10 Homestaging Tips to Attract More Buyers

What a couple of easy tips to help you make a home look attractive to a buyer? Then you’re at the right place.

Understand, most buyers are looking for things in a new home that they DON’T have in their current homes.

Maybe it’s nothing more than a master bedroom. Or a fireplace. Or simply space. Then again, they may be nosing around for a showcase living room…you know, a living room you’d find in a major magazine.

If you can make the whole house look that way…then you should be looking at multiple offers. Here are a few steps

1. Everything should be clean. The furniture. The window sills. The appliances. All parts of the house should pass the white glove test.

2. Simplify. Every room should be expansive and airy. No clutter. If it’s a living room, keep the sofa, coffee table and flat screen. If it’s a bedroom, keep the bed and a dresser. That’s it. Put everything else in storage.

3. Remove family photos. Nothing personal, but you never see family photos on the walls of the homes in home design magazines, do you? You only see art.

4. Borrow some great paintings and large photographs of nature or an urban region from friends and families. And decorate the walls.

5. Paint. You can work some serious magic if you paint. This is a must do. But keep it neutral.

6. Bed linens. Borrow or buy some plump, fresh linens and pillows for the beds.

7. Remove the blinds and drape over-sized curtains from poles.

8. Invest in some large rugs. Rugs are great for covering up spots and anchoring a room with some depth and color.

9. Minimize the landscaping. Too much of it and you’ll give the person who doesn’t like to landscape an excuse to put this home on the back burner. Yes, good landscaping creates great curb appeal. Too much of it, though, and you create fear in some people.

10. Buy a kick-ass cool front door. Buyers are going to spend a minute or two at your front door while the agent fumbles with the lock box. You want that first impression to growl and say, “You know you want to come in.”

Staging a home might sound like a lot of work. But it’s worth every penny. In fact, you might stage the home and not want to leave. Better yet, you might sell the home in record time. Which is what you want.

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