Eliminate Competition at Your Next Listing Appointment Before You Even Arrive

Sounds alomost impossible, doesn’t it: eliminating competition at your next listing appointment before you even set foot in the door ? Well, it’s not. In fact, it’s rather easy…if you’re willing to be different.

How can you be different? Here are some ways:

Pre-Presentation Seller Briefing

  • Insist on being the last in a line of presentations,
  • Find out when all of the other presentations are
    (keep a note of this).
  • Call the sellers every day there is a listing presentation.
  • Ask them if your appointment is still on.
  • Ask them to promise not to decide on an agent until all presentations are done.

Pre-Presentation Research

  • Print a quick summary of market activity for the home’s neighborhood.
  • Look for identical matches in Actives, Solds, Under
    Contract, Pending, Withdrawn and Expireds. (This summary will help you familiarize yourself with the neighborhood, which you can reference during the presentation.)
  • Take digital photos of the property, comparable properties and the subdivision entrance. (This portfolio of photos will allow you to view the condition of the property and make positive and negative notes.)

Pre-Presentation Questions

  • Look at the seller’s home and ask yourself these questions: What are the negatives? Does it back to a major road? Is it under power lines? Does it need paint? How does this compare to other homes in the neighborhood?

Pre-Presentation Materials

  • Create the CMA from your MLS as a Web or PowerPoint presentation. Have a color print copy, too. (Everyone else will do a black-and-white CMA.)
  • Personalize the print presentation on a color-bound material with “Especially prepared for <their name>.” (It’s easy to create a template in MS Word, MS Publisher, HP Real Estate Software or IMPREV.)

Pre-Presentation Recording

Bottomline, when you are thoroughly prepared, you immediately distance yourself from every average agent (Pareto Rule: two agents out of ten are above average. The rest: barely average).

And when you arrive it’s only a matter of moments before your sellers recognize you were the only rational choice the whole time.

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