10 Effective Ways to Build a Profitable Business in a Lousy Market

Seattle. San Francisco. Pittsburgh. Rochester. Memphis. Oakland. Birmingham.

What do these seven towns share in common? If you said they’re all predicted to post gains in average home price, then you are correct.

What accounts for these predictions? For places like San Francisco, a roaring comeback is expected because much of the cities inventory will have been sold.

For a city like Rochester a come back is likely since it hasn’t been burdened by toxic mortgages, has a unemployment rate below the national average and has a healthy stock of good-paying jobs.

If you’re a real estate agent in one of these cities, your future looks bright.

But what if you don’t live in one of these comeback cities? What if you live in a city that looks to suffer even more foreclosure losses?

Well, one way to approach this problem is simply to attack it at it’s source: Go after pre-foreclosures. That’s good advice.

But there’s also another way to boost your production this year: Systematically employ the 10 most effective marketing strategies for real estate agents [based upon Homegain’s survey]:

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