Just 3 Steps to Good Leads in a Sluggish Market?

Imagine: in less than 30 minutes you can map out a strategy to create good leads, convert more clients and sell more houses in the first quarter of a sluggish 2009 market.

What do you have to do? Use these three keys to successfully enticing prospects to take you up on any offer and call you:

1. Demand. It has to be information they want. (Seems obvious…but this is crucial.)

2. Interesting. It has to be interesting and attention-getting. No one takes action to check out something that’s boring.

3. Easy. Then finally, it has to be EASY for your prospect to request or receive this ‘Free Information.’ (This is where technology comes in.)

By using technology that reaches prospects first eliminates your competition. You get to prospects before your competition. Then, once you’ve reached the prospects, you can use a little clever psychology to compel those prospects to respond.

Powerful One-Two Punch

In the process of using this strategy two things happen. First, by reaching the prospect first, you gain a 3 out of 4 advantage over your competition automatically.

Then second, it completely eliminates any Do-Not-Call list issues. When a prospect calls you, you can call them back as many times as you like within the next 90 days, regardless of whether they’re on the national Do-Not-Call list or not.

What’s the Key to Delivering This One-Two Punch?

Answer: Shift all your marketing to a ‘Free Information’ offer. (This is the psychological part.)

More importantly you need a tool like interactive voice response technology to really pull it off. IVR is a tool that will allow you to never again wonder how to get all the leads you need (and get them in the least expensive way possible)

It will also help you track every penny spent on advertising…warm up your prospects before you even talk to them…and even allow you to make an immediate profit in less than 30 days.

Take This a Step Further

I lay out this total strategy in a newsletter called The Real Estate Insider. This newsletter is completely free. And in it, you’ll learn how to use three trigger words with this tool to compel practically every single person who sees your ad to call you.

Inside this newsletter you’ll learn how to use the 3 steps described above in detail. Plus, I’ll share a truckload of explosive secrets we’ve discovered from twelve years of working with some of the most successful real estate agents and trainers.

Simply sign up and get insight to our most recent and reliable methods to creating good leads. Remember, these strategies are really only for you if you are struggling…if you are about to leave the business because nothing else is working…or if you see that things could turn south really quick.

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