The Worst Mistake You Can Make When Working with FSBOs


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This FSBO strategy comes from Grant Dolby of Littleton, CO. Recognized nationally for training, mentoring and producing award-winning agents, Grant has been coaching and training agents since 1996.

Before that, he spent 15 years as a dominate broker and real estate agent himself. He’s developed and coached the most profitable Keller Williams broker in the state of Colorado and even coached the Keller Williams Rookie of the Year for the last 3 out of 4 years.

This is part 1 of a 2-part series by Grant. Next report he’ll discuss the Single Most Important Question to Qualify FSBOs.

Grant is going to share…

The Worst Mistake You Can Make When Working with FSBOs

And what is the worst mistake an agent could make when working with FSBOs?

* Not being choosy about who they put in the follow-up sequence.

Seven out of ten FSBOs you contact will not be ready and will not have a timeframe. If you don’t approach them correctly, they can be a drain on finances and emotions.

But out of those ten, three of them will be realistic, nice and have a timeframe.

And if they make an appointment, during the meeting ask all of the questions of a listing presentation…but act as a consultant. Find out what problems these people have that you can help solve.

Imagine yourself as a doctor or lawyer…potential patients don’t just open the phone book and choose a doctor or a lawyer…and neither do most prospects choose a real estate agent from the Yellow Pages.

Position yourself as a professional…a money consultant. Of course they’re paying you…but they’re paying you big because you know exactly what to do and exactly when to do it.

You’re worth your commission.

So what’s the point? Be aggressive when qualifying FSBOs for follow up.

How to Turn FSBOs into Clients with One Simple Question

Next issue Grant will tell you how to turn FSBOs into clients with one simple question.

With this one question, you can determine which FSBO is going to be money in the bank and which one is going to be an emotional and financial drain.

When making as much money as you do, seconds are sacred, you can’t afford to waste even a minute with car-chasing a FSBO.

See the next report for the answer.

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