Why Breaking This Childish Habit Would be an Ugly Mistake

It’s often not until your child is grown that you appreciate some of their childish habits.

Take persistence, for example. If you have children, especially teenagers, you know that sometimes you may give in to their demands just to be able to get on with your life. The same tactic works quite well in the business world.

Professional Negotiator Peter Stark tells the story of a son who is a master at asking for something over and over again, from many different creative angles, until he accomplishes his goal.

“At one time,” Peter explains, “my son’s major life goal was to own a Nintendo 64 game. He asked for one almost every day for a period of two years.

“His creative questions included, ‘Could I buy it with my own money?’ and ‘Could I buy a Gameboy until I can get the big version that plays on the television?’

“He also asked why other parents I respect bought their kids a Nintendo 64. The questions went on and on.

“I even told him, ‘Nintendo is a dead horse in our house, and if the horse is dead, you should get off it!’

“Refusing to give up, my son creatively asked the following great question: ‘Dad, is it important to you and Mom that I can make quick decisions in complex situations?’ When I said ‘yes,’ he came back with, ‘Great! I think Nintendo 64 helps kids make quick decisions in complex situations.'”

After two years Peter relates that his son finally got his Nintendo 64.

Your Turn

By looking at this example, can you see why persistence is such a successful tactic? Do you understand why hanging in there is so  important?

If not, think about this: 45 percent of leads turn into a sale for someone. You want that person to be you. So hang in there–even when you want to lavishly wet yourself.

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