How to Leave Compelling Voice Mail Messages

Cold calling is probably the least favorite activity of most real estate agents. At any given time you could get on the phone with an irrate caller who wants to do nothing but chew you out.

More than likely, though, you’ll get dumped into the voice mail box. See, in today’s world people with cell phones will look at the incoming call–and if they don’t recognize the number they then ignore the call.

That’s your opportunity to leave a persuasive little voice mail message that gets people to call you back. Let me show you how.

Step One: Who You Are

Right off the bat you need to identify yourself. So, leave your name, your phone number and the name of your company. For example, “Hi, this is Gary Elwood from Coldstar Realty here in Grand Forks Rapid. My number is 000-111-2222.”

The key here is to say it slow enough so that the person can write it down. And if your name is difficult to pronounce or spell, then spell it out for him or her.

 Step Two: Why You Are Calling

Now’s your chance to indicate the value you can bring to the table for the client. This is not about you–it is about them. “I just wanted to let you know that I recently helped your neighbor sell his home for five grand above asking price, and to let you know if you are thinking of selling this may be a good time to get the most value.”

Step Three: When You Can Help

I need to point out that in the last step you not only told them why you are calling (the value you can deliver), but you also gave proof that you could deliver on that benefit. Now is the time to use the principle of scarcity. If you want them to take your offer seriously, then you need to create a sense of urgency. You need to give them a reason to act now. “These conditions were perfect but may not last  since I hear in the next couple of months that a new development across the street might drive down values in your market.”

Step Four: Close with Call to Action

At this point you’ve stated who you are, why you are calling and why it’s important that the caller act now. This is where you tell them to act…and how. In other words, you tell them to give you a call, and then re-state who you are.

“Give me a chat if you’d like to talk or have any questions you’d like me to answer. No obligations, just want to help you in anyway I can. Just give Gary Elwood a call at 000-111-2222. Look forward to hearing from you!”


I porbably don’t have to tell you that enthusiasm and joy will go a long way when leaving a voice mail message. If you mumble and sound like you’d rather be somewhere else, then I don’t care if you nail the above script perfectly–few if any people will want to talk to a dead beat.

So get perky. Call during the time of day you are the most upbeat. Drink a cup of coffee or two (but make sure you talk VERY slowly) or have a beer or glass of wine. Something that gets you in a good mood.

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