My Unofficial Guide to Short Selling

What do you do if you need to sell 1.5 million homes before they foreclose?

Well, if you’re a real estate agent who’s got a bead on homes about to foreclose…you short sell.

Short selling is nothing new. Especially with the collasping home market, and all. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to gather all the best ideas on short selling I can find.

Think of this as the unofficial guide to short selling. Enjoy–if that’s possible. And have a great Friday.

8 Irresistable Reasons Why Pre-Foreclosures Can’t Live Without You. Use these ideas to prove to sellers that you are truly there to help save their home.

Did you know there were 4 good reasons to work foreclosures? Discover ’em: Quick and Dirty Guide to Foreclosures.

Short Sell Your Home–7 Steps That Helped Avoid Foreclosure. DebtKid shares his personal story on how he avoided foreclosure.

Businessweek proclaimes short sales “The new exit strategy.” A short sale tale.

Group moves homeless people into foreclosed homes. Won’t teach you anything about short selling. But a great idea to solve one problem with another.

Ever gone after a pre-foreclosure and had it fall flat on your face? Maybe you broke this pre-foreclosure maxim.

A beautiful alternative to foreclosure: strategies for short sales. Question and answer article that will cover most of your concerns.

Another worthless article not about short selling that I thought I’d share nonetheless. House prices plummet in Detroit, Indianapolis and Cleveland. And when I say plummet, I mean homes for sale under $3,000. $1,000. Even $500.

How foreclosures changed the election. Intriguing turn-around.

Getting naked in short selling. The skinny on the stock side of short selling by Marketplace Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch. Useful? No. Fun? Yes.

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Joseph Bridges

If banks made the short sale process easier it would be better for them and the consumers. I am not encouraging short sales but since they are a part of the market right now standards that agents and consumers can follow would make it easier to navigate, reduce time on market for bank & consumer, and save everyone costs and stress.

Gary Elwood

We need to push for legislation, eh?


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