How The 74% Rule Can Pave Your Way to Real Estate Riches or Leave You Broke and Confused in Today’s New Economy!

Regardless of your level of production, if you read nothing else this year, read this!


Everyone in real estate thinks you need to invest massive resources in capturing the 94% who start their real estate search online.

It’s become conventional wisdom, which is frightening for those who don’t see it coming. It’s like a 60-ton freight train barreling down the tracks ready to crush their sales and listing pipeline faster than anything since the crash.

Yet, 99.9% of all your competitors are doing the ostrich routine, sticking their head in the sand, hoping the problem isn’t real again.

Well, you’re going to find this hard to believe, but our test group found this idea to be worse than wrong…it was devastating financially! Agents pumping tons of money into the Internet over the last 12 months have almost universally taken a beating.

Yes, we all understand the power of being at the right place at the right time.

If you catch a seller at just the right time…the listing is yours. If you cross paths with a buyer at the right moment…you write the offer. And if all your sales and marketing systems are working in harmony you increase your odds of being at the right place at the right time by 5-10X or more.

However, the crucial question 99.9% of your competitors are NOT asking is a near complete blind spot. And the question is this: When do you want to capture your prospect’s attention and engage them in a conversation? At the beginning? Or when they’re ready?

To illustrate the power of perfect timing, here’s a brief transcript from an interview I did with Tom Smeland, a client of ours from Maple Glen, PA.

Tom is an amazing agent with phenomenal gut instincts. He’s actually grown his business without short sales or REO from 21 transactions in 2007 to over 100 transactions this year!

He’s made truly amazing progress at a time when most were suffering the effects of “bad timing” and dropping out like flies.

GE: Tom can you tell me, what’s the secret to your steady growth during a challenging market like we’ve just been through?

TS: Well, I think the biggest key is I’ve always kept a very close watch on what’s working and what’s not working. There’s really no magic in it. I just focus on things that produce a real measurable result and I cut everything else.

GE: Can you give us a couple examples?

TS: Sure. The first is the Internet. I love all the Internet marketing other agents do to create interest and activity. Frankly, I don’t spend a dime on Internet marketing anymore. I flushed enough money down that drain. But I love all the Internet marketing other agents do, because all the online searching causes far more people to get in their cars and go drive by my listings. Then with the things you showed me, I’m able to generate interest at that moment they’re driving by and have an actual conversation with the absolute best prospects immediately. The timing is perfect and with your new technology I’m actually talking with them, or my buyer agent is talking with them, right then. The beauty is we’re often able to make an immediate connection and get them into the office that day.

GE: You say you love the Internet marketing other agents do, can you explain that a bit further?

TS: (a slight chuckle) Well, it’s kind of funny. Other agents are so focused on the Internet, spending all kinds of money. They’re literally doing the work for me. They’re creating interest that I get to capitalize on because of your system. They do all the heavy lifting, spend all the money, and then I get to actually talk with that prospect at the perfect time. (another chuckle) I guess should send all the agents spending all that money on the Internet a thank you card for helping me out like they do.

GE: It’s interesting, isn’t it Tom? Agents keep putting all their resources in that boat and they can’t see that their boat is actually sinking.

TS: It’s funny you say that because I was in that exact same place before we met. I used to just follow the crowd. Now I’m completely focused on what works and I quickly get rid of things that don’t work. Plus I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for talking to prospects at the right time and in the right way. It’s all about talking to people, having real belly-to-belly conversations, when they’re ready. And no other system I know of delivers live conversations like your system does.

GE: Well, thanks Tom. I appreciate your comment, but one thing is for sure. You and your buyer agent are constantly working on and sharpening your sales skills. Can we talk a little bit about that?

TS: Absolutely, because that’s the other half of the picture. If my timing is perfect, but my skills are weak, I’ve wasted the opportunity. So the way I see it is the two are intimately connected. One without the other fails. You can have all the leads in the world, but if you can’t get those folks to the office it’s all a big waste of time and money. That’s why I love your system. Not to harp on this, but nothing else delivers me the conversation at the perfect time like your system. Plus you’ve got the ongoing training to help us keep our sales edge sharp. Without the sales skills to convert that conversation into a client, it’s all for nothing. So yes, absolutely! Sales skills and continuous training are a daily discipline for me and my buyer agent.

GE: Well, thanks Tom. I really appreciate you sharing these things with our listeners today.

TS: My pleasure Gary.

So let me ask you…

Are you tired of spending money on things that don’t work?

You’re not connecting with people at the right time…or you’re wasting precious time and resources chasing low quality leads?

How would you like to use the hidden secrets of the real estate Grand Masters and be a 12th degree Black Belt in the art of being at the right place at the right time, knowing exactly what to do, and having the razor-sharp skills to close the deal?

Just like Tom, you’ll connect and have dozens of high-quality conversations every single week. You’ll engage them in real meaningful conversations that lead to face-to-face meetings at your office. Then finally, you’ll safely lead them down the path to closed transactions…with you banking multiple commission checks every month.

You’ll have an easy-to-use, cost-effective system that automatically puts you at the right place, at the right time and takes full advantage of…

The 74% Rule!

According to the NAR’s annual survey of buyers and sellers, 74% of all residential real estate transactions close with the first agent that a prospect talks to.

Stop for a second and really think about that! Isn’t that amazing? It’s the ultimate example of “being at the right place at the right time.” Nearly three out of four transactions close with the very first agent to actually talk with the prospect.

So if the experts conducting the survey for the NAR are correct and 74% close with the first agent they talk to…what should be your number one goal?

If 3 out of 4 close with the first agent your number one goal should be to position yourself as that first agent a prospect talks to every single time, right?

You automatically gain a 74% advantage over ALL your competitors.

Now the bigger question is…how do you do that? Well…let me give you a few real life examples of how our clients are doing it right now, in today’s new economy.

Here’s a Phenomenal (Yet Incredibly Simple) Listing Example…

Have you ever had a listing where a neighbor a couple doors down listed with another agent? Doesn’t that just bug the heck out of you? You know that if you could have talked with them first you would have got that listing.

Now let’s back up and imagine those same sellers two weeks earlier. The wife grabs a flyer from your brochure box, goes home and 10 minutes later you’re having an actual conversation and setting the listing appointment.

Would that happen from your flyers, assuming you even put out brochure boxes?

Not likely.

Chances are slim to none, because your flyers are probably just like everyone else’s plain vanilla MLS sheet that gives away all the critical information and doesn’t use any real “selling psychology” that would compel a prospect to respond to you.

Or worse, your flyers actually force that red hot seller to do something uncomfortable…call you directly.

The other simple mistake is you probably direct them to visit your web site during that ever-so-delicate moment that, if you approached them correctly, you could have them wanting to talk with you.

Instead, they look at your flyer, feel uncomfortable speaking to a salesperson in that moment, toss your flyer in the trash, and ultimately list with another agent 10 days later.

So your one single solitary fleeting opportunity to actually connect and have a real live conversation with that seller went up in smoke…poof…gone!

Contrast that with the way our agents connect.

Their flyers ramp up and leverage curiosity. They build and intensify desire. Then they tease and provoke prospects using a series of key psychological triggers combined with our new breakthrough Mobile Voice Routing (MVR) Gateway to stop prospects dead in their tracks, amplify their “need to know,” and then effortlessly compel them to say “yes” for more information.

“It happens regularly. This week I listed a neighbor of one of my sellers. They grabbed a flier, called and when prompted said ‘yes.’ Without this technology I don’t know if I ever would have connected with them. It really is amazing!”

– Will Penney, Penney Real Estate –

(Increased net income 229% in last two years!)

The end result? Our clients are having more meaningful conversations with qualified prospects than at any time in the last 4-5 years!

With laser-like precision our clients exploit that momentary window of opportunity and we deliver an actual conversation to them 80-90% of the time someone takes a flyer and even glances at it!

It’s predictable, consistent and, very profitable!

Now Here’s Another Absolutely Amazing Listing Strategy!

Imagine an over-55 couple who’s thinking about selling their home in the next six months to a year. They are one of the few prospects in this economy to actually have equity left in their home and they’re contemplating downsizing.

How would you like to have a database filled with 100, 200 or 300 of these types of sellers that you’re constantly “touching” via snail mail and building trust with each and every month?

Snail mail?

Yes…snail mail. It’s infinitely more effective with this age group and well worth your investment.

“I stay in touch with over 300 sellers a month and last year I earned $93,000 from this one strategy. For every dollar I invest this strategy produces $13 profit.”

– Christine Richardson, Weichert Realtors –

(RIS Media Top 5 Spotlight in June 2012)

The best part is once you set the system in motion and consistently work the system – it produces listings every single month…month after month.

Now how about good-quality buyers?

Picture a nice couple, both with good jobs and excellent credit, and they’ve just pumped $100 worth of gas into their SUV’s gas tank. It’s Saturday afternoon and they’re taking time away from their family to drive through neighborhoods.

They pull up in front of one of your listings. The wife smiles, looks at her husband and says, “This neighborhood has the best schools in the area. I wonder if we can afford it.”

So she rolls down her window, grabs a flyer out of your brochure box and sees “For Additional Details and Current Price Call Our 24-Hour Automated Info Line.” She immediately grabs her cell phone, calls and hears a brief description.

Then something truly astounding happens.

The automated system asks her, “Would you like current pricing for this property? If so, say yes.”

Immediately she says, “YES!”

Approximately two seconds later you answer because you were already on the line waiting. Now you provide pricing and additional information in a very customer service oriented way and politely ask if they would like to see inside the home. You explain that you’re only five minutes away and ask if they would like to drop by the office so you can arrange a quick showing.

Moments later they drive into your parking lot, get out of the car and come inside. Within 10-15 minutes a quality connection is developing and you’re beginning to bond with your new clients. It’s perfect timing and your new relationship is on its way!

Sound impossible?

Far from it!

“It was amazing when they said ‘yes.’ I was already on the line waiting for them. They were sitting in front of the property. I drove over and showed them the house, they wrote an offer, and this week I deposited a commission check for over $26,000 all because of your system!”

– Melissa Smith, Moses Lake, WA –

(Newly licensed agent in 2012)

Again, you really have to consider this point and think about it. I realize I’m bordering on beating a dead horse here, but it’s a living breathing FACT!

So often, success is simply a matter of timing. And if your sales and marekting systems don’t position you to exploit that tiny window of opportunity…unfortunately you’re completely out of luck…for example…

Contrast Melissa’s example with ANY lead capture system you can think of…

Put her example next to Internet lead capture, call capture, text capture, mobile apps…anything! With those capture tools, there’s a 99% chance that Melissa never would have connected with those folks. She wouldn’t have shown the property that day. And she wouldn’t have banked a $26,000 commission check!

With every other system you have to pick up the phone, call back, and then what happens? You get voicemail 90% of the time or more.

With every other “lead capture” system in existence, that single solitary instant that you could have opened the door to a meaningful conversation…it literally slams shut!

In Today’s New Economy Real Estate Is Becoming More Difficult Every Day…Unless You Know Exactly What to Do.

Racing advancements in technology have created what I call the “Technology-Insulated Consumer.” Through the use of technologies like Caller ID and free Gmail accounts prospects are making it harder than ever before to break down the barriers, make contact, and get them to have an actual live conversation with you.

The fact is prospects are just like you and me. They look at their Caller ID before answering their phone and we all hate spam! That’s why I say prospects are becoming “technology insulated.” They’re using technology to avoid talking with you.

And if you think Social Media or some other new online wonder is going to get you over that hurdle, you are deluding yourself. All this technology is like a huge moat filled with alligators that consumers are building around themselves to keep you out. And here’s the worst part…

Consumers Are Succeeding!

That’s why the failure rate for new agents in this business is higher than ever before. According to an article in CNN Money, in today’s economy over 90% of all new real estate agents fail within two years and leave the business altogether.

New agents without a clear unique advantage are like lambs being led to the slaughter. They are literally diving into shark infested waters with blood gushing out of every major artery.

It’s Not a Pretty Picture.

Then there are the veterans with what seemed like very solid businesses built on repeats and referrals, only to see the security of that fade in this new economy.

It used to be an agent who had 80-90% of their business coming from referrals was the envy of everyone in real estate. It was consistent, predictable, and the awesome power of that agent’s network constantly fed them new highly-desirable business.

Well in this market downturn that pretty picture has been turned on its head too.

Many, if not most, of these “by referral only” agents were dependent on real estate values continuing to go up, creating move-up buyers, or people cashing out and downsizing. Well those are fairytale thoughts after a market like we’ve been in over the last few years.

Those in your network who were potentials for moving up or downsizing are sitting tight. Many may never move again because of the financial position they’ve been thrust into during this market. Or worse, they got hit hard and are in severe financial distress. Which then of course leads to…

Short Sales and REO…That’s Fun Stuff!

Now you’ve got to learn a whole new business within this business. You’ve got to reinvent yourself from the ground up…and then guess what? The ground is going to move from right beneath your feet once you finally get reasonably good at that game.


Because mastering the short sale or REO business is a 12-18 month investment of time, energy and resources. Building a new business within this business isn’t an overnight process. And the problem with that idea is that by the time you get good at short sales or develop good solid REO relationships…the retail market will be coming back.

So in this topsy-turvy world what’s the answer? What worked yesterday doesn’t work today; and what works today may or may not work tomorrow.

My Answer May Surprise You With Its Simplicity.

And please understand I’m not being flippant or crass when I say this, but the solution is quite simple. The answer to every one of these challenges:

1.) The “Caller ID — technology insulated consumer”

2.) The bubble popping on repeat and referral business

3.) and the devastating market of the last few years that has left us ALL dazed and searching to reinvent ourselves

It’s like I mentioned earlier…the answer is to constantly be having meaningful conversations with people who are interested in buying or selling real estate.

Conversations are THE KEY

At the risk of sounding overly repetitive…if you gain a 74% advantage over everyone else in your market by being the first agent to have a conversation with a prospect then we have just discovered the hidden key to the biggest vault of real estate gold in today’s hyper-competitive, technology-insulated world!

We are delivering conversations with qualified prospects to our clients by the thousands every single week.

To illustrate what’s actually happening, with our previous call capture system the average call is 1.16 minutes in length. We have over 100,000 prospects a month calling, listening to a recording, and hanging up. We captured the caller’s info and instantly sent it to our clients so they could call that prospect back and follow up.

For years agents with good sales skills have been doing a phenomenal job with our call capture system. The problem is today everyone screens their calls, and prospects don’t answer their darn phones anymore.

The Internet is even worse. Prospects are simply using you as their Internet “free pass” into the MLS. Then they cut you out of the equation with free Gmail accounts.

That’s why conversion rates for Internet leads are so low. Most Internet prospects leave you with nothing. You provide a service. They use you then never talk to you.

It doesn’t feel very good being the “free info provider” these days, does it?

With our new Mobile Voice Routing system the average call is 5.23 minutes system-wide right now! That’s an increase of 451%!

So what does that mean?

That means agents are talking to prospects…conversations are actually happening!

Always remember the 74% Rule! These are not leads you call back later and get voicemail. These are high quality conversations with qualified prospects calling… listening…saying “Yes”…and then having an actual conversation with you.

Every time I look at the number of good, solid conversations that are actually taking place I see commission dollars funneling into our clients pockets faster and faster.

Step back from what I’m saying and really think about this massive set of dynamics that are in full swing.

With our new system, there are literally thousands of conversations happening each and every week. It’s amazing and I know if you’ll just try this new system we can deliver you far more good quality conversations with buyers and sellers too!

I absolutely know it!

I’ve got living breathing proof every single day as I pull up our internal system numbers. I see call after call after call that’s been on the line 5, 10 even 15 minutes or more.

Sure some get cut short…

Some calls are 1-2 minutes. That’s just a reality in sales. Some prospects derail the conversation and bail out quickly. What’s so exciting is we now have world-class coaches and trainers who can help you take those 1-2 minute calls and turn far more of them into face-to-face appointments – which leads to you cashing far more commission checks.

That’s what we’re really all about…helping you cash commission checks. Yes. Our technology is stunning and this breakthrough is truly game-changing. But the best part is it helps improve the lives of our clients by helping you cash more commission checks.

How do I know that? Because if conversations are happening…commission checks are soon to follow, and with literally hundreds upon hundreds of conversations happening every day…it’s as predictable as the next sunrise.

I know if you’ll just try this…we can help you do the exact same thing!

Now think about your colleagues who will continue on in frustration…wondering why people don’t return their voicemail messages. They’ll continue staring at their email drip campaign stats, with hundreds of “leads” getting emails every week, and in a mentally-drained state of confusion wonder why they’re still barely getting by.

All the while it will be like you’ve got this amazing set of 3D glasses that see past every other agent hacking at the leaves…while you strike at the root…having dozens of quality conversations with this amazing new system each and every week.

While they rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, with the technology-insulated consumer cutting them off at every turn, your phone will just keep ringing.

But here’s something that’s vitally important for you to understand. Now that you’re the first agent to have a conversation with that prospect and you’ve gained a 74% advantage over all of your competitors – your biggest key to success becomes…

How Do You Build Trust With Your Prospect and Lead Them to a Face-to-Face Meeting With You ASAP?

Today’s prospects are so adept at derailing and deflecting a salesperson’s attempts at closing that they can literally smell the old worn-out sales tactics from 100 miles away.

To illustrate this point, when you answer your phone how long does it take you to identify that there’s a salesperson on the other end?

Virtually anyone you ask will tell you…five seconds or less.

Now when that happens, what’s the very next thought to flash into your mind about 1/100th of a second later?

Is it, “How quickly can I get this person off the phone?” or…

Do you just hang up?

See, these prospects you’re talking with are no different than you. They can spot “sales techniques” blindfolded. If you handle these calls with the typical “old-school” sales scripts…why bother? It’s done before you ever start…you lose!

Now, if you handle these calls the way we will show you and teach you, and you commit yourself to mastery of our new “frictionless” opening dialog, you’ll win the appointment 80%-90% of the time.

However, here’s a little disclaimer…

You won’t at first.

In fact, the first few calls you take may or may not turn into an appointment because you’ll be learning a NEW approach. And this NEW approach is the second biggest key to your success with this Mobile Voice Routing system. The first is obviously getting to the conversation.

But once you’re having conversations with prospects you CANNOT let your old worn-out sales techniques slip out. Again remember how long it takes you to sniff out the “salesperson”…and then how quickly you want to bail out on the call. Your prospects are no different.

So if your traditional sales techniques fail, how will you actually turn these callers into clients?

That’s what our Success Training Webinars and Coaching Calls are all about…showing you and teaching you a new sales process that will have you closing far more business with this unique new path to having conversations with prospects.

And one thing you’ll find about virtually every agent who masters this new “frictionless” approach is they constantly drill, practice, and train the critical skills for success. One way they deepen their competitive edge is by having a coach or mentor.

That’s why we built that directly into this new program for you. We knew from experience that we couldn’t get agents to the conversation and then just leave them to fend for themselves.

With enrollment you receive coaching and training with Proquest Technologies’ very own John Gualtieri. John is a 28 year industry veteran who recently joined our team to grow and lead our new Mobile Voice Routing Prospect Centered Sales (PCS) Training program.

Frankly, John is amazing! Having been on the front lines of real estate for nearly three decades, and having fought through three economic recessions, he truly understands at a core level what real estate agents and brokers go through on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

He ran a highly-successful real estate practice that earned him over a million dollars per year in commissions for seven consecutive years. What’s even more amazing is he did it all while spending less than $500 a month on marketing!

John is an absolute master at lead conversion, and he knows our system like the back of his hand. With our new Mobile Voice Routing technology, in my opinion, John is the single best person on the face of the planet to help you maximize your opportunities and close more business.

But John’s training is just the beginning…

On top of John’s personal training you’re going to have direct access to an extremely powerful sales training process. It’s a 43-part video sales training program titled “The Optimal Real Estate Agent,” authored and constructed by John’s personal coach and mentor of over 20 years, Dan Caramanico.

Dan is an amazing guy. He holds three Masters Degrees including a MBA from the Wharton School of Business. He has coached, trained and taught thousands of sales people in over 50 different industries all across the United States and Canada. He’s author of the book “The Optimal Salesperson” chosen by SellingPower® magazine as one of the ten best sales books to read in 2010.

But what’s most engaging about Dan is his low-keyed, no-nonsense approach to sales skills development. He’s not a lot of rah-rah pump you up ideas. He’s a hard-nosed, business savvy pro who will help you bring the best out of yourself. John is living proof of the effect Dan can have on your sales skills and we’re privileged to have him as a part of this Mobile Voice Routing Prospect Centered Sales Training program.

Regardless of the kind or type of market you are in, or your current level of production, the coaching and training we’re going to provide you will reignite your passion, sharpen your vision, and unleash a whole new dimension to your real estate career. In fact…

Here’s What Some of the Best Agents in the World are Saying About this Amazing New System and Service

Now Here’s Where Agents Often Ask Me…

“Gary this all sounds great…so how much does it cost? What do I need to do to get started? And what exactly do I get with this new program?”

Well first let’s start with what you get…this new program has three distinct components:

1.) Our New Mobile Voice Routing Sales and Marketing Compendium ($597 Value) — This is an extremely comprehensive marketing course. It’s our complete collection of razor-sharp marketing systems and strategies ready for you to profit from immediately.

There is absolutely no fluff…no ivory tower theories…no filler pages so we can send you a big heavy package. These are proven systems that are ready to begin driving new clients through your door today. These materials, and our system, have gone through dozens of refinements and are constantly getting sharper and more effective.

In just the last 18 months we’ve culled down over 2,500 pages of ads, sales letters, online ad copy, postcards and other unique materials that have come straight from the real estate street. And we’ve organized them into six easy-to-use sections totaling 181 tightly edited pages. Each section has professionally written ads, letters, online ad copy, postcards, fliers, scripts and follow-up scripts for your immediate use…everything from A to Z with very concise, easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions.

Your Mobile Voice Routing System and Prospect Centered Sales Training course is truly an incredible program with the potential to produce dozens of extra transactions each year.

Plus…You’ll Quickly Have It All On Auto-Pilot

Anyone with average skills and a solid commitment to work hard can easily duplicate our agents’ success. And I’ll share every detail of this extremely lucrative system with you.

But a quick word of caution: many agents expect instant success, while others are more realistic and believe they’ll be lucky to make any money within the first two or three months.

Unfortunately the latter is usually true. However, I can assure that if you’re committed to the process you will start turning a profit within the first couple months, and from there it’s generally a very consistent steady climb. The key is your commitment to the process.

So be prepared to commit 1-2 hours setting everything up and getting ready. And remember, we will be helping you every step of the way. Then, once your service is on auto-pilot, you’ll spend about 15 minutes each day maintaining this new high-powered marketing engine and earning huge profits.

2.) Our New Mobile Voice Routing Technology — This is a breakthrough game-changing technology that shifts your entire focus from Lead Generation to “Conversation Generation!”

With your new Mobile Voice Routing system you get:

Your Own Mobile Voice Routing Technology Suite — You will instantly compel 80-90% of the prospects driving by your listings, looking at your ads, or visiting your web site to say “yes” and have a live conversation with you. This is a truly revolutionary new path to reaching prospects you cannot get anywhere else.

Your Own Private Mobile Voice Routing Toll-Free Number — This is the mobile access path your prospects use to respond. In side-by-side testing toll-free numbers have proven to be the highest producing response path for real estate prospects in today’s market. In fact, this path out-produced every other mobile or Internet marketing path by more than 11.2 to 1!

1,000 “Automated MVR Info” Codes – Again, our MVR Gateway is the key to this amazing technology and the reason we are able to get an 80-90% response rate. And with 1,000 codes you’ll have all the capacity you’ll ever need. Plus you can “rent” your “MVR info codes” to lenders, title reps, inspection people, whoever. We’ll even show you how to “zero-base” all your marketing expenses for your entire practice with this amazing new system.

100% Lead Capture — All leads are captured and recorded in your back office regardless of whether a conversation actually takes place or not. This makes every lead you generate this way is 100% Do-Not-Call List compliant.

Texting, QR codes, and mobile web pages — You also get 200 texting codes and 200 mobile web sites to use in your marketing. These are best employed as listing tools in your listing presentation.

Instant Lead Notification — You receive every lead via text or email instantly.

Mobile Notes — You can enter call notes from your smart phone that automatically log as a history item under each contact in your back office. So when you take a lead call while on the road, you don’t lose any of the details.

Lead Management Portal – Once you’ve generated the conversation, your conversion rate is the key and with this new lead management portal you get a clear handle on exactly what’s happening with each and every one of your leads.

System Management Portal — With your online back-office your new Mobile Voice Routing system is super-easy to manage. MVR codes, listing info, text notifications…they’re all set up within seconds.

Names and Addresses — You can build a database of “warm” prospects for direct mail or phone follow-up from those leads that have a name and address match.

Detailed marketing reports — You’ll know exactly where every conversation originated and what marketing is working…and what isn’t. This can save you thousands of dollars a year.

Team leader call tracking — If you have a team you get reports that track key call metrics. This helps you hold others on your team accountable and build a more competitive atmosphere among your agents.

Easy Set Up and Maintenance — This is incredibly important in real estate. Your job is to list and sell property. Anything that doesn’t lead to that end should be discarded. Our new Mobile Voice Routing system is simple and easy to learn so you spend very little time “messing with technology.”

3.) Your MVR Coaching Calls with Unlimited Client Support

These are live coaching calls each month with John, Dan and me teaching and training the key fundamentals to drive this information deep and really help you grasp all the subtle nuances of how to ring maximum profits out of this system.

For years this has been the missing element to our services. And now, you get all this as part of this amazing new offer.

Not only are we going to give you dozens of good quality conversations each and every week, but we’re also going to show you and teach you exactly how to convert these conversations into face-to-face meetings that turn into committed client relationships.

That’s the key to you closing more business and cashing more commission checks. And our clients will tell you without hesitation, this is like getting the “keys to the vault.” You receive all the diverse and broad-reaching sales and marketing knowledge our clients are using to fuel their success — and now YOU can do it too.

Finally, all the pieces are in place, all rolled into one power-packed resource – all at your immediate disposal.

A wealth of information and tested, street-smart marketing experience went into the creation of this program. Never before (and never again) will you have the advantage I am about to give you. This is the “last train out” as far as I’m concerned. I am now enjoying limited consulting, and really don’t care to do seminars, travel or ‘make the circuit.’ So here it is — now the ball’s in your court. It’s up to you.

Your entire Mobile Voice Routing System includes our 8.5 x 11 manual, with 181 highly-concentrated pages along with all the free money-making bonuses I’ll tell you about in a minute that include our in-depth audio training program with 11 CDs and special resource files. You’ll be able to get right down to business the minute you receive it.

It includes everything you need to get started: your Mobile Voice Routing technology, all the start-up materials, ongoing coaching and training…everything. This system is completely turn-key. In addition to all this you’ll have…

Our Six-Month, Minimum Six Additional Closed Transactions, Money-Back Guarantee

Let’s be honest, unless you were referred to us by an agent you know and trust…you may be skeptical. That’s why, once you’ve implemented our top three strategies, we’re going to guarantee you a bare bones minimum of six additional closed transactions over the next six months.

This system delivers what we like to call “money calls.” And from your money calls you’re guaranteed at least six additional closed transactions provided you adhere to our plan and do four simple things.

1.) You implement our top three strategies.

2.) You let us help you and you follow our instructions.

3.) You answer your phone when a “money call” is sent to you.

4.) You hold yourself accountable for your part of this guarantee.

It really is that simple. If you will simply implement our top three strategies …you will close at least six additional transactions you would not have done without us over the next six months or we’ll cancel your service and refund 100% of your money.

However, here’s the far more likely scenario…

You’ll implement the top three strategies and you’ll build a massive pipeline of quality prospects that will turn into multiple closings two or three months down the road.

The key is for you to take full advantage of the training, coaching and consulting part of the program. To help you kick-start that process here are those five bonuses I mentioned earlier.

Extra Bonuses for Signing Up Now During Our “Pre-Launch” Phase

If you take advantage of our “pre-launch” phase and order now, I will also include five free bonus gifts worth an additional $595! The best part is they’re yours to keep just for trying our Mobile Voice Routing System and Prospect Centered Sales Training Course.

Free Bonus #1 ($99 Value) – Audio Interviews with John Gualtieri and Dan Caramanico, Proquest Technologies’ Mobile Voice Routing Coaches

John Gualtieri is a 28-year industry veteran who, for the last seven years of his real estate practice, earned over seven-figures annually, and Proquest Technologies marketing systems were the centerpiece of his marketing and largely responsible for much of John’s success. Now he’s on our team with one goal: to teach you exactly how to produce maximum profit in minimum time.

Then you’ll meet sales training expert Dan Caramanico. Dan is John’s personal coach and sales mentor of over 20 years. He’s the author of the book, “The Optimal Salesperson” chosen by Selling Power magazine as one of the top ten best sales books to read in 2010. Dan is a true master of sales and he’s all about helping you make more money!

Free Bonus #2 ($199 Value) – “Mastering the Core Fundamentals of Lead Generation – Part 1 & 2”

In these two audio recordings we break down all the subtle fine points that will have your phone consistently ringing with good quality prospects. From your system greeting, to your recordings, to your riders, flyers, or web pages there is a very precise sequence of marketing clicks and psychological triggers that compel qualified prospects to respond. Miss any of these “little hinges that swing the big door” and you can kill your chances for success. Follow everything precisely and your success is guaranteed.

Free Bonus #3 ($99 Value) – “How to Develop Razor-Sharp Lead Conversion Skills that Maximize Every Single Opportunity!”

A major key to success in sales is maximizing every single opportunity. One thing is certain: most agents kill off any and all opportunity within the first 30 seconds of the average call. In this audio session John and Dan break down the essential ingredients of a highly effective opening. It’s very powerful material.

Free Bonus #4 ($99 Value) – “Five Common Stalls, Put-Offs or Objections That Cause 99% of All Agents Knees to Buckle…and How You Can Win the Appointment Most of the Time!”

It’s amazing how many sales careers have been destroyed by basic everyday situations. It’s a fact that stalls, put-offs, and objections are as predictable as the next sunrise, yet so few agents prepare effectively for these situations. Well, not anymore!

On this audio CD John and Dan role play the five most common stalls, put-offs or objections that cause most agents to fail on prospect calls. John and Dan are absolutely on fire in these role plays, and the analysis Dan gives you for each scenario is priceless.

Free Bonus #5 ($99 Value) – Mobile Voice Routing Response Marketing Resources Ads, Flyers, Scripts, Emails, Follow Up Campaigns and More

This resource CD contains over 100 separate marketing examples: ads, scripts, flyer templates, free reports, a complete FSBO program with all the needed resources, print advertising examples, postcard campaigns and more.

“So How Much Does All this Cost?”

Well, considering agents like Christine Richardson are generating $93,000 a year from just one strategy of ours…and Will Penney, after finally getting his brochure boxes out, produced six buyer side transactions and four nice listings in four months…and a green new agent like Melissa Smith banks $26,000 by simply answering her phone and being of service…

And the fact is those examples are just the beginning…

Our “Lead Conversion Training” comes directly from Dan Caramanico’s Platinum Sales Training Class that’s priced at $8,000 a year. It’s an amazing benefit you simply cannot get anywhere else.

On top of that, if you were to coach with John Gualtieri or me personally it would run you an additional $2,000 a month for those one-on-one sessions.

Now granted, this isn’t a one-on-one coaching experience, but you’re getting the core essence of what we each teach on an individual basis for only a small fraction of that cost. And at the risk of sounding “too good to be true” we’ve priced this so that virtually any committed real estate professional could easily fit this in their budget.

Our service is just $199 a month with a one time setup fee of $99.

Frankly with some agents closing 5-10 transactions a month with this… $199 a month definitely runs the risk of appearing to be way too low.

The bottom line is our fees are in no way reflective of how much you can earn with this service.

Our prices are designed to be just enough to shake out the less-than-committed agents. At the same time, they’re low enough to help us reach the maximum number of agents who are ready, willing, and able to commit themselves to something bigger and better in their businesses.

That’s really what we’re all about.

Helping you stretch and reach new heights of success and fulfillment from your real estate business.


You Get Help Every Step of the Way With Unlimited Client Support

Please understand the heart of this offer. Our driving goal is to help you grow and build a more successful business. And the only way we succeed is if you succeed.

Frankly, it almost rings of a little “too good to be true” to provide this level of service and consulting for $199 a month, what amounts to two or three dollars a lead. On top of that…

All the Bonuses Are Yours to Keep Even If You Cancel Your Service!

A pretty bold proposition for me to make, don’t you think? With all the bonuses, at worst, you come out $1,192 in potential value ahead – because if you just give this a good honest try you get to keep all the marketing materials regardless.

And in a best case, you make a fortune!

So what do you think? Shall we get you started?

If so, there are two easy ways to order:

1.) The fastest way to order is online. Click here to order with our secure server.

2.) Call toll-free at 1-800-959-3959 (between 8am and 5pm CST, Mon-Fri) and mention “publication 0912” to get the discounted price with your free bonuses.

You will receive your course materials within 3-5 business days and can get started the same day you receive it. You can be up to speed with this system consistently driving business through your door within a few short weeks!

Are These The Kind of Results You Want?…

More listings? More buyers? Better online marketing results? A more powerful listing presentation? To double end more sales? To make your repeat and referral marketing more profitable?

Do you want a program that will leverage your time, energy, resources, and especially your marketing dollars? A system that will help you optimize and get the maximum return from everything you’re currently doing?

Consider this: if you don’t try this what will you do? If you want to grow your listing inventory – how will you do that? Are you going to cold call FSBOs and Expireds? Are you going to network relentlessly? Or worse, are you going to run the same worn out postcards or Internet marketing everybody else does and wonder why it doesn’t produce any listing calls?

What if you want more buyers – what’s your strategy? Are you going to knock on apartment doors or cold call renters? Or again, are you going to run the same tired ads or Internet marketing everybody else does and then wonder why your phone isn’t ringing?

This Mobile Voice Routing approach is a simple, proven plan that can change all that.

You need something to drive business through your door. You need something fresh and new that’s proven and works. The bottom line is you need to be having high quality conversations with interested new prospects who are ready to buy or sell real estate.

My guess is if we can help you make that happen, you’ll bring the commitment to get the job done from there.

Three final really important points:

1.) To make this approach work, you don’t need a large inventory. If you have inventory, that’s great, but it’s not an absolute requirement.

2.) You don’t need a huge advertising budget. We’ll show you low to no-cost ways to get your phone ringing fast.

3.) Lastly, you don’t need to be a “super star” salesperson — just be yourself, make a firm commitment, and be coachable.

What you need is a consistent pipeline of high quality conversations with interested, new prospects every single day. Then, as you sales skills grow, you can pick and choose who you want to work with. You can work normal hours and produce extraordinary income – working with clients you really like. The best part is when that happens the fun will return to real estate for you.

It’s fun to make money. It’s fun working with people you like. And it’s an absolute blast when you put in a long week and you have six or eight closings to show for it. Sure you lay down tired at the end of the day, but there’s a sense of accomplishment. You’ve done something good and you got paid well for doing it.

So what are your alternatives?

The plain truth is if you don’t take action your life and your business will not change. Life does not get better by chance — it gets better by taking action on a well-thought-out plan.

This is a proven plan. Now it’s time for you to take action and reap the rewards.

You’ll join your 1,687 colleagues who are currently profiting from this amazing new system

Over 1,600 agents reported specific increases in their incomes this year as a result of this new Mobile Voice Routing System. Many reported net gains of $25,000 to $200,000 (some even more!). Once it’s been repeated 1,600 times, it’s no accident – it’s a proven system you can use, too. For a one time setup fee of $99 and just $199 a month, an increase of one transaction a month in most markets would represent a 1,000%-1,500% return on your investment!

So if you’re ready…

Use this opportunity to take your business to a whole new level of growth, satisfaction, fulfillment and bottom-line, in-the-bank profits.

Call 1-800-959-3959 and let’s get you started! You have nothing to lose, and a very exciting and rewarding future to gain.


PS Every day agents are discovering the hard truth that the “technology-insulated” consumer is causing massive problems with their lead generation and conversion. The good news is there’s a new and better way to grow your real estate business. Use these simple, low-cost techniques to generate dozens of high quality conversations every single week.

Just like 1,687 of your colleagues across the country, you’ll be able to pick and choose who you want to work with and you’ll do business on your own terms. All while having more fun, enjoying life, and making more money than ever.

PPS And remember, you can’t lose with this offer. You’ve got six full months to work with all of our strategies, attend the coaching calls, and apply the ideas. If you don’t produce at least six additional closed transactions over the next six months, per our money-back guarantee, you’re free to cancel service and I’ll refund your money.

However, the far more likely outcome is we’ll being doing business together for a very long time to come. Now…

Here Are Four More FREE Bonuses for You!

PPPS If you order right now, I’ll immediately ship your four brand new interviews with four of the most amazing agents you’ve ever had the opportunity to hear — and you won’t get these anywhere else.

The first interview is with Debra Gravelle. Debra got her license in 2008, right during the heart of the meltdown. At the time she was working for an Internet lead generation company for real estate. She was completely sold on the value of Internet lead generation. However, as we dig deeper Debra shares how she’s cutting her Internet budget dramatically, to focus almost exclusively on leads coming from her new Mobile Voice Routing system.

The second interview is with Will Penney. Will is a very direct, straight-forward guy who doesn’t mince words. He’s been a client of ours since 1999 who, by his own admission, drastically underutilized our service for over 10 years. In fact, it wasn’t until just the last couple of years that Will finally started to unlock our system’s real potential.

Now with our Mobile Voice Routing system he’s taking it to entirely new levels growing his net income 229% by simply deploying a few basic strategies.

And the third and fourth interviews…well…they’ll be a surprise. But trust me, they are every bit as powerful, exciting and profitable as the first two. So order right away. You won’t want to miss out on these incredible bonus interviews. They’re yours to keep provided you order before the close of business Friday,

So click the order button below or call 1-800-959-3959. By the end of the week, you’ll be on your way. All you have to do is say, “Okay, I’m ready.” My staff and I will take it from there.

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