How You Can Achieve Your Greatest Desire

Go ahead. Admit. You’ve got great dreams of being a fanatical success in real estate.

You want to make seven figures a year. You want the eight car garage. A second house on the sea. The boat.

You want enough money in the bank to run a small country. Send your children to the best schools. Buy a 747 so you can fly all of your friends to your private island off the coast of South Africa.

Okay. Maybe that last one was a stretch.

But you catch my drift. We’ve all got wild dreams. Big ones, to boot. And this includes your clients.

So often we forget that the people we want to attract have dreams. We forget that they are are dreaming and scheming.

Scheming in a good way. But scheming nonetheless. They want to be successful. Prestigious. Healthy. Liked.

Or perhaps they just want a roof over their family’s head. A roof they can call their own.

We call that the “American Dream.”

So, with this in mind, let’s look at three ways you can help beef up just about anything you do–whether it’s writing an ad or pitching during a listing presentation–and help your prospects and clients understand that you can help them reach their wildest dream.

1. Paint the Vision for the Prospect.

Within the headline or the opening copy or at the start of your presentation, tell them about the benefit they’ll get from doing what you want them to do: living well, saving money, entertaining grandly. This is the big promise.

2. Offer the “Prize” Inside.

Either within the same headline or within the first few lines of copy or just minutes into a presentation, introduce your offer as the means for obtaining the desired end: the infinity pool that makes you to live well, the low property taxes that allow you to save money, or the finished basement with wet bar and 50 inch plasma screen that allows you to entertain grandly.

3. Go On the Quest.

This is the fun part. Here you get to tell the story of how and why your offer, in Step 2, fulfills the desire in Step 1. You’re pulling all the pieces together here.

For example:

Living well means owning an infinity pool. Posh hotels in Singapore with infinity pools attract actors and presidents and singers. And actors like to live well, don’t they? They like to relax in a landscape that’s unique and something only a few people can afford to enjoy. Infinity pools are all about living well.

By the way, if you need help creating pictures like that, we have great resources here to help you. But also consider picking up a travel magazine like Conde Nast Traveller.

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