5 Twitter Tools to Make Real Estate Agents More Effective

It’s hard to ignore the influence that Twitter has these days. With over 328 million active users, you are a real estate agent need to decide if it is going to be part of your overall marketing strategy.

Don’t get me wrong: I believe you can ignore it and still make a great living as a real estate agent. But I think it’s also useful for driving business leads and building relationships. If you use it correctly.

With the following tools I’ve found my own use of Twitter to be more effective and profitable. Here are they are. Enjoy!

5 Twitter Tools to Make Real Estate Agents More Effective

  • Buffer – This is a great tool to use if you are the kind of person who tweets in little spasms…like twenty minutes in the morning…maybe twenty minutes after lunch…and another twenty minutes before bed. Well, Buffer will take those tweets and spread them out over your Twitter stream during peak times so they get more exposure.
  • Tweriod – Another great tool to help each tweet you post be more effective is called Tweriod. The idea behind this app is to find out when it is you and your friends are online. You’ll see the time of day most of your followers are online, meaning you have a better idea of when you should be tweeting to get the most exposure for your tweets.
  • BackTweets – If you are interested in the impact of every tweet…and the total reach of each tweet…then you need to use BackTweets. It’s an analytic tool that will show you the full extent of a tweet’s reach. This is great stuff for anyone who is trying to maximize the power of what they share online. You can see what worked and didn’t work, adjust, analyse, adjust and tweet. Repeat that process until you have a winning formula.
  • Twilerts – Do you like to know when someone tweets your name? Then use Twilerts to send you an email any time someone tweets about you. It could be your full name or Twitter handle. This is like Google Alerts for Twitter. Why is this important? It helps to manage your reputation…seeing what people are saying about you so you can stay on top.
  • Tweepi – A lot of users of Twitter get in the bad habit of following everybody who follows them. Or they go on a follow campaign and end up with a big, messy list of friends and followers. Tweepi will help you clean up that mess by getting rid of the people who don’t follow you, taking off the Twitter accounts that are inactive and even suggesting people you should follow.

What third party Twitter tools do you use? Share in the comments below.

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Brandon Fosters

Thanks for posting such an informative article. In today’s era social networking sites are becoming popular for promoting business and services. The tools you have provided is really very much helpful it helps us to promote business through twitter.

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