...


Today's best prospects hate typical real estate lead generation and sales "follow up" calls! It’s text or email unless they’re calling you! Check out our free real estate training, quick 3-5 min. videos that cut straight to the real truth about real estate leads and lead generation, and show you how to actually have today's best real estate prospects calling you!

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Real Estate Lead Generation Expert

Gary Elwood

Proquest Technologies

About Lead Generation...

Our journey began way back in 1995, when agents hadn't even heard of real estate lead generation yet.  We actually pioneered the concept as the first company to ever use an email "drip campaign" in real estate.  Since then we've helped over 26,000 real estate agents generate over 28 million leads...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

This year alone I have earned $40,260 in gross commissions from four transactions. And, I have $18,300 from two transactions’ pending commissions!

Kelly B., Wainwright Real Estate
John Doe UI/UX Designer

This has been the most consistent source of high quality listing leads I’ve ever had. Every month I get 20-30 solid listing leads calling me because of your system!

Tom S., RE/MAX 440
John Doe UI/UX Designer

This marketing system has made me a lot of money. One call made me over $25,000 in gross commissions and is still making me money from referrals.

Sam S., Gold Standard Realty

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