How to Make Your Homes Mags Profitable…Not Just to Pacify Sellers

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Dear Friend & Colleague,

Most agents I talk to, who advertise in homes magazines, feel it’s a necessary evil of the business. They feel like it’s just something they do to keep their sellers happy. Well, listen up! If it’s not producing a profit…you cut it from the “payroll”…PERIOD!

Bottom-line is every piece of marketing you put out, every sales letter you mail, every postcard you send has to cost-justify itself. You should view your marketing like a salesperson. Either your “salesperson” produces a clear measurable profit or you fire them. You wouldn’t employ a salesperson who was a drain on your cash flow…so why do it with an ad source.

Frankly, doing something to pacify a seller makes no sense and does not serve your clients at the highest level. Everything you do should have a real and meaningful benefit to your clients. So now I’m going to show you how to fire the lazy “salesperson” (the under-performing homes magazine) and hire a new more aggressive “salesperson” (a homes magazine done the right way) that will bring prospects flooding through your doors!

Homes Magazines are a Great “Salesperson” Done Right

When I tell you this, you may balk at it. But frankly, the single most potent lead generation source for our agents has been their local homes magazines.

I know this is contrary to what most agents experience without this service. Like one agent said, “I was completely fed up with the response I used to get from my homes magazines. I considered stopping them all together, but I thought I needed to keep running the ads to make my sellers happy. Then, when you suggested that I change my homes magazine ads and make them look like your examples, I couldn’t believe it. The response was amazing! I got 18 calls the very first day my ad came out. And what’s even better is the fourth lead I got from the system closed about three weeks later. Now I love my homes magazines, but I honestly don’t think I will ever advertise in them again without this service.”

You simply wouldn’t believe the number of times we’ve heard the same thing from agents everywhere. Homes magazines, when displayed like our example, produce exceptional results. It’s not uncommon to see an agent’s calls go from 10-15 calls a month, to 100-150 calls.

Another nice thing about homes magazines is they actually produce both buyer and seller leads. The ratio is about four to one. Our agents have found that for every four buyer leads you generate from your homes magazine ad, you’ll generally produce one listing lead.

Now this ratio could be improved by the strategy you employ on follow-up. If you gently dig a little, you’ll find that a high percentage of your buyer prospects also have a home to sell. So like I said before, virtually everything about this entire group of strategies hinges on one thing: how effectively you follow-up, more on that in Section 5 of your course materials.

For now, let’s answer the question: How do we bring prospects flooding in the door with homes magazines? Answer: By formatting your ad like our example on the following page.

To see the example click here: Ad Formatting Example

If You Don’t Have Any Inventory

I would like to make a suggestion. If you don’t have any inventory, borrow some! Pick some of the nicest inventory in your office and advertise it. Other agents don’t mind. It’s free advertising. And the whole idea here is simply to generate prospects. It’s all about talking to people interested in buying or selling real estate. And if you don’t have any inventory, this is a great way to start.

Now quickly, before I break apart this ad format and explain why it’s so effective, I have a question for you. What is the purpose of your ad? Is it to keep your name out there? Is it to create a good image? Or is it to make your phone ring?

In our opinion the number one goal of your ad should be to make your phone ring…to generate prospects. All the other reasons are secondary. Yes, they are benefits of advertising, but they shouldn’t be the goal. The goal, your entire focus, should be to make your phone ring.If you focus on getting prospects to respond, your image and name recognition will benefit greatly too – as a natural side benefit of making the phone ring! So they go hand-in-hand, but your focus has to be on getting prospects to respond.

OK, now let’s talk about this ad format.

Why Does this Example Work So Well?

Because it’s unique. This type of format will get a prospect’s attention, which is your first major step. Once you’ve gotten their attention, then fire your biggest bullet immediately! Give them your most compelling reason to call you in your headline! Because…

Headlines are 90% Of Your Ad’s Effectiveness

Your headline is crucial! That’s why you should minimize your banner and put it at the bottom. The top of the page is for your headline and your headline should be the most compelling reason for a prospect to pick up the phone to call you, which is “Recorded Information – 24 Hours.”

“Recorded Information – 24 Hours”

If you want prospects to call, the most noticeable thing about your ad should be “recorded info” and “24-hours”. This precise wording is important. It takes away sales resistance and you make it extremely convenient for your prospect to call…and again, that’s the goal. Next…

Minimize Your Ad Copy

If you tell prospects everything in your copy, what do they need you for? The reason you minimize ad copy is to give your prospects a reason to call. By giving them the area, bedrooms, baths and a couple emotional words (words that provoke an emotional response) you entice them without giving away the farm. By leaving everything else out of the copy, you give them a compelling reason to call…curiosity!


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