Why 38 Extra Transactions Last Year was Frustrating

Last week I was blind-sided with a comment that left me almost speechless.

During our coaching call we had a guest, who by most agents’ standards was CRUSHING IT! He did 121 transactions in 2012. Of his 121 transactions, 38 buyer transactions came directly from our system. A good number of his listing transactions came from our system too, but in my state of utter disbelief I was completely thrown off and didn’t think to ask him that question.

See after we introduced Thomas, the first thing he said was, “I want to open with a disclaimer, because we are struggling with these Proquest Technologies calls.”

I have to admit, I was blown away. Struggling?

After splits with his agents, he added at least 100K to his personal income with our system and yet he seemed frustrated.

However, as the call went on it became clear that our guest had a very valid point.

While many agents would be thrilled with 38 transactions and a large number of listings, this guy absolutely knows his team could have closed at least twice as many transactions given the number of quality conversations we helped his agents generate.

It turns out Thomas generates over 100 conversations a month for his agents, month-in, month-out. And remember, these are live conversations with prospects asking for assistance, not internet leads in a drip campaign or a phone number you call back and get voicemail.

The bottom line is Thomas’ agents could have done better with their conversations. Many agents struggle transitioning from the typical hound ‘em until they buy mentality into the Prospect Centered Sales skills needed to attract today’s buyers and sellers.

Yes, on one hand 38 transactions is good. However, Thomas’ frustrations are legitimate.

That said, I’m certain he’ll use his frustration as fuel to help his agents continually improve their PCS skills. And with a little bit more determination and training, I’m confident his team will blow the doors off their buyer-side business, and grow it to over 75 transactions this year.

Be purposeful, strive, constantly improve and enjoy the journey

In business there will always be room for improvement, and there’s always work to be done. While we should never ignore the work set before us, we also need to remind ourselves to take a moment and gather enjoyment from the journey. The greater satisfactions in life and business come from helping people, encouraging them, and taking a moment to celebrate some of the smaller victories along the path.

38 extra transactions in a year is certainly a victory, and I can’t wait to see what number Thomas’, or for that matter, YOUR team cranks out this year.

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