One of an Agent’s Nastiest Jobs

Now wouldn’t it be great if your sellers were a fly on the wall and heard with their own ears what was going on during a showing?

Better yet, why not have the sellers involved in the showing, just like in that television program Designed to Sell?

Have you seen how they do this in Designed to Sell?

It’s an ideal way—albeit sometimes painful—to show the seller via a hidden camera (their “fly on the wall”) what buyers think of their home. Usually on Designed to Sell the motivated sellers are very receptive to what they hear and go with the recommendations.

This is because the buyer paints for the seller the exact picture that the market sees of their home. The trick, as you may know, is to offer this picture in such a way that sellers don’t bite the messenger. (Designed to Sell does it with a hidden camera.) Sharing negative feedback can be an unpleasant, if not painful, job. Now there’s an easy and automatic way to share feedback without getting bit. (And free.)

When the seller sees comments like “…the garage door is smashed up. Fix it, and I might put in an offer…” or “…worn carpet throughout. Looks terrible. Replace it and I’ll consider…” and when these comments aren’t coming from you but from the mouth of buyer’s who have shown their home, it’s likely sellers will rethink their price. The condition of the home. Or perhaps their terms.

And so they lower the price. The home is in better alignment with market demand. And it sells. Fast.

The cumulative effect is often a brisk and steady up tic in homes sold.

And isn’t it true the faster you can sell homes, the faster you can collect a commission check?

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