The Man with the Instinct to Make Money


Strategy 5 of 9

In the next three minutes you are going to discover five ways to get FSBOs behind the eight ball so they have no choice but to list with you as their agent…

using information a lot of real estate coaches and trainers don’t even know exist…

it’s like knowing the FSBO Achille’s Heel.

To say Ron Quintero (the aggressive, business-building, profit-generating real estate machine) is a smart guy, is an understatement.

Ron is a walking encyclopedia of real estate knowledge. There are a thousand things I could have asked him to share…but after much thought, we decided that these are the secrets we wanted in your hands. That’s because when you’re talking about making money, these five secrets alone could improve your effectiveness with FSBOs five to ten-fold.

So without further delay…

Six Hypnotic Suggestions to Turn FSBOs into Clients

  1. Demonstrate the long list of all that’s involved in marketing a property — from advertising and photography to negotiating and closing a deal (you should be able to rattle off at high-speed 8-10 things. The idea is to overwhelm them.
  2. Compare, through illustrations, how you as an expert with all the tools, your network and the MLS will open the door wide for the world to see their property, where their efforts will amount to tiny and insignificant exposure.
  3. Explain to FSBOs that agents routinely land 27% more money for their clients’ homes than FSBOs do, that 4 out of 5 FSBOs throw in the towel and agents regularly sell the homes several months sooner.
  4. Offer them a free list of selling tips and marketing tools they could use, such as: listing on MLS, posting on FSBO websites or brochure boxes, for sale signs, open house signs, free school reports for buyers.
  5. Be persistent. FSBOs are prone to tune you out and reject you…at first. But as their frustration level rises in the following weeks, they will quickly accept any offer of help.

Use these suggestions well, at the right time, and you’ll soon find the FSBO tipping point lower than normal…the consistent 2-3 new FSBO listings a month added to your inventory will prove it you!

Do You Have the One Quality Shared by Most Top Producers?

According to Brent Warnock, of Warnock’s By Owner, super-successful agents are not all highly-talented salespeople, exceedingly influential talkers or simply lucky ones in the “right” market.

After interviewing thousands of agents for over 12 years, he feels he’s isolated the single quality that almost every superstar agent has…and it shatters every old preconception about real estate money-makers.

In the next FSBO Strategy Report, he’ll uncover the surprising research he’s found, showing through concrete examples of just what it takes to become a legendary top producer! You won’t want to miss this exciting issue!

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