How to Turn FSBOs into Clients with One Simple Question


Strategy 4 of 9

Now, like we promised, here is part 2 of a 2-part series by the world-class real estate trainer and coach Grant Dolby.

The best prerequisite for pre-qualifying a FSBO is knowing when they need to or plan to move out. Once you know this information, ask them this very powerful question:

“What are you going to do if your FSBO efforts come up short? And what kind of affect is this going to have on your job transfer, wedding day, etc.?”

This brings their problem to light. They’ll start discussing all the terrible things that could happen:

  • paying 2 mortgages
  • selling a house from out-of-state
  • the distress they’ll feel having to do this all alone

Quickly they will see the value in using you as their agent and suggest to YOU that you help them. They’ll even think they thought it up themselves…and all you did was ask them a simple question!

If the FSBO is highly motivated, they won’t last long in the market — maybe one to two weeks.

Now, here are a few key requirements when dealing with FSBOs:

2 Lethal Mistakes Realtors Make When Prospecting FSBOs

There may be more than one way to burn a FSBO, but these two rank up there as the deadliest and most common:

  1. Emphatically disagree with a FSBO
  2. Become visibly angry with a FSBO

Here’s what you need to do to avoid burning FSBO leads:

  1. Keep your emotions in line (stay calm, slow to anger). Listen, listen, listen.
  2. Be agreeable. Say things like, “I can appreciate that, I can tell it’s very important to you.”

This may seem obvious, but it’s common sense that some of the brightest minds in real estate seem to miss! If you master these two principles, I don’t doubt that in no time your listing inventory will magically grow and you’ll be converting more and more FSBOs to listings!

Six Hypnotic Suggestions to Turn FSBOs into Clients

In the next report, you are going to discover 6 ways to get FSBO’s behind the 8-ball so that they have no choice BUT to use you as their agent…using information that a lot of  coaches and trainers don’t even know exists.

To learn the Achille’s Heel of FSBOs, read the next report.

It’ll blow your mind.

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