The Surprising Secret of Top Producers


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“Someday. Tomorrow. Eventually…” Three of the worst times to start approaching or following-up with FSBOs…

Because hour for hour, dollar for dollar FSBO leads are some of the most lucrative leads in real estate. Yet there are thousands of agents ignoring them.

But there is one super-simple (almost too simple) key to success with FSBOs that helps any agent to list more FSBOs…almost effortlessly.

Harry Beckwith calls it the “Principle of Collision.” Brent Warnock views it as the darling of FSBO success…What is it?

The Unexpected Secret of Top Producers

There are as many ways to approach and list FSBOs as there are Realtors®.

But in conversations it became apparent to Brent Warnock that there was only one super-simple fact that consistently surpassed all the others: timing.

Fact is, Brent realized that being in the right place at the right time almost always meant the difference between extraordinary wealth and average, barely-enough income.

Not long ago, Brent had a Realtor® on his staff call him after just a few days of getting her FSBO list. She was excited…said she had just gotten her first FSBO listing.

“What happened?” Brent asked.

“Well, it kind of was an accident. I called this FSBO who was on your list this morning. He was rude, offensive…told me where to go. I hung up determined not to let that bother me, then finished with my calls.

“Later that afternoon as I was attempting to call those who I missed, I accidentally called this guy again. The minute he answered…I recognized his voice.

“My heart dropped. I thought about hanging up immediately. But hey, I thought, this was a great time to practice a different approach — so I introduced myself again, differently this time.

“Apparently much had changed since the morning. Either he had plenty of other Realtors® call — or he had grown frustrated that he had not sold the home yet.

“Whatever the case, he asked me what I thought I could do for him. I told him directly ‘I can sell your home.’ He invited me over. I listed it that very day.”

To Brent, this was no accident. It was simply being in the right place at the right time.

And there is no magic in being in the right place at the right time. Brent explains, “It had nothing to do with fortune or luck. This agent was working, she was calling, she was there…any other agent could have been on the phone with this FSBO just about the time he was growing weary and ready to list, but one thing is sure, that someone will be someone who is working FSBOs religiously — period!”

Top Producer Confesses Secret to Success

Brent had another Realtor® who called him laughing one day.

This guy said he had picked up one of Warnock’s FSBO Finder lists off of his company fax machine. Intrigued, he made a few phone calls. On his third call, he made a listing appointment and got the listing. Later that week he called
and said:

“I have no clue what you are doing — but I want to sign-up.”

Again this was not luck — nor coincidence — nor accident. He got a listing because he called. Brent talks with hundreds of agents every day who say to him “I don’t work FSBOs.” “That’s not surprising,” he responds, “hardly anyone does.”

And that’s exactly why most of the top Realtors® do. Studies show that 80-90% of “For Sale By Owner’s” will eventually list – yet ironically most Realtors® seem convinced that prospecting FSBOs is not for them.

“That’s just the way we like it”, said one Realtor® who has made a killing prospecting FSBOs for years.

It’s not surprising that a very small minority of agents are doing a huge majority of the business. Why wouldn’t they keep working them, when they’re the only ones drinking from this deep, extremely lucrative well?

Eight Irresistible Reasons FSBOs Can’t Live Without You

Face it: approaching FSBOs can be hard.

But it doesn’t have to be…and here’s why.

Picture a proven, highly effective list of 8 objection handlers that make listing with you the only reasonable thing for FSBOs to do…

And if you just use this list, persuading FSBOs to do what you want, when you want, becomes child’s play.

With this list, approaching FSBOs becomes easy.

And if such a gem as “The Eight Most Persuasive Things to Say to FSBOs” existed, would you want it?

Well I’m excited to tell you that we have such a list in the next FSBO Strategy Report.

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