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3 Genius Ways This Listing Presentation Creates Emotional Impact and Has You Easily Closing Over 95% of Your Listings! 


When you walk into a listing presentation are you fired up, filled with anticipation? Do you know beyond any doubt that you’ll be walking out with a signed listing contract in your hand?

Let me ask it another way...

On your next listing presentation, if you were going up against the top agent at the #1 real estate company in your would you feel? Would you be ready to take them on head-to-head, nose-to-nose?

Well that’s the exact position John found himself in recently...

He was competing for one of the nicest listings, in an area he had been wanting to break into for over two years.

Worse yet, he was up against long odds. He was competing with the top listing agent at the #1 real estate company in his market, a company that closed over $400 million in sales volume last year.

But rather than me telling you, I’ll let him tell the story.

John's audio interview is at the end of this article...(no email address required)

In a recent phone conversation he told me...

“Earlier that day I drove by and took pictures and shot a quick video of their home from the street. Then I went back to the office and wrote out a description of the home based on the conversation I had with Carol, the homeowner.

“I put a good deal of thought into the description. So my ad and script came out sounding great.

“So I was all set and ready to demonstrate this new system, and show them how it gave me a huge advantage.

“However, when I got to the home, Carol’s husband Bob answered the door and greeted me with,
‘We’re going to need to speed this up because we’ve got other plans this evening.’

“Now normally that would have thrown me into panic mode, because I’m certain Bob had already decided they were going with my #1 competitor, but not this time.

“I knew exactly where I was going. So I jumped in with,
‘I completely understand. So I’ll quickly cut to the chase as to how and why I can sell your home for more money, in less time, and with fewer hassles than anyone else.’

“...and Bob said, ‘Ok, well let’s have it.’

“That’s when I broke the ice with your initial pattern interrupt and said, ‘Well before we jump in, and I’ll make this real quick, would you mind if I ask...and please be brutally honest with me here...I promise you it won’t hurt my feelings.

I paused slightly for effect, then asked, 'What’s your candid opinion of real estate agents? What’s your opinion of real estate agents in general?’

“I could tell by the look on his face that Bob was surprised by the question...but then he just started venting. Then Carol jumped in and I just let them go for a while. They obviously had some strong feelings, but once that initial emotional energy slowed down I said…

‘This might sound odd coming from me, but I know exactly how you feel. The reason is most of my clients felt the exact same way you do, but what they found is that I’m very different than just about any other agent who’s going to walk through your door...and it all starts with how I market and sell homes.

‘First, I’m going to do everything other agents do…internet marketing, open houses, postcard mailings...all the typical stuff.

‘But what’s most important is I’m going to do something no other agent in this market does, that actually focuses on your most important potential buyer for this home.

‘See your most important potential buyer, the person or family most likely to buy your home, has already been looking on the Internet and they’ve narrowed it down, and they’re already considering buying in your neighborhood.

‘So the Internet part of marketing your home…

‘Well it’s already somewhat behind the curve, because the people who are most interested in living in your neighborhood are now getting in their cars and driving through the various neighborhoods they’re considering.

‘So, yes I’m going to market your home aggressively on the internet, but what’s even more important is I’m going to focus intensely on your most important potential buyers, the people who are already in their cars driving through your neighborhood.

‘Those people are your hottest potential buyers!

‘...and there’s one thing that they all have in common.

'They’re all carrying a cell phone!

‘Right now there are over 300 million mobile phones in the United States. So mobile marketing is a major key to effectively selling your home because literally everyone has a mobile phone.

‘And again, your most important potential buyers are the folks out driving through this neighborhood...looking around...with a cell phone in their hand.

‘So what I do, that no one else is doing, is I use a marketing system that enables me to pinpoint target those prospects and actually get them on the phone for an immediate conversion!

‘In fact, this system is so effective that I’m able to capture 100% of the folks driving by who inquire...AND...even better, I’m able to instantly talk with 80-90% of them and get them excited about your home immediately!

‘Let me show you how it works…’

(Here’s where they get physically involved in your listing presentation and you create a very unique one-of-a-kind experience.)

‘Grab your phone, hit star *67 to block Caller ID, and dial this number. Then after the greeting, enter this four-digit extension.

“Now I explained it just like you said. I didn’t say a word about it being their property. I let that part creep up on them and surprise them.

“...and it was EXACTLY like you said. The moment Bob heard his street address on the recording his eyes got a little bigger, he sat up straight in his chair, and then leaned over to his wife and said,
‘Honey...honey listen. It’s our property.’

“It was comical as they squeezed together to listen. Bob hit the speaker button on his phone and I almost laughed because it was nearly word-for-word what you told me. They were surprised. They were impressed and here’s the icing on the cake. I had set my cell phone in the middle of the table and it started beeping with their lead information.

“That’s when in a dramatic fashion I stood up and pointed at my cell phone, motioning to it, saying,
‘There’s your buyer! Right there, that’s your buyer sitting out front of your home wanting more information.’

Then I picked up my phone, turned it around and said, ‘Oh, by the way is this your phone number? The one you just tried to block by hitting star *67 a few seconds ago?’

“That’s when their jaw just about hit the floor and I said, ‘See I never miss a single opportunity to talk with the most important potential buyers for your home.’

‘Now one last thing, when the system asks if you’d like current pricing for this home, say yes.’

“They said, yes and I put my phone up to my ear and said, ‘Hi this is John, which home are you calling for photos and pricing on please?’

“At that point they were stunned.

“You could literally see it in their eyes, posture, and everything about their body language said I had their full attention! They had never seen or heard of anything like what I just showed them. It was so surprising and powerful that it totally turned Bob’s attitude around.

“At that point he started asking questions, leaned into me and I knew I was on the home stretch.

“I explained that prospects could call or text for info and that I’d get them on the phone and get them excited about their home. Then I said,
‘Let me show you one more thing...’

“I texted them a link to a brochure I had published to my website with photos and the YouTube video I had taken earlier that afternoon. Bob’s phone buzzed, and again he had that surprised look when he saw that it was photos and a video of their home.

“It was just more icing on the cake!

“He and Carol got the full experience. They called, listened, and saw that I capture every lead no matter what. But most important, is I had an immediate live conversation with them, showing them exactly why I have a clear competitive edge.

“Then, they immediately got my follow up text and a link to my brochure with photos of their home and a video I had already published.

“It’s a amazing system and I know it’s the one thing that distinguished me the most. The reason is I had advertisements in place ready to go...and they hadn’t even listed with me yet!

"I can’t say enough about how powerful this demonstration is. The best part is I literally ripped a $589,000 listing right out of my biggest competitor’s hands!

Now isn’t that amazing?

Here’s a situation where they appeared to have made up their minds that they were going with John’s biggest competitor, and he ripped that listing right out of the other agent’s hands with this presentation.

Let’s recap what actually happened, the three key steps to John’s listing presentation, and how you can put this to work getting your next listing.

Step #1 - John did his homework. When he talked to the homeowner he got enough information to write out a nice description of the home. Then he drove by and took a few pictures and shot a video of their home from the street.

Then, when he got back to the office, he set all that up in his MVR system, along with a brochure he published to his web site and a text message he was ready to send them after the demonstration.

He had about an hour in preparation, including his drive time to take pictures and shoot a video.

Step #2 - John practiced the demonstration several times so that he was comfortable explaining it to the sellers. He focused on clearly articulating why the drive-by prospect is the most important prospect to the homeowners and how he had a clear advantage over every other agent in his market.

Step #3 - John used the element of surprise by getting his sellers physically involved in the demonstration. He had them dial their phone. He had them listening to an automated message. He showed them things that no other agent had ever shown them.

However, what was most important is how he built it up and set the stage for his big surprise moment. He told them to grab their phone and hit star *67 to block their Caller ID. Then he had them call and listen to the message.

But he didn’t tell them it was their property.

He let it surprise them.

So the moment it hit them, that surprise moment instantly peaked their interest, had them dialing up their focus, creating a state of hyper-focused attention.

Now John is reeling them in!

He’s got them exactly where he wants them and his next step is to intensify that surprise moment to drive the demonstration home.

That’s when he has his cell phone sitting on their table and it starts to beep with their lead data. So in a very animated way he jumps up from his chair in excitement and starts energetically motioning to his phone saying, “There’s your buyer...right there!!

“That’s the buyer who’s driving through your neighborhood and just drove up out in front of your home. Every other agent is going to let them look at your house on Zillow and just drive away...not me!!

“No, I’m actually going to get them on the phone and get them excited about your home, right while they’re sitting there interested!!

“And oh, by the way…”

As he slowly and dramatically turns his phone around, and shows them their phone number, he asks, “Oh, by the way, is this your phone number? The one you just tried to block a few minutes ago?”


Now they’re stunned!

This is unlike ANYTHING they’ve ever seen, heard or experienced before.

The sheer uniqueness of this live demonstration heightens their senses, has them sitting up straight, asking questions and…

...nodding their heads like a bobble-head doll in an earthquake!

Think I’m overplaying it?

Like I said, we’ve got agents who claim they’ve never missed a listing with this.

That’s how powerful it is!!

It takes the element of surprise and totally shifts the game in your favor!

...but that’s not all it does!!

It actually triggers what Dr. Robert Cialdini, a true genius in the science of persuasion, refers to as the principle of Reciprocity. Reciprocity is when I give you something of value, you feel the need to reciprocate and give me something of value in return.

According to Cialdini, to induce reciprocity with your listing presentation you need to incorporate three things:

  1.)  What you provide is UNEXPECTED
  2.)  It provides MEANINGFUL VALUE and...
  3.)  It’s CUSTOMIZED

If your presentation has all three it will literally trigger a hardwired unconscious response to reciprocate that is nearly impossible to mentally override.

This presentation hits the nail on the head with all three. So the "3 Genius Ways This Listing Presentation Creates Emotional Impact"...

Genius Way #1 - This listing presentation creates your surprise moment. It's completely unexpected and blows sellers away because it’s so unique.

Genius Way #2 - Your surprise moment provides real meaningful value because you show them how you have advertisements in place ready to go and they haven’t even listed with you yet.

However, what's most important is you show your soon-to-be-listing-clients how you’re going to tap into their most valuable source of potential buyers, the drive-by prospect, a source that all of your competitors simply let drive away.

And then...

Genius Way #3 - This presentation is completely customized because it’s their home you’re advertising already. You can’t possibly get more personal or customized than it being their home in the marketing you're showing them!

So there you have it!

...a presentation that smashes through the everyday boredom of the typical listing presentation like a sledgehammer! Whether it's a FSBO listing, an Expired, or any other type of listing, you'll have an amazing advantage!

This real estate marketing and lead generation system pinpoint targets their most valuable real estate leads. Better yet, this presentation fires off a deep psychological need in your prospect to favor you with their business.

The best part is their need to reciprocate is actually hardwired into brain and nervous system and it’s virtually impossible for them to override.

So when you set this listing presentation up properly, and present it with a little flare, you’re making it effortless for your sellers to say yes! it’s a foregone conclusion, the listing is yours!

Pretty cool isn’t it?

Now to help you fully digest this strategy and presentation...

Listen to it 2-3 times because John is an absolute master of this demo! In this interview he lays out his most important real estate marketing strategies and then he explains step-by-step the exact verbiage he uses and how and why it’s so incredibly powerful.

If you master this demo, you'll be a listing force to be reckoned with!

Then finally, register to download your FREE PowerPoint listing presentation template, our pre-listing presentation checklist, our fill-in-the-blanks presentation script, and with a little bit of practice you can be every bit as effective as John, closing 100% of your listings!

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, this listing presentation does center around our Mobile Voice Routing system. In fact, this approach is a big reason why one agent calls our system:

This is the best listing tool I've ever used. People are in awe when they hear the recording, you show them the phone number they just tried to block, and then you're talking to them from a few feet away. They really appreciate that I'm going to talk to the people who drive by and get them excited about their home and understand I'm a step ahead!"

Beverly Frazier, RE/MAX Alliance

However, even if you DON’T have our system, the approach laid out in this listing presentation template will still be beneficial to your business.

It will help you get out of the trap of making the presentation all about you and INSTEAD it focuses the presentation on how you’re going to best serve your soon-to-be listing clients.

Plus, with the supreme confidence this unique approach will give you, you don't ever have to worry about sounding like anyone else. So even if you’re not using our system, I would still encourage you to download the template.

We hope to hear from you!

All the best,
Gary Elwood
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