The Most Under-Valued Listing Leads in Real Estate Today…

Agents seem to think every good real estate prospect in the world is online and nowhere else.

They buy online listing leads, they spend enormous amounts of money for PPC traffic to their squeeze pages to generate real estate listing leads, and they build the most elaborate sales funnels to mine that golden nugget…the ever elusive listing prospect!

The major challenge with their approach is the lowest hanging fruit; the absolute best listing opportunities are often directly under their noses.

Yet they scoff, almost as though the listing prospect has got to be hard to generate…or it can’t possibly be real.

Well, it’s not true.

Some of the easiest, simplest, lowest cost sources can yield high quality real estate listing leads.

If I told you I could provide you with an extremely high quality list that was 80% buyers and 20% sellers, would you want to talk to those people?

Would the fact that 4 out of 5 of them were buyer leads deter you?

Would you say, “No, if they aren’t all sellers…I don’t want to talk with them.”?

If you could buy a direct mail list or an email list that you knew 20% of the names on that list had a home to sell, would you want access to that list?

My questions almost seem nonsensical, don’t they?

If you knew that 20% of the people in ANY list had a home to sell, wouldn’t you just pick up the phone or drop by each of those folks’ homes and talk with them?

Would you talk to 5 people to have 1 good solid shot at talking with a seller who was getting ready to list?

If you’re a self-respecting real estate professional with even a reasonable work ethic the answer is…OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

And frankly, if you wouldn’t, you can stop reading this now and save us both time.

If you don’t want to actually talk with prospects who are interested in buying or selling real estate this web site isn’t for you!

However, if you ARE interested in talking with real estate listing leads, people who are interested in selling their homes, and you’re willing to actually prospect…please read on.

See we’re all about helping agents break through the technology barriers to actually reach buyers and sellers and have a meaningful conversation.

It’s our view that if you don’t talk with people…your “lead” is worthless!

And the prevailing wisdom of today’s generation of real estate agents is that you need to spend enormous amounts of money chasing listing leads online.

We disagree.

Frankly, some of the absolute best listing leads and prospecting opportunities can be found offline.

I know, it sounds a bit “old school.”

It’s the idea that success in real estate is all about talking to the right people, at the right time, and in the right way.

It’s called STP and TTP…See the People…and Talk to the People!

The truth is, most agents avoid talking with prospects.

They drive traffic, they squeeze them into drip campaigns, they plug them into a sales funnel and then they email, text, or robo-dial them until they finally reach one or two people…only to be viewed like they’re an intruding telemarketer.

I say all this to make a point…

A real estate listing lead is not a lead, until we’ve had a meaningful conversation with a prospective seller.

So how do we get you to a conversation with a prospective seller?

There are about a dozen different strategies our agents use to prospect, farm or cultivate listing leads. However, the one I like the best is the simplest, easiest, and most cost-effective on the list.

Stick with me, because at first you will probably think I’ve lost my mind.

Remember how I asked about a list that was 80% buyers?

Believe it or not the quickest, easiest, fastest path to generate real estate listing leads is by utilizing your signage in a very unique and powerful way.

I know, I know, you’re thinking signage is too “old school” or that they only generate buyer leads.

But Here are the Numbers

We deliver over 100,000 leads a month to real estate agents all across the United States and Canada and what we found in an informal survey of over 25,000 calls might surprise you.

Honestly, it surprised us a bit.

Our agents reported that approximately 20% of the drive-by prospects they spoke with were actually seller opportunities, or listing leads.

It was generally one of two scenarios.

It was a neighbor a few blocks away checking home values, because they were thinking about selling too.


It was a buyer who wanted to live in a particular neighborhood, but they lived in a home they needed to sell first.

These Are Prospects Other Agents Are Ignoring!

When so many agents have shifted their focus online and are struggling, other agents tell us regularly, “I took a brochure call and just listed the neighbor’s home down the street.”

The bottom line is the best listing prospects are the ones that are out there actively pursuing information, NOT the internet “leads” that are often nothing more than homeowners curious about their home’s value.

The bigger question, though, is who do you want to spend your time, energy and money focusing on?

If you would like to have live conversations, actually talk, with people who are interested in selling real estate check out our new MVR service…

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