An Easy Free Lead Source

In our last post we talked about blogging and got quite a few replies. One of the most common was, “I’d like to blog but I don’t know what to write.” and/or “I just don’t have time for something that only returns modestly.”

Well if you fall into that category I’ve got some good news. We’re planning on publishing a ready-made blog post for you right here every 2-3 weeks. The goal is to put out 20 free “copy-paste” blog posts for you right here.

Just copy, paste and publish. You might need to tweak the language slightly to reflect your given market, but 99% of the heavy lifting will be done for you. All I ask is that you maintain our citation as the source.

So here’s your first blog post of 2015, if you so choose…

=== NOTE ===

This post is no longer available for syndication. However, if you would like a free piece of content crafted uniquely for your site and your audience, fill out the brief form below.


If you’re an agent reading this feel free to call the recorded message line. It’s an automated demonstration that will show you how this little ad on Craig’s List, your Facebook page, your web site, a local throwaway newspaper, your farming newsletter, a postcard or virtually any other marketing source can have you actually talking with sellers immediately!

I’m not talking about capturing a lead, calling them back and interrupting their dinner. I’m talking about having a live conversation with them immediately, right when they call, while they’re interested and have questions.

Would you rather interrupt people in the middle of something, barge into their lives and attempt to strike up a real estate conversation…or talk with them while they’re actually interested and want to talk?

Based on our clients feedback, catching people at the right time increases your chances of having a meaningful conversation by over 1000%! So check it out!

It’s 1-800-959-6550 Ext 5505 – 24 Hours

Call and it will show you how we help you break down the voicemail barrier and actually talk with sellers while they’re actually interested and want to talk.

That said…

Feel free to use this blog post with or without the ad. If you don’t have our MVR service, just post it without the ad. If you do have our MVR service, publish this blog post with that ad and watch your blog leads pick up substantially!

Until next time Happy New Year!

All the best,
Gary Elwood
Proquest Technologies, Inc.