How This Insect Is Connected to Selling Homes

Did you know this: a particular insect native to all 50 states could easily get any home, in any market, in any season sold in record time…even if we’re experiencing the worst drop in home sales in 18 years?

And no, I’m not talking about a termite. Or carpenter ant. Or even lice.

What insect am I talking about?

Nothing greater than the common household fly.

I realize that may sound like a ridiculous, tabloid-worthy assertion, but think about it…

If you were a fly on the wall you could easily hear every word that comes out of a buyer’s mouth. Then you could share it with the seller verbatim. And price reductions and needed fix ups (two pieces needed to selling stagnant homes)…are a near guarantee.

Or are they?

I first picked up this concept from a popular television program, tweaked it a bit, and now will share with you my version…

Are you familiar with this story?

A real estate agent tours a listing with her client’s. The family walks from the living room to the bedrooms to bathrooms. During this time the buyer’s discuss with what they see, frankly, openly and honestly…and then they walk out.

No offer. No suggestions. Nothing.

As the selling agent, all you know is that they were there. You don’t even get a whiff of their impression of the home. Your seller thinks they were just the wrong people. You, having previously pointed out potential problems, know better.

Now…what if you did have access to the buyer’s impression of the home? Would it even make a difference?

Are sellers so embedded in their current hope that their home appreciation is going to continue to multiply despite the fact that there isn’t anyone available to buy it?

What do you think? Do you think sharing frank, uncensored comments about the home can change the sellers mind? Will this help seller’s see their misconceptions? Is the current buyer attitude “wait-and-see” an attitude that you can really change simply by reducing the price or updating the home? What do you think the current consumer in today’s market is looking for?  Or can even afford?

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Ruby Zuniga- Century 21 Citrus

Thanks, I’ve been a subscriber to Showing, but never really used or utilized the tool. I had forgotten about it. I recently entered some of my listings, not all yet. I got great feedback from the Seller, I might be getting another listing from that same seller, She told me that I have done a great job in Marketing, calling her to keep her updated in the Selling Process, and she loves the Idea of ShowingFeedback. Thanks for giving us all the tools necessary to outperfom other REALTORS.

Gary Elwood

Ruby, thank you for the kind words! It is a pleasure to get tools in your hands that help you buy and sell real estate. We’re looking to get more out there on the market. Have a great weekend!


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