Buyer Ads that Will Have Your Phone Ringing Off the Hook

This report contains sound marketing strategies for any market. However, today things are changing so fast that we’ve created a new webinar showing you the newest strategies for how to generate inbound listing lead calls!

Dear Friend & Colleague,

This is another way to use free reports and “free recorded messages”. The basics are similar to the other free reports strategies, you’re just aiming at renters. The objective is to stimulate interest and also agitate them just a little bit about the fact they’re wasting money on rent – when they could be owning.

You place one of these ads in a local newspaper, penny saver or your homes magazine and the results will follow. I’ve seen agents generate as many as 50-100 calls in a single weekend with these ads. The publications they used varied from market to market, but the ad worked virtually everywhere it ran.

Also a quick point about the second ad. You’ll notice it’s editorially formatted. It looks kind of like a news article. In newspaper (outside of the classified section) ads that look like news will pull as much as 300%-500% better than ads that look like ads.

Positioning is Absolutely Crucial!

In planning your advertising strategy, another major key to consider is the position of your ads within a given publication. I’ve seen the exact same ad pull 2 calls one weekend. The very next weekend in the same publication (positioned correctly) it pulled 47 responses… again same ad, same publication, same everything, just different positioning.

So consider these things when planning your next ad placement strategies. Also, I would suggest that you refer to your course materials for a much deeper explanation and for more examples and case studies. These two ads are just the beginning – but a good beginning they are!


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They watched from the sidewalk as the movers loaded their last piece of furniture into the moving van. They were finally getting out of that cramped little apartment they lived in for the last four-and-a-half years. They hopped in the car and Mary felt butterflies in her stomach as she said, “Let’s go home.”

A few minutes later they rounded the corner and Mary caught a glimpse. When  it came into full view, she began to tear up and think back to all the times they put off the idea of buying, thinking they couldn’t afford it. That’s when Jimmy, their four year old, asked from the back seat, “When are we going to get there Mommy?” She turned, leaned her head back and said, “We’re home sweetie. We’re home.”

The garage door opened and they happily eased the car in. As the car stopped Mary remembered all the times she prayed for a way to get out of that small cramped apartment. All that changed one day when Mary was browsing through a local paper and noticed an article offering a  free report entitled, “How to Stop Paying Rent Forever and Own a Home of Your Own!”

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