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Bryan Short

Century 21 Realty

If you want your phone to ring 5x more often and sell more homes, then Proquest is the easiest way to accomplish that. In fact, I set up my new business partner with the Proquest system and after just 6 months in the business she has 7 transactions in escrow another 6 closed and 4 new clients soon to be listed. At least half of this business wouldn't be there without Proquest - all with a brand new agent.

The Proquest system has been a great success for us. My youngest son Davis joined my practice last year and one of his first sales was from a Proquest call. The resulting transaction was a $660k new construction home with an $18k commission!

I also find it is very impressive to sellers that are tech savvy - they light up when I mention that my Proquest system is a mobile routing system that when prompted sends the call to my mobile number - they like that I will actually be speaking with the caller.

Annette Holt

RE/MAX Hall of Fame

Ed McNally

RE/MAX Cherry Hill

I’ve been using Proquest for over two years now and have found it's a great tool for getting listings too. When a seller says, ‘Why should I hire you since you Realtors are all the same?’ I say, ‘Well not really. Did the other agent use the Proquest system to generate buyer leads for your property?’ It’s so predictable. They always ask, ‘What’s that?’ Then I say, ‘When I stop out later today I'll show you how it works. It’s really cool. More important it works.’ This approach has helped me get more Expireds than any other angle I’ve ever used.

Your product is excellent and I would, and do, recommend it to everyone! Last year we closed 19 transactions for a total of $70,892 in commissions. The best part is we only spent $225 per month using the system. That's the total expense including paper costs for flyers and man hours for my assistants creating and delivering flyers…and posting ads to Craigslist. And speaking of Craigslist, with the dramatic change they’ve made regarding real estate agent posts…our Proquest ads are now the only format we use for Craigslist.

Bart Vickrey

Bart Vickrey & Co Real Estate