How to Make Any House Irresistable

When Longinotti-Buitoni took over Ferrari North America as CEO in the late 90s,  the U.S. and Canada were in a recession. He couldn’t imagine people would spend their money on such an expensive, impractical car.

Since then, Longinotti-Buitoni has changed his mind.

What he learned was that the desire for a Ferrari comes from our dreams…not the part of our brain that balances the checkbook each month.

Those same dreams fuel our desire for leisure time. It fuels our desire for Gucci purses. Gulfstream jets. Beauty. Exotic vacations. And houses.

You, real estate agent, need to understand these dreams. And reinterpret a house in terms of your client’s fantasy world.

But it’s not about selling homes to people who apear on the cover of Vanity Fair. Average people like you and I have our own set of dreams to fulfill.

That’s why Volkswagon could sell a van called the Beetle to thousands of hippies. Our Levi’s could position a pair of denim jeans like a vein of gold in the foothills of California.

Think about Nike shoes and what they mean to inner-city kids: An escape from his oppressive origins.

Bottom line: People fantasize about the things they can’t afford. Selling a house to a buyer is all about tapping into that fantasy.

The best way I’ve found to do that is to simply show them their dream home. Yes, they might not know it’s their dream home. But when you roll up to the $500,000 house and they gasp, “There’s no way we can afford that,” you need to respond, “Let’s look at it anyway.”

Elevate their fantasy and anything you show them after that will seem below them. They will naturally gun for homes at their high-end of price.

What’s truly heartbreaking about this tactic, though, is this: It’s nothing more than the notorious takeaway. You’ve given them something they want…and now you take it away.

You see this when you prohibit your seven-year-old from playing his Nintendo DS. We, especially Americans, freak when we go from freedom back to bondage.

And bondage is exactly how it feels. No one likes going from abundance to lack. You’re constricted. Restrained.

And you lie awake dreaming about what you once had. Be it a million dollar home or $150,000 car.

Granted, you don’t want to set your client up to fail. So you must be careful when using this tactic. You must use common sense and constantly check in with your client to make sure he’s not getting in over his head.

Yet, this plays into the gambit in two ways.

One, you protect your client. Two, you demonstrate that you aren’t desperate for this deal. That you could walk away. That’s a powerful indication that there’s more to this sale than money, making the house all that more irresistable.

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