Our Approach to Real Estate Marketing ...Leads...and Lead Generation

...all in 30 seconds or less or you’re out-a-here, right?

Ironically that’s YOUR biggest challenge with real estate marketing and buyer and seller lead generation.

The reason is your prospects have over 1.88 BILLION sources for information...resources, tools, search options, expert advice, everything humanly imaginable.

From your prospect's eyes it all looks the same...and frankly it’s intimidating.

Worse yet, they see real estate agents as commission hungry sharks. So they hide from you, avoid you, and do everything possible to educate themselves in the safety and security of their own personal safe zone.

The result is you’ve got hundreds or even thousands of “leads” yet…

  •  Very few people answer their phones when you call
  •  Even fewer open your emails or reply back to you
  •  Some of your texts get a response, but then they fade away
  •  And your attempts to engage your “leads” via social media...

…well it’s not a pretty picture.

Our Real Estate Marketing Solution...

We use predictive marketing, and a blend of old and new technology, to create live over-the-phone conversations with buyers and sellers.

Our Lead Generation Process...

  1. You get our predictive marketing systems in 8 step-by-step action plans that include; sign templates, easy-to-use brochures, Facebook ads, free online marketing tools, and simple plug-n-play systems that consistently generate live conversations with ready-to-act buyers and sellers.
  2. You get our newest MVR technology. It’s a combination of call or text for info technology, speech recognition software, and our MVR mobile app that preemptively connects you with actual buyers and sellers, just seconds before they say “yes” for more information.

  3. You get all the training and support you need to handle these calls and turn them into commission checks. You’ll gain instant access to all our training resources that include scripts, a very unique and powerful sales process, and role-playing sessions with some of our best agents.

Our Unique Advantage...

We position YOU to be instantly engaged! We're not reactive...

Typical lead generation is reactive. You capture or buy leads, then follow up.

The problem is, even seconds later, prospects don’t answer their phones, respond to your texts or emails, and it’s very difficult to get them on the phone for a live conversation.

Our first generation solution was call capture. Prospects would call, listen to a recorded message, and then press a digit for more info or pricing.

However, today that process has lost over 85% of its value...

When prospects press a digit it takes 10-15 seconds to connect a call. In that 10-15 seconds over 85% of your prospects hang up. They’re simply too impatient. It’s like a landing page on your web site, if it takes more than a couple seconds to load your prospects are GONE!

Our Mobile App is The Only Solution that Gets You on the Phone for a Live Conversation with Today's Prospects 80-90% of the Time...

With our MVR 2.0 mobile app we position you on the line preemptively, before your prospect answers “yes” for more info. Then our mobile app has you seamlessly entering the call for a live over-the-phone conversation.

From there, our scripts and dialogs have you engaging in highly productive sales conversations. You’ll know exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to quickly convert these sales conversations into commissions.

Our Special Offer...

Simply try it for yourself with our 100% absolutely-no-strings-attached 14-day free trial. It's a full fledged 14 day free trial of our system, software, mobile app and live training.

You'll gain instant access to our action plans, real estate marketing templates, and training materials showing you how to quickly and easily get your phone ringing with new prospects wanting to buy or sell real estate.

Then you'll take our scripts and dialogs and begin converting these live sales conversations into commission checks. The best part is you'll get all the training you need to to make that happen quickly. And...

If on the outside chance our service is not for you, simply cancel your free trial and you're under no further obligation whatsoever, no harm, no foul.

It's That Simple...

If you would like to try our new MVR 2.0 system with preemptive direct connect mobile app, sample our real estate marketing strategies, sales scripts, role-playing sessions, as well as our simple plug-n-play systems that generate live sales conversations for pennies per lead...it's easy!

Sign up now and you'll gain instant access - with absolutely no strings attached!

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You'll gain instant access to all our resources.

What Others Are Saying...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I recommend MVR to everyone! Last year using your system I closed 19 transactions for a total of $70,892 in commissions.

Bart V., Bart Vickrey & Co Real Estate
John Doe UI/UX Designer

The training that you receive from Gary and his team is world class. MVR brings in a steady stream of quality leads that have enabled me to build a team of agents and keep them busy.

AJ H., Vantage West Realty
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Proquest by far has been the biggest bang for the buck with an over 100 to 1 ROI and our sellers love the system!

Eric B., Burch & Co. Real Estate

Get Your 14-Day Free Trial Today! 

You'll gain instant access to all our resources.

Sales Disclaimer

We produce live sales conversations. If you struggle with poor sales skills, or you don’t want to learn a new sales process, or you don’t want to answer your phone and engage in live sales conversations, this service may not be for you.