The One Quality Almost All Top Producers Share


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An amazing success in FSBO marketing for over 12 years, Brent Warnock still serves as a leader and teacher to agents in the demanding FSBO marketplace.

Since he created Warnock’s By Owner, the FSBO generating company that serves over 394 markets and 7000 plus agents across the nation, Brent has aligned himself and brainstormed with some of the industry’s brightest minds.

He has a treasure chest of listing secrets (whether FSBO or not), and now after interviewing hundreds of top-producing agents during his career, he feels he’s isolated the one quality that almost every superstar agent has…and this crucial, strikingly-simple, wealth-producing secret is yours today…

The One Quality Almost All Top Producers Share

In all his conversations with these enormously successful agents, there is one reoccurring character trait they’ve developed that clearly differentiates these agents from others,
and it’s nothing more than this: consistency.

Bottom line, those who produce listing after listing from FSBOs are those who “religiously” contact these home
sellers every day.

It was interesting to note that many of these star performers
actually used the term “religiously” to describe their
prospecting efforts.

Those who prospect FSBOs have successfully organized systems (scripts, strategies, etc.). But even more importantly…they tenaciously weld themselves to the systems they have established.

One agent I spoke with explains: “I prospect (FSBOs) every day for two hours. Others ask me how can I do it.

“It’s simple. I respond, ‘I earn $35 every time I dial the phone.’ No – I don’t get a listing appointment every day. And sometimes I go days without having much apparent success. But then, suddenly, it turns around and I find myself making two, three or four listing appointments all within a day or two – and all from my prospecting efforts.”

Another agent insightfully says, “It’s my job to disqualify people rapidly and determine who I want to work with.”

I love that mind-set. It’s empowering. You are no longer at the mercy of their reaction — you are in control and you’re out to produce a result.

Does that suggest you should be rude? No. Always be kind. Always be polite…but know your objective and be determined.

It would be really easy to quit during those days or even weeks with no apparent success. Most agents do — that’s why so few are working FSBOs at all. And of those few who are working FSBOs, even fewer are working them successfully. This leaves just a handful collecting the massive windfall of profits from all the FSBOs who are listing.

If the majority of FSBOs do list — and they do — it makes you wonder who are they listing with. The answer is deceptively simple — it’s the few who are prospecting “religiously.”

So let this be a lesson in never giving up…never, never, never give up! Because there are agents out there making mountains of money working FSBOs…and there’s no reason that agent can’t be you!

The Surprising Secret of Top Producers

Harry Beckwith calls it the “Principle of Collision.” Dale Carnegie says it makes more people millionaires than predetermined, carefully designed plans. Brent Warnock views it as the darling of FSBO success…

Yet ironically most Realtors® seem convinced that this secret doesn’t apply to them. “That’s just the way we like it,” one Realtor® who’s made a killing in real estate for years said.

What is this highly-discussed key to success with FSBOs? Discover it in the next report!

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