Why Marketing Is Critical to a Successful Real Estate Career

Think it takes willpower, energy and sacrifice to be successful in real estate?

So did I. But you know what? I was wrong.

About four years ago I was talking to Bob Corcoran of Corcoran Consulting when he said something that really struck a chord with me me and totally changed my way of thinking about real estate: “There are only 4 activities in real estate that will make money for an agent: prospecting slash marketing, negotiating, listing and selling. Everything else is minimum wage.”

He went on to say that for an agent to be truly successful…to become a top producer…and to stay there…he or she must focus sharply on those 4 activities.

In my experience I’ve learned that when I talk to someone like Bob, someone who in the last fourteen years has consulted with a star-studded list of some of the biggest top producers in the world, including the #1 Coldwell Banker agent worldwide, to really listen carefully because what they’re saying is worth a pot of gold.

The Art and Science of Real Estate Marketing

And that’s exactly why I created our In The Zone series four years ago: to help you with smart, efficient ways to sharpen your marketing, build your inventory, take you to the top…and keep you there.

In that time I’ve shared with you:

All tips that will help you make more money in real estate. Without having to fight tooth-and-nail to earn it.

But earlier this year I started feeling like something was missing. Like I owed you more.

Then, I decided it was time to take it a step further: I wanted to share with you an idea, tip or technique in one of the four pillars every week, every day, heck, maybe even every other hour.

Clients and subscribers who are in the trenches listing and selling real estate on the front line have told me that In the Zone is a valuable training tool–for themselves and their office.

But why should they have to wait a month for new training ideas? Why not empower them to succeed immediately?

So that’s my goal with our Real Estate Marketing Blog. To share with you steps, strategies and guidelines that focus sharply on those 4 activities…and help you to wisely market yourself so that you are working less but earning more and living without the weight of business worries on your shoulders.

And no ivory tower, impractical fluff.

Just hard-hitting, easy, profit-rich marketing ideas three or four times a week. If not more.

So go ahead… subscribe today and join us as we uncover the super-successful real estate marketing ideas that you need to exceed your business and lifestyle goals.

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Harry Jacobs

I would like to hear your way of thinking.

Gary Elwood

Great Harry!

If you haven’t already done so, read the other posts on this blog, browse Our Company, Our Newsletter and Our Service links and then subscribe for future posts (a new content rich post just about everyday!) and then you should have a very good idea of how we think around here. Looking forward to hearing from you more!

Debra Bayless

Thank you so much for your insights on the real estate industry. I am a seeker of truth and mutual respect. I love the business and helping people, so pursuing the real secrets is time well spent. I truly enjoy your information and look forward to comprehending it when received. The student is here……Happy Holidays!

Looqman lawal

This is more a question than a comment,I am in need of ways to build my business.I need a marketing that works.

Gary Elwood

We’ll get somebody to contact you, Luke. Thanks for stopping by!

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Diana Russell

I look forward to reading and listening to your timely articles.

Gary Elwood

Thanks Diana! I appreciate your comments and look forward to your participation. Take good care…


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