Quick Tip: 5 Reasons Why Sellers Should Work with You on Both Sides of the Deal

Did you know that one of the simplest strategies to closing more transactions is simply helping your seller’s buy their new home?

If sellers ARE staying in the area, ask if you can help find their next house. It benefits both you and the seller.

Here are five reasons why:

1. They don’t have to interview more real estate salespeople.

2. You already understand their needs, know their decorating style, have an inside look on how they live.

3. If they trust your market knowledge enough to sell their home, they should trust you to find them a new house.

4. You can help coordinate both sides of the deal so they don’t find themselves homeless for a few days between closings.

5. You can make negotiations go more smoothly and quickly. You have dates on both closings and don’t have to wait for return calls from fellow practitioners.

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Greg Harrelson

This is a great article. When we focus on the clients needs versus our needs, we add tremendous value. Add more value then the other agent and get baths sides of the transaction.


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