How to Use Your MLS System for Growing Profits Every Week, Month and Year…

I just got a call from a client who shared a positively brilliant strategy for using your MLS system’s auto updating capabilities.

See most MLS systems have the ability for you to put prospects into a “drip system” to receive auto-email updates of the kind and type of property their looking for. It’s a great tool for staying in touch with your buyer prospects. They can look at properties, get updates branded with your info, and all while keeping you and your real estate services “top of mind” with them.

Well…don’t stop there.

This auto-updating feature has far more potential. Yes. It’s great on the buyer side. It incubates leads, matures prospects and helps you serve clients at a much higher level. But the implications are much farther reaching.

Consider the idea of putting your sellers into the system too. When you take a listing prepare your seller with the idea that every time a new listing in the area comes on the market you’re going to send them an email with that info.

This way they can be completely aware of “their competition.” Your sellers will continually be seeing all the properties that represent competition.

What will this do?

It will position you for easier price reductions. In fact, if you position the updates correctly and present it well, you’ll have some clients calling you saying things like, “Well, based on the ‘competition’ we’ve thought about it and we want to consider a price adjustment.”

But even if they don’t call, and it gets to where you want to break into the subject of price…this lays the groundwork for a much easier price reduction.

Isn’t that great? So it’s not only a buyer incubating tool…it’s an easy price reduction tool.

Now…for the final strategy!

How about this? You want to be known as your local “real estate expert” right? How about taking your updating service and using it to stay in touch with your sphere of influence?

Here’s how that works.

Anyone you call, mail, or place advertisements in front of, offer to update them concerning their neighborhood whenever a house goes on the market. Plug them into your MLS updating service, select the neighborhoods they’d like to stay informed about, and let your MLS system stay in touch with them…using the email updating service.

It serves two fantastic benefits. First, it keeps you first and foremost in their minds because the email is branded with your info. Second it positions you as the “neighborhood expert.”

Isn’t that awesome? It’s a simple tool that takes about 3 minutes per client, past client or prospect to enter and now you’re in front of them until they buy, sell or die. Better yet, it’s all automatic…with information they want…and with information that brands YOU as the expert.

So to recap…update buyers quick and easy…position your listings for easy price reductions…and third stay in touch with past clients and your sphere of influence with relevant, valuable information that brands you as the neighborhood expert.

Isn’t that awesome?

So there you have it…take it and run with it.

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Nancy Guinn

Great Idea!!

Brian LoPresto

These are great tips!! I would recommend you go another step further. While the MLS offers great tools such as this, your own website growth would be better served by driving all of those same folks to your website to view those properties rather than to the MLS website view. All of your “smart” internet activities should incorporate the additional benefit of driving web traffic and improving SEO. How do you do it? By incorporating superior website – IDX – Lead Management solution like ours at Onjax. We offer another way to accomplish these terrific ideas, WHILE ALSO DRIVING TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE.

Alex Cortez

Wow, that’s thinking outside the box. Being primarily a tool for buyers, it escapes the mind how brilliantly this can be used to inform sellers on what’s current on the market.

Dave Mcnulty

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    Gary Elwood

    Thanks for the tip, Dave! Let us know how it works out for you.


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