How to Become a Leader: Tax Reform Advocate Norquist’s Advice

In a recent interview with U.S. News, tax reform advocate Grover Norquist shared three keys to becoming a leader in any high-pace environment: Work hard, do not whine and know where you are going.

Let’s explore those three keys.

Work Hard

This is no secret. Succeeding in real estate [really, in any endeavor] depends on working hard. It’s the prinicple of critical mass: 90 percent of a plane’s fuel is spent getting it up to altitude. But once it’s in the air, it pretty much coasts.

This doesn’t mean you won’t work hard AFTER you become a leader in your market. You may work just as hard. But you won’t feel like you’re swimming up stream. You’ll feel like you’re floating down it.

Now, one of the biggest obstacles is overcoming procrastination. It’s usually that initial push over inertia. If that’s you, try this 10-step method.

No Whining

Whether you simply don’t have any leads coming in or you are frustrated with home owners or can’t stand the thought of cold calling, do not complain. Just shut up and do it.

All of these components of buying and selling real estate are things you must do. So grow that thick hide so rejection can bounce right off you. Criticism can easily deflect away from you.

Where Are You Going

As I’ve said before, happy endings are product of hard work. And good plans. Where you confront the brutal facts. Doing this can be the difference between a good ending and a bad one.

See the ending. And tolerate no deviation.

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