Lure Buyers in WITHOUT Reducing the Price reports that for the first time in a year fewer sellers slashed their prices. is the company tracking the numbers.

In the report Trulia CEO Pete Flint said this:

Consumer engagement on Trulia remains at an all time high, but home sales have dropped nationally during the past few months because there has been a lower sense of urgency to ‘buy now’. As we get closer to the government incentives running out, we expect price reductions to increase as sellers begin to feel the pressure to lure buyers in, in advance of the tax credit expiration.

It’s that line “we expect price reductions to increase as sellers begin to feel the pressure to lure buyers in” I want to focus on.

Here’s what I know: While necessary [and something, by the way, you can do near pain-free with this method], price reductions are no fun for your clients.

That’s money they lose and you lose.

In fact, unmotivated sellers may simply resist the suggestion and let the home expire. You don’t want that. So how do you lure in buyers without having to drop prices? Here are a few suggestions:

10 Home Staging Tricks to Attract More Buyers

Here’s the single best piece of advice I can give you about staging homes: People are looking for things in a new home that they DON’T have in their current homes. Your job is to make the house look that way. These tips will help you.

Capitalize on This Buyer Quirck to Sell Any Home

In a slow market, a typical bidding war begins–if it begins at all–with the marketing of a slightly undervalued home. That means selecting a price that is at the low end of the expected selling price range. This may not please your seller one bit–but it may result in multiple offers. And naturally, multiple offers tend–no promise, though–to drive the selling price up.

Find Buyers in Just 25 Minutes and 25 Seconds

This is a five step plan to tackle all the leads you’ve accumulated with IVR or any other method you use…you know those leads that you haven’t called back. [Unless you work strictly work off of referrals, which is the sweet spot you want, you need to work ALL the leads you get. It will eventually lead to success. But interestingly enough, most agents who fail at IVR don’t call the leads back. It’s a shame.]

Conquer Call Reluctance Once and For All

Now the thought if calling people you don’t know makes your heart jump out of your chest…please read this post. Do it for yourself. For your career. For your family. Go for it. I know you can do it.

What about you: How do you lure buyers in without lowering the price? Is it even possible? [I argue it is because I’ve seen it happen using the above tips…but I’m curious to know what you think.]

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