11 Ways to Be the Most Irresistable Person at the Party

Networking is fundamental to the real estate business.

Here’s a rapid fire list that will help you feel like the magnetic center of any room…without having to resort to a wardrobe malfunction…

1. Dance in your pajamas. Before the party, burn nervous energy by exercising or dancing.

2. Get into an irresistable state of mind. On your way to the party, visualize your most recent accomplishment–snagging two listings in one weekend, opening a new community center for children. Set your mood so that you are relaxed, energized and radiating confidence.

3. Look cool, but act warm. Dress sophisticated, but treat everyone like your favorite cousin.

4. Instead of an opening line, try a compliment. “Hey, I love that tie. I was wondering where you bought it.”

5. Talk food. Or football. Men appreciate a woman who knows her sports and women admire a man who likes to cook. Point: talk to people’s interest, not yours.

6. Be the only one at the party not drinking. By mid-evening you’ll seem intelligent and poised.

7. Schmooze with integrity. 3 musts: eye contact, responses that show you are listening and a genuine smile.

8. Break personal space rules. Invite warmth and friendliness by standing a little closer. Pulling away suggests you are aloof and would rather be somewhere else.

9. Grab something and pass it. Whether it’s a tray of appetizers or drinks, passing something out will give you a reason to approach someone and also give you a way out: “Oops, got to keep going.”

10. Speak up. Be the first to toast the host for a wonderful party.

11. Put your soul out there. Confess embarrassment. Risk self-exposure. Tell a joke, even if you are really bad at it. When people see the real you, off-the-charts charm follows.

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I like the items here. I’d like to add one of my own…be yourself. I know that’s a given, but with all the prescriptions here, it may be lost in the shuffle. Being myself is the best (and only) way that helps me to come off as genuine. Of course, some of the things above may not exactly parallel with the true “myself,” but if I keep in mind that it’s more about relationship and less about tactics when it comes to this kind of thing. Fact is, people are getting more and more wary of the one who has it all together and shines more brilliantly than the sun:)

Gary Elwood

Andrew, you are absolutely right about it being more about relationship and less about tactics. Some of this stuff comes natural to people but others (including me) have to work at it. If we’re not careful, using these tactics may make us look artificial, forced. So for me it helps to remember that we are all less than perfect, so don’t try so hard I look made up. And the cool thing is, being vulnerable and okay with making a mistake just adds to a persons likability. With practice we can improve our charm and presence. Combine that with being yourself and you have a powerful attitude that people will be attracted to. Thanks for writing Andrew.


All 11 ways are terrific! I like to dance in my pajamas; then, I smile all evening and people wonder why! Why? I love people and I love life! Thanks for the tips!


These tips are very helpful tools for those
who are shy and who think they are not good
salespeople. One does not have to use all of
the suggestions here, but using those that are basic to ones personality would be very helpful. However, if you really have a basic love for our universe, its people, and a genuine desire to help others—-not just make money—the money will follow and others will be automatically drawn to you. Its because the spirit of the universe loves helping itself and the only way it can help itself is thru a vessel that is as much like itself as possible. That vessel is of course all of us as we work our way through experiencing the flow of our given talents. Thanks for the reminder of these ways to express what we inately seek to express but don’t know or remember how to do.


Thank you for these excellent tips!
The message I get from this is that you have to take the initiative and start an enjoyable conversation with people. Like you commented on other subject, some of us need to be working at it, while for others it comes natural.

Gary Elwood

Mary, Excellent attitude!

Gary Elwood

[if you really have a basic love for our universe, its people, and a genuine desire to help others—-not just make money—the money will follow and others will be automatically drawn to you.]

Barbara, you are so right on. As you probably already know, this is Zig Ziglars mantra, and if one is patient…it works.

“Help enough people get what they want and you’ll eventually get what you want.” Ziglar (paraphrase)


I feel that a true, honest desire to serve others will eventually lead to reciprocal feelings and, like Zig says, we will eventually get what we want. The Golden Rule will still work if we practice it honestly. I think people can see through the fake attitude that some have and can tell when we truly want to treat them right.


2,3, 4 and 5 resonnate with me! I know I’m attracted to people I might not know based upon their presence in the room right then!

The personal space barriers, however, are a little more tricky. Encroaching is a no-no in my book.


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