How to Generate 3-5 Expired Listings a Month or More Without Expensive Marketing Systems!

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Now can I ask you a candid straight-forward question about Expired Listings?

Do you want me to tell you about a super sophisticated multi-step marketing sequence, that uses the latest most amazing technology in the world? Do you want to hear about a system that automatically wheels Expired prospects up to you with a pre-signed listing agreement? The kind of system that is “so easy” that a five year old could do it while watching Sesame Street?

Or do you want the real truth about Expired Listings?

You pick…

See the real truth is all those fancy hype-up, pie-in-the-sky Expired systems you read about, that you’re constantly getting bombarded with, are a near complete and utter joke.

Folks…they don’t work!

It’s a fact that there are no magic pills, wiz-bang techno gadgets, or super-charged email, Internet, or mobile app strategies that have Expired prospects chasing you, begging and pleading, “Please, please come list me right now!”

They’re ALL a load of garbage!

The bottom line?

The simplest straightest line to the Expired listing…is the best path!

It’s a path that costs you almost no money.

You don’t need a web site or PPC traffic.

You don’t need a Facebook page.

All it requires is time and quality effort.

That’s it!

See we talk to agents every single day who want to know how to approach Expireds. They’re always looking for the next latest greatest mailer, email drip campaign or voicemail script that will magically real in Expireds and get them to list with you. The reality is…

It’s a very simple, straightforward approach that has our clients consistently landing Expired listings.

One of our clients in Chicago closed 83 transaction sides from Expired listings last year with this approach, and in the process earned himself nearly a million dollars in gross commission income.

Another client of ours in Cherry Hill, NJ lists an average of 3-5 Expireds a month with this strategy. Here’s what’s even more surprising! He doesn’t do ANY Internet marketing at all!

So the key isn’t some magic marketing formula or the newest latest cutting edge Internet technology.

Yes, their approach involves highly-effective real estate marketing, technology and solid strategic thinking. But the foundation of their success rests on this simple three step strategy polished to perfection.

Now before I dive into exactly how these agents do it, I want to warn you, it’s almost too simple to believe. In fact, most agents have been brainwashed into believing this approach is old, outdated and ineffective.

It isn’t and our agents’ results prove it month after month.

The approach is built on the idea that listing Expireds hinges on one single solitary moment. If this moment doesn’t happen, the listing never happens.

The core concept?

It’s an understanding that real estate is a sales profession that involves talking to people and persuading them that you are the best agent for the job.

…and it requires sales skills.

It requires a confident attitude that perseveres through challenges.

And it requires the willingness to do what other agents won’t.

The strategy we’re going to drill down on involves three very straight-forward steps. These steps executed well, will garner you Expired listings as consistently as the next sunrise, because they place the supreme importance on TALKING with the Expired listing prospect.

The premise is that we’ve got to talk to people to get them to do business with us. If they don’t talk to us…they don’t do business with us!

If we mail them, email them, and leave voicemail for them, but we don’t talk to them…they don’t do business with us.

So the first most important thing to have happen in the entire process is that we’ve got to TALK to the Expired prospect.

So how do we do that?

Well, all the lead generation systems and email drip campaigns in the world are going to reach a maximum of 1-2% of the Expired prospects in your market. And that’s if you spend literally thousands of dollars a month pumping that stuff out into the marketplace.

And what’s the goal of all that marketing and expense?

It’s to create a conversation with that Expired prospect, right?

What if you could eliminate all that wasted time, energy and money and just march right to the front of the conversation line and talk with that Expired prospect eyeball to eyeball?

Well you don’t need a ton of fancy Internet marketing to get there.

You don’t need 1,001 postcard mailing campaigns.

And frankly, you can do exactly that without me or my company.

All you need is a list of Expireds, a car, and a little bit of gas money.

That’s it!

The fact is most agents are so fearful of actually selling (or being in sales) that they avoid the obvious low-hanging fruit that’s right in front of them.

However, I will say that if you are willing to go out and meet with people, you better be prepared. You better have your sales skills polished to a razor-sharp edge because it’s not easy.

Yes, I said it’s simple!

…but it’s not easy.

At least at first it’s not easy.

Now once you’ve mastered the skills, frankly it’s easier than virtually any other path you could choose to prospect Expireds. In fact, it’s the highest success rate, lowest rejection rate path for prospecting Expireds out there.

When you knock on an Expireds door it’s very rare that they ever slam the door in your face.

In fact, they’ll hang up on you ten times faster than they’ll close the door in your face. Plus, if you learn the skills and techniques our agents use, you’ll get so good at it that it could very well become your number one income source.

This may sound odd coming from a guy in the real estate marketing and lead generation business. But honestly, my biggest goal is to help you close more listings and sales. And I’m always going to cut to the chase and tell you the real story.

And the real story with Expireds is you should get your hind end in the car, drive over to their house, knock on their door, and TALK to them!

Those who play on your fears to sell you leads, marketing systems or technology are simply pacifying you to get into your wallet.

I’m sorry, but I’m not about to do that.

I’ll shoot straight and show you what our best agents are doing, and what you should be doing. And with Expireds the first and most important step in our three step strategy is you need to…

…go out and TALK to them!

However, in talking to Expireds it is of supreme importance that you know what to say and how to say it. That’s why I’m including one of the most valuable three part training series you’ll ever get anywhere for free.

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Get 3 Hours of Step-by-Step Expired Strategies and Role-Playing Free!

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