Stunningly Easy, 25 Minute and 25 second Routine for Finding Buyer Clients

An African bull elephant weighs 12,000 pounds. Stands 11 feet high. Flaunts tusks 6 to 8 feet long. Eats 770 pounds of grass, leaves, roots, bark, branches, fruit and water plants.

A day.

Now, imagine eating that sucker. It would take forever, wouldn’t it? So one bite at a time, right?

Well, that’s the take away for today’s post. If you are in a market with a hefty level of inventory, then finding buyer’s is on top of your list.

But consumer confidence is gloomy . This means people are holding on to their money, saving, perhaps looking for discounts. What you have to do is figure out how to approach them with an enticing offer. Something that will get them off the fence.

It could be a discount or bargain . It could be a one day only sale .

Whatever it is you are offering, once you have that out of the way, use a simple, 25-minute and twenty-five-seconds-a-day tactic to find those hot leads…in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

How do you do that? Easy.

1. Choose the time of day you are at your peak. Whether morning or afternoon.

2. Block out 30 minutes each day at this time.

3. Use a timer: set it at 25 minutes and 25 seconds.

4. Then pick up the phone and return phone calls from leads you received that day.

5. Don’t do anything for that 25 minutes and 25 seconds. Except call.

Once you’re done, pat yourself on your back. And use the remaining 4 minutes to plan how you are going to spend all the money you’re going to make. Make sure you do it again the next day.

I like this method because it’s a great time management principle: time block AND lump tasks. The most important thing to do here is make sure you do nothing else but pick up the phone and dial. It’s unbelievable how much time people waste dilly-dallying simply because they don’t put boundaries on a task .

And get this: once the market is on the upswing, you can switch this tactic around to build a house list. Call friends and families, ask them for permission to call people they know who might have housing needs, focus your time, get to work and don’t look back.

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