Lead Generation Strategies: Seeker-Oriented v. Attract Oriented

Last year Baylor researchers asked real estate agents, “When it comes to lead generation–what works?”

These researchers discovered two things.

First, those real estate agents who reported doing better–or much better–in their market than most agents reported significantly higher lead conversion rates to appointments.

Second, these same agents reported higher conversion rates from appointments to a transaction.

What was their secret? Well, their secret pretty much boiled down to 5 characteristics that make up a compelling real estate agent profile.

Let me show you what I mean.

Real estate agents who reported doing much better in their market tended to:

1. Have higher lead and appointment conversion rates.

2. Spend less on open houses as a percentage of their total spending.

3. Spend less on promotional items as a percentage of their total spending.

4. More productive when using open houses.

5. More seeker oriented in their lead generation activities

One way to approach this information is to use it as a baseline for your own lead generation investment. The question is: Are your lead generating strategies seeker-oriented or attract oriented?

Attract-oriented strategies tend to be activities like print advertising or signage where the real estate agent puts out the ad or the sign and then waits for leads to come in.

These types of strategies tend to be passive. You sit and wait.

On the other hand, seeker-oriented real estate agents typically invested in the proactive strategies like networking, referrals and IVR technology.

These type of strategies are active. Aggressive. They put you in control of your leads. And your career.

Yes, I know. Aggressive strategies are nerve racking for the timid. So, the question is: If you could be in control and guide your career to success, don’t you think it’s worth the risk of sticking your neck out there a little to be more aggressive?

I do. And I hope you do, too. You and your career are worth it. Let me know what you think.

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