The Rejection-Free Secret to Listing 2-3 FSBOs Every Month!


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This strategy comes from a soft-spoken lady who nearly took over her real estate market with an original, but not new, approach: she was nice!

When you meet her, however, don’t let her humble and sincere spirit fool you…because after 29 years in the business, she’s competed shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the toughest agents anywhere, and always seems to come out on top.

From 1987-2000, she was Coldwell Bankers #1 agent in America. She’s one of the best coaches and trainers around, teaching agents how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So she’s more than qualified to share her secrets with you.

Without further delay…

One thing that plagues a lot of agents in this business is the uncertainty or inconsistency of income. It’s been called “the Bungee Cord income.” Up, then down. Up, then down.

Joan Pate learned early in her career that if she was going to last, she had to create a consistent income.

Through her 29 years she discovered 4 things that helped bring a balance to her income:

  1. Follow up consistently with FSBOs
  2. Prospect everyday
  3. Always ask for business and referrals

This next secret is where many agents disagree with Joan, but experience proved that by doing this one simple thing, she tripled her call backs from FSBOs. What was her secret? Nothing more than this…

  1. She left messages on FSBOs’ answering machines! This guaranteed her at least 2 listings a month. (Weird, isn’t it, something so small could have such a major impact? As the proverb goes, “Little hinges swing big doors.”)

Now, if you’ve got call-reluctance here are a couple of pointers from Joan to help you get over that:

  • Memorize some soft openings to build confidence and deflect the ire of the FSBO (Question Based Selling by Tom Freese has several)
  • Practice with a friend who is a good speaker and is not afraid to tell you what you are doing wrong (again, the point is to build your confidence)
  • Don’t procrastinate – the longer you wait, the more stressed out you will become thinking about it
  • Prospect during a time of day you are at your peak (for larks, it’s usually first thing in the morning after a cup or two of coffee, owls prefer later in the afternoon)

And if all fails to subdue your fear, then JUST DO IT AFRAID!

It would be a terrible thing to miss becoming successful simply because you failed to do the necessary things to make money and confront your fears.

3 Answering Machine Scripts that Will Capture 2-3 FSBOs a Month

Cat have your tongue? Well, we have the solution for you.

If crafting scripts is not your cup of tea or you simply don’t have the time but want to get started leaving messages on FSBOs’ answering machines, we have 3 professionally-written, dollar-producing, agent-tested scripts available to you…

But there is one problem. We’re saving them for the next report.

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