A Sure-Fire Way to Keep People from Using the Competition

Most people don’t give much thought to customer retention. They usually spend all their time worrying about the next deal. The next lead.

What they don’t realize is how much business they could KEEP if they simply followed up with past customers.

Let me ask you a question: How would you react if you got a call from the guy who sold you your car to make sure everything was going okay?

How would you react if your dentist called you the day after a root canal to make sure you were out of pain?

How would you react if a manager at a nice restaurant phoned you up to let you know they can reserve a spot for you on Valentine’s Day?..

How would you react if the gal who cuts your hair sent you an email with a survey, looking for comments and suggestions?

Some business people tell me that’s looking for trouble. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t disagree more. In fact, I think it’s looking for just the opposite: rapport, loyalty, satisfaction and repeat business.

See, if follow-up turns up a lot of dissatisfaction, then obviously you need to make some serious changes because the dissatisfaction was there whether you discovered it or not.

But more than likely that won’t happen. If it does, simply apologize and thank them profusely for being honest and promise them that you will make that change. Then…and here’s the kicker…ask them if they would give you feedback in the future as you make these changes.

People love to give their opinions, so you’re usually going to get a yes.

Danny Kennedy said it best:

Recognition and appreciation can be very powerful and very inexpensive as a marketing strategy. It is true that comprehensive follow-up and follow-through may reveal some inadequacies in your business operation and that’s good if you use those discoveries as impetus for improvement.

Of course every business, no matter how well managed, will have to deal with dissatisfied even angry customers from time to time.

Sometimes the customer is justified in his complaints other times he is not. But the mere handling of the dissatisfied is just another way to get people to love you and avoid using the competition.

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