How to Make Emotion Your Most Potent Advertising Weapon

Why is emotion so important to your advertising? In the end, every decision–to list, to sell, to buy, to call–boils down to how a decision makes a person feel. Let me explain.

Take the calculated, number-driven investor. She won’t invest in a condo unless the numbers make sense. If the numbers do make sense, she’ll invest. However she wouldn’t be investing in the first place if she wasn’t driven by competition, power, pride or financial security for her family–all emotions.

So, here’s a short, shrewd list to help you put powerful emotion into your advertising. 

Focus on Them, Not You

“I Am the Greatest Agent” creates a ho-hum reaction at best. Instead, tell the reader what’s in it for her, not for you.

Stir up that desire to own a bigger home if the family is out growing the current one. Stoke that sense of power that goes with driving into a prestigious neighborhood. Fan the flames of romance behind a nice cottage on the foothills of the Alleghenies. 

Focus on Benefits

Why should someone list with you? “Quality and service” is not an answer. “To sell your home for the most money, in the fastest time and with the least hassle” is.

But this is not enough.

Focus on Details

Explain to them exactly how you will accomplish your goals. “I use proven techniques to bring more buyers to your door.” 

Then define those techniques. Being very specific–down to the tools and tactics–engenders confidence in your prospect. Yet, continue to be specific after they’ve become a client. Your job of building confidence never ends. Be detailed the whole time. 

Focus on Active Voice

The active voice is usually more direct and vigorous than the passive. “I will sell your home for more money” is much better than “Your home will be sold for more money by me.”

Focus on Curiosity

“I will sell your home for more money by creating a bidding war between buyers based on a marketing strategy that blends psychological triggers and unique technology.” 

Who wouldn’t say, “Oh yeah. How exactly are you going to do that?” Curiosity is a universal attention getter. 


Craft your ads and presentations and even your casual encounters with people using these five tips and I’m certain they will have the type of emotional appeal that will add a powerful punch to your marketing.

You’re bound to generate lots of interest. 

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