“When Leads Call You... You're in Control... So The Key is to Stop Chasing Leads and Get The Best Buyers and Sellers CALLING YOU!”

Dear Friend and REALTOR®,

I'm six-three and 215 pounds, but after getting beaten up by a 120-pound girl...I felt like a new man!

I was so angry with myself that this new, intensely-pissed-off energy had me rocketing out of bed each day determined to make amazing things happen.

For five years she put up with all kinds of excuses about why we weren’t doing better, yet she still believed in me! And...

...I wasn’t going to let her down!

So I set a goal...

To Help 1,000 Agents Earn $250,000 a Year!

I knew Zig Ziglar was right!

I first heard him say it when I was 19 years old...“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Several years later, I got to spend an hour with Zig in the “green room” before the Get Motivated Seminar in Atlanta. It was an unbelievable moment...

...regrettably, I was so star struck I could barely talk, or think of anything to say.

Even worse, I completely forgot to thank Zig for the huge influence he had on my life. He was the very first motivational speaker I had ever listened to, and he had a powerful impact on me. He was a true hero of mine.

Anyway, back to my “new awakening” with my wife...

I wish I could tell you I shot straight to the top after our little “come to Jesus” meeting, but the path was long and hard, and had a lot of ups and downs.

...the upside is, in my struggles, I discovered an amazing secret!

When people called me...

I Was In Control!

See in the simplest terms...we make your phone ring!

You'll have interested new buyers and sellers CALLING YOU!

...no more calling 100's of leads who don't want to talk to you!

...no more leaving 1000's of useless voicemail messages!

...no more being viewed like a "pushy telemarketer!"

These are real live people, interested buyers and sellers with questions, picking up their phones CALLING YOU!

Versus What Might Be Happening to You

...you buy leads, but they don't answer their phone.

...they endlessly ignore your voicemails.

...or on the rare occasion when you do get them on the phone, they're rude, cut you off, and treat you like dirt!

You're viewed like a telemarketer! Plus you get to pay tons of money for that privilege, with leads that are as cold as the polar ice caps!

What's even worse is most agents are in denial, thinking more leads will somehow fix it, and they've become addicted to the process.

It's a new dynamic that began this last year in 2018. I call it...

"Lead Generation Addiction"

Think I'm crazy?

Google defines it as...

Addiction - a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.

"Lead Generation Addiction" - compulsively chasing "leads" (people who don't want to talk to you) to close an occasional deal (rewarding stimuli), despite the net commissions rarely covering agent's marketing expenses (adverse consequence).

See what I mean?

Today's lead generation fits the clinical definition of an addiction!

How Can I Say That?

Well, because...

My name is Gary Elwood and I'm a recovering Lead Generation Addict!

My addiction started in February of 1995. Shortly after my wife verbally punched me in the gut, I was cold calling over 100 people a day, and HATING every single minute of it.

To start my day, I'd see her piercing eyes in my head, and it would get me past that sick feeling in my gut that I was going to be constantly interrupting people and feeling like an intruder...all day long!

However, quite frankly...

I SUCKED at it!

I never really could get past that gut-churning feeling...

...and after about two years of that awful grind I thought, "There’s got to be a better way! And if not, I'm going to quit this sickening crap and get a regular job!"...my sales career was on life support.

Seriously, I was within days of a major life change...

...and that's when it happened!

It was a cold February day, when I got this crazy call from a real estate agent friend who was talking so fast I could hardly understand him!

Long story short, he had discovered a way to generate "warm leads."

It was shocking!

...a true breakthrough!

And honestly, that night, and for the next several weeks and months, I could barely sleep.

I'd wake up at 2, 3, or 4:00 AM with ideas just screaming through my mind...like my brain was on fire!

I wanted sales to be the path, because of the income potential, but I just wasn't cut out for the hard realities of cold prospecting.

That's when in an instant, my life changed forever and I WAS HOOKED!

All those aweful cold calls...

All those sick feelings I was constantly battling with...

They were all soon to be gone.

...or so I thought!

See in 1995 the industry mantra was STP and TTP... "See the People" and "Talk to People"...it was all about PROSPECTING!

...not lead generation!

In fact, at that time almost no one knew what the heck lead generation was or that it even existed. It was entirely new...

...now fast forward to today and EVERYONE is "lead generating" to the point that it's actually become an addiction.

Don't believe me?


The best way to dispel many of the false ideas about lead generation is...

As much as I’d like to tell you, that once I discovered this system and had my epiphany, it was all smooth sailing, it wasn’t. In fact, nowhere close.

My business partner and I thought everyone in real estate would want this thing! We thought every agent and broker on the planet would want warm leads flowing into their businesses.


To my amazement, most agents didn’t believe it, and thought it was a load of BS. Seriously, we were fighting the conventional wisdom of the day, which was "It’s all about prospecting!"…period.

So, for over five years we struggled, trying to convince everyone we had a better way. We were literally starving to death for business, and I was on the verge of personal bankruptcy.

Then, in October of 2000...

We Had Our Breakthrough!

We finally discovered how to get our message across and from there it’s been an amazing ride.

I've had the rare and wonderful privilege of working with some of the absolute best real estate agents in the entire world for over 23 years now.

In that time our company has helped over 26,000 agents to generate over 28 million leads in their real estate businesses.

Our success stories number well into the thousands of agents, and it's been transformational because of the impact we've had, and value we’ve brought to so many agents lives. Yet, it's actually quite possible you may have absolutely no idea who we are...


Because we operate quietly, in the background, in very low profile ways to help our agents create massive upside leverage, real meaningful results from the marketing you're already doing.

We don't suggest you add a bunch of new things, or buy a web site, landing pages, or some radically different marketing campaign.

Instead, we work with the marketing you're already doing. We take dollars you’re already spending and help you get 5-10X greater results.

We Call It "Upside Leverage"

Plus we are very quick to expose things in your marketing that you need to "cut from your payroll."

It's very scientific and straight forward. If it's making you money, you keep it. If not, you cut it from your payroll.

I Know, Crazy, Right?

The best part is the average agent working with us winds up cutting marketing and lead generation expenses by 20%-30% or more, yet they typically increase their overall production by 300-500%!


Well, that's a bit more than this simple intro can cover, and again if you'd like to know more the best way is...

In it we explode all the myths, ridiculous ideas, and outright BS and show you step-by-step how to get highly motivated prospects CALLING YOU!

See today's "lead generation" has become a vicious cycle of buying leads, chasing prospects endlessly until you practically lose your mind, and in the process completely robbing yourself of any quality of life!

Is THAT What You Got Into Real Estate For?

I'm guessing not.

So let's contrast "lead generation addiction" with our approach...

First, picture never needing to buy or generate leads ever again!

Instead, you deploy 2-3 very inexpensive marketing strategies and your phone rings 3-5 times a week or more with highly motivated listing leads. These are highly motivated sellers wanting to list their homes for sale.

If you want buyers, that's even easier!

With just a small handful of listings you can easily generate 5-10 even 15 or more highly motived buyers CALLING YOU every single week!

This isn't you chasing people who don't want to talk with you.

These are real live motivated buyers and sellers picking up their phones and actually CALLING YOU with questions, wanting information.

It's Three Basic Steps...

For individual agents, our objective is to help you optimize your "net income per hour." For team leaders, it's all about maximizing your team's overall ROI to you. And for brokers, we want to give you a unique system that will help your agents make more money.

The bottom line is we're all about helping you make more money!

Which starts with...

Step 1 - Smart Marketing

It's a 180 degree shift away from capturing and chasing "leads" to compelling motivated buyers and sellers to CALL YOU! Again, our focus is on making your phone ring, so you can TALK to people.

Then there's...

Step 2 – The Right Technology

The right technology bridges a live conversation at the perfect time, when prospects are actually interested and have questions, not later while they're trying to have dinner with their family.

Our "marketing funnel" creates perfectly-timed live conversations with buyers and sellers 80%-90% of the time! No more endless chasing, useless voicemails, or rejection-filled sales scripts!

So you're talking with the right people, at the right time. Then there's...

Step 3 – "Process Training"

We show you how to be doing the right things, at the right time, and in the right way. It's an approach that effortlessly builds high levels of trust.

The good news is it's easy to model and ensures you get the absolute most value out of each and every perfectly-timed live conversation we send you.

See we aren't just another lead generation company. If you immerse yourself in our philosophy, mindset, strategies, and training, you'll quickly understand why and how we're different, very different.

Our goal is not to sell you technology. It's to drive your net income so far through the roof that you're a raving fan of ours 10+ years from now.

But Let Me Be Clear About Something...

We are NOT a coaching company!

Regardless who you're coaching with, we're a strategic partner that can integrate into any agent's business that will help you drive growth.

Another thing, if all you want is just another lead capture system, and you think you know it all and you don't really want our input...

My question is: Have you ever earned $500,000 to $1,000,000 a year or more directly from a system like ours?

If not, either suppress your overblown ego and be teachable, or please don't call us. We're simply not a good fit for each other.

See we are all about taking you to places you never thought you could go with a system and process like ours.

Half-Assed Results Are Unacceptable!

And if you're not coach-able and teachable, let's just save each other the time and frustration.

However if you're ready, and open to the idea that we know what we're doing, there's one last key understanding we need to agree on.

It's our view that...

A lead is NOT a lead until you've had a meaningful conversation.

A name and email address is NOT a lead.

A phone number is NOT a lead.

A lead is someone you've actually spoken with, opened up a dialog with, who wants you to follow up with them.


As real estate agents we've got to quit fooling ourselves, thinking technology, data capture, and every other dehumanizing automation tactic is going to connect you with people.

Here's a fundamental truth! Real estate is, and always will be, a relationship-driven business. It's your duty, and your privilege, to help people with the single biggest financial decision of their lives.

These are people's lives we're talking about. Not numbers, not data, not some commission hungry salesperson's tactics.

We're talking about people's lives.

That's why after 23+ years of serving real estate agents in the lead generation arena, I can tell you emphatically...

Real Estate is NOT All About Lead Generation

Real estate is all about relationships, connecting, and caring about people. It's about having a genuine concern for the impact you are going to have on another person's life.

It's not about technology, automation, or capturing "leads."

It's about talking with people, breaking through their cynical sales barriers, and helping them open up to you. It's about engaging in a way that understands and relates to them, and meets them where they are.

It's a complete shift in mindset, marketing, technology and training...and it all starts by talking with people.

How do we do that?

How do we break down those barriers?


...and we'll show you exactly how we do it!

All my best,
Gary Elwood
President and CEO
Proquest Technologies, Inc.