2009 in 12 Posts [Exploit These Ideas for a Great 2010!]

Okay. It’s nearly the end of 2009. The recession is officially over. The market has at least stabilized in most areas. If not improved.

The only dark spot? Foreclosures will continue. Unfortunately that’s a loss for a homeowner or two. On the bright side, that’s a gold mine for short selling hungry agents.

With all this in mind, though, one thing is for certain: We can’t let up. We need to exploit every strategy, tool and tip we can to not only survive…but thrive. That’s why I present to you the best ideas of 2009.

My Unofficial Guide to Short Selling January

January was a good month to short sell. Heck, with the home market hitting it’s lowest point and all. 2010 isn’t thought to be any better. Bad news for home owners. Great news for lover’s of the short sell.

One of the Most Persuasive Formulas for Writing Persuasive IVR Ads February

Let’s face it: Pain and problems dominate us. Every day and every hour people are constantly looking for solutions to their pain and problems. Here’s how you can help them.

Five Proven Tips to Help You Negotiate in a Buyer’s Market March

Before the dismal collapse of the housing market, negotiation skills weren’t quite as important as they are now. In many cases, all you had to do was put the house on the market with a reasonable price and get out of the way. Things have changed.

Make Sure You Know the Answer to This Question Before Your Next Listing Presentation April

April wasn’t any better of a month. In fact, I knew too many people flailing. But I knew so many who weren’t. What gives? Sucky listing presentations.

Nine Dead-Simple Ways to Persuade People May

Jay Leno gave some great advice on relationship building, which, in the end, is all that matters–great market or not.

Eliminate This Behavior and Become More Effective June

We’re all guilty of trying to aggressively pin down buyers during desperate times. But that’s not always the best way to go about it. In fact, a sales approach where you create pressure-free conversations with buyers is more effective. Much more effective.

Six Effective Ways to Win More Negotiations July

When the funnel dries up…negotiation skills become all the more important. That’s why in July I tried to focus on sharing some basic negotiation secrets that once mastered will hopefully help you close more deals.

How to Stop Ridiculous Buyer Offers August

Lowball offers from buyers…you can’t avoid them when you’re in one of our nation’s deepest recessions. But you can control them. And keep buyers at the table even if they think they are in control.

Your Real Estate Career: How to Have a Happy Ending September

In the face of stress and potential tragedy, successful real estate agents have the power of being able to overcome the natural human tendency to react to things as they happen. Instead, they plan.

Need a Damn Good Referral System to Save Your Career? October

People like to work with wise, friendly people. And once you lock into the ebb and flow of your prospects and clients, you’re business will be on the fast track. That’s why a good referral system is essential.

Gimpy Website? 5 Techniques to Create a Killer One November

Odds are you have a website. The million dollar question, though: Is it a good one? If not, here are some ways to help that stumbling old coot develop into a strapping stud.

25 Year Veteran Explains Her Mouth-Watering Success December

This gal become one of the nations top 50 agents in a tiny market during a dismal market. How’d she do it? You’re going to love her story.

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