How to Slash Marketing Costs By 30%-50% Instantly

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Dear Friend & Colleague,

Imagine being able to track every single response you get from every single ad you run – with pinpoint accuracy! You know exactly which ad, which publication, which headline, which offer, right down to the very last detail, caused your prospect to pick up the phone to call you.

Your finger is on the pulse of your marketing with precision! There’s no chance for human error! It happens every single time! A prospect calls – you track everything! You know where every last call comes from!

What would this do for you?

It would give you the ability to slice and dice! You would quit spending money on ads that don’t produce and focus exclusively on those ads that do produce! You could cut every ad source that was under-performing and you could increase your presence in those publications or sources that generated more quality response!

That’s called “Massive Upside Leverage”! It’s taking the money you are already spending and leveraging it to produce a greater response! It’s like taking your money out of a bank account that’s slugging along at 3% interest and putting it into an incredibly secure high yield investment that generates you 200% annually for the next ten years!

The power and upside potential is staggering! But, it all depends on your ability to track your response, then improve your approach.

If you’re like most builders I know you try to do this already, but it’s very difficult if not impossible. You get calls that no one records. Or they take a message but never ask what caused the caller to respond. And it happens time and time again no matter how much you try to prevent it. Sometimes even you take a call and don’t ask…am I right?

Looking at the situation, it’s frustrating! You want to know where your advertising dollars are best invested but all you have is a vague, hazy hunch “about” or “of” what’s producing. You know if you spend X amount of dollars, the phone keeps ringing. Without the ability to track and measure accurately, you just continue to throw mud against the wall and hope some continues to stick.


What if you had a way that every time you ran an ad you knew with pinpoint precision and accuracy EXACTLY how many leads it produced? Again, if you knew exactly how many calls each source generated you could shave and trim marginal or under-performing ad sources out of your budget and focus more heavily on things that were more profitable.

What’s the effect?

Let’s look at an example. If you were advertising in four sources that all cost about the same and found: Publication #1 generates 8 calls a month // Publication #2 generates 29 calls a month // Publication #3 generates 7 calls a month // Publication #4 generates 37 calls a month what would you do?

First you would look at the conversion rates before you did anything drastic because the publication producing only 7 calls could be the one producing the most ACTUAL SALES. But all things being equal, you would cut #1 & #3 and you’d focus more on #2 & #4…the effect?

You could take out larger ads in publications #2 & #4, negotiate longer-term, better-rate deals, and increase your overall lead generation with 40%-50% less advertising money spent!

With our response hotline you have this ability!


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