6 Daily Habits That Will Make Your Blog Better

Creating good content is probably the biggest challenges that real estate agents face. Is that true for you? If so, let’s look at six habits you can adopt to help you create better content–more often.

Habit 1: Write

First things first. You need to sit down and write. You need to write without distraction. You need to write without the internal editor whispering in your ear.

Block off a half hour where you sit down with a blank screen and write. Try to get 1,000 words a day. If that sounds impossible, start with 100. Do that for a week, then bump it up to 200. Do that until you reach 1,000.

Habit 2: Make a List

Again, with the internal critique wearing a muzzle, knock out a top ten or twenty list. “On what?” you ask. It could be anything. Top ten stupid things you do before 9 in the morning. Top twenty reasons why every real estate agent should hold more open houses. Dig into your experience. Think of things that have annoyed you. Look for connections between the economy and your market. Draw associations between the news and your market. And then write a list.

Habit 3: Research

Your copy that you wrote and the lists that you create are probably not that solid. You need to find some research to back up your thoughts. You need to find some examples to support your ideas.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be something that you pencil in everyday. You could include this work in your daily activities–whether checking trade journals or browsing through your Twitter stream–keep an eye out for ideas.

Habit 4: Edit

This is probably the hardest habit to master. Editing is an art. It’s not something that you can do with great success overnight. It takes years to develop an eye for what you should and shouldn’t keep. To pick up on more effective ways to re-organize your content. You could hire a high school intern to be your editor or, if you are the DIY type, pick up some books on the topic. EB White’s Element of Style is a must. So is Joe Sugarman’s Advertising Secrets of the Written Word.

Habit 5: Promote

Once you’ve got a post in good enough shape where you feel comfortable publishing, share that post with your social media platforms: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. And don’t just do it once and call it a day. Go back and re-tweet content you wrote last month. And don’t forget to share other people’s content, too. Serve the community–not yourself.

Habit 6: Monitor Metrics

The last habit you need to get into is measuring your efforts. What should you look at? Number of comments, likes, tweets, visits to the page. These numbers might be low to begin with but don’t worry–they’ll get better.

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