How to Write Smart (But Not Too Smart!)

When your prospects read your copy, they don’t want to think. They want copy that’s easy to read.

So that means short sentences and short words.

But how do you do that if you’re not a natural born writer? Great question.

Fortunately Microsoft Word comes with a handy tool call Readability Statistics that will make writing simple, clear copy easy.

When you run this tool after you’ve written your copy, you get some pretty useful information. For example, you’ll learn:

  • Number of words, paragraphs, characters and sentences.
  • Number of sentences per paragraph, words per sentence and characters per words.
  • Percentage of passive sentences, reading ease and grade level.

What you really want to pay attention to is that last bullet. For example:

  • When it comes to passive sentences, shoot for about 10% or below.
  • Reading ease, the percentage should be higher.
  • And grade level, aim for about 5th to 6th grade level.

Bottom line, your readers should be able to skim your copy quickly and understand immediately what you are trying to say. And the best way to do that is write smart–but not too smart!

Got any other great tricks to simplify writing? Go ahead and share them.

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Collette McKee

I had always wondered if there was a way to check my writing for just these things. Thank you for the great tip.

My trick to simplify my writing process is to use PLR articles. I know that many don’t like PLR articles but I have found them to be a great resource to help me get started writing. I often end up re-writing much of the article but it has really worked out well for me. Plus they have helped me stay consistent.

Collette McKee

Gary Elwood

Wow, great tip Collette. Appreciate any new idea…so share them anytime.

Gary Elwood

By the way, for the readers who don’t know…can you expand on what a PLR article is? Thanks!


Fantastic site! You definitely know what you’re talking about. Really like looking through the site you have put online here for everyone to see. Thanks.

    Gary Elwood

    Thanks Richard for the kind words. Hope to hear from you again!


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